Bitcoin is flashing a huge warning Signal and I will be exactly explaining What is currently going on here on Today's update video I will talk about The most important Bitcoin patterns We're currently creating I will talk About where the liquidity lays in the Market about many more important Technical analysis the biggest important Resistance we need to discuss right now Of course the funding rates that are Heavily overweighted at this point of Time and many more important stuff I Will talk about my Bitcoin trade that Currently is about 2 and a2k in profit And many more important stuff we need to Discuss on today's update video so Without any further to do don't forget To snap up the like button back up 500 Likes on today's update video and with That of being said let me jump straight Away towards the imminent short term and Once looking at that imminent shortterm I straight away want to be pointing out The Bitcoin potential is creating a very New pattern here on the imminent Shortterm we're creating somewhat of a Falling wedge pattern what is a typical Bullish buy pattern and will typically Break breaks towards the upside but what I also want to be pointing out here is That potentially this could still break Towards the downside depending of if We're going to be breaking that ort

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Sloping support line so you can clearly See Bitcoin has been creating somewhat Of a very important level that we've Been bouncing from every single time and We've been creating a downward sloping Resist line here on the top side so Whenever Bitcoin is going to be breaking Out of either of these levels I think at That point we're really going to be Seeing okay this is the real clear Direction Bitcoin is heading towards and Honestly Bitcoin right now is still Holding on towards this horizontal level I've been talking about on the channel As well you can clearly see this level Previously around provided big support Here flipped into resistance here big Support here big support and right now We are about to be making a decision Whether we're going to be breaking down Of this level or whether we're going to Be Breaking Upwards above resistance but Still this entire Red Box on the top Side is also major resistance like Everyone knows here because this red box On the top side has been of course Acting hisor historically massively as Resistance and I will be once again Expecting that this exact level will be Once again the main resistance to be Approaching so actually yesterday I did Some deep diving towards Bitcoin and Looking in towards the structure and Honestly right now it looks to be that

Bitcoin of course is creating a less Exponential High here on the top side And what we're also clearly seeing right Now here is that Bitcoin is creating Somewhat of this upper sing support line While we already broke from this aspect As well and then we can see we created An Rising wedge pattern that is actually Breaking down right now so I want to be Still approaching it in different ways Here I'm going to be looking at the Iment shortterm as well that if we Really break the upward sloping support Line honestly I won't be surprised if we Could go a little bit lower and what is The big support we're going to be Looking at so first of all we've got This big support sitting around $43,000 this lower side right here where Also my first takeprofit Target is from My terate that I'm currently taking here On this Market and also below that we've Got a very important level setting Around $42,000 and below that we've got some Untapped liquidity that could also Provide a support standing around 40.8k So yeah we've got some very important Levels below us that I really think is Going to be giving us very good Opportunities to open up massive long Positions because overall the trend is Super bullish only right now on the Imminent short term it's indicating me

At least we could get a slight pullback So what I'm also seeing is that we Create this bearish Divergence and on This bearish Divergence I opened Actually a small little short position That's currently about $2,000 in profit And I mean my stop loss is already in Profit so for me there is no risk at all And as long as Bitcoin is trading below My stop loss I am actually getting paid Quite a lot of money since the funding Rate is extremely positive what does the Funding rate mean basically the funding Rate means that it goes positive once Everyone is basically Lo in Bitcoin and It goes negative once everyone is Shorting Bitcoin and if it is positive You basically get paid to be in a short Position because it's so heavily out of Balance so right now I'm getting paid 0.03% worth of my Precision every 8 Hours what is of course absolutely Massive and I already made more than What is it like 7 or $800 Us in the past What is it 24 hours what is of course Absolutely insane ever since I opened This trade so making a lot of money Passively as well due to the high Funding rates and yeah I mean what we Can currently see here on the Liquidation heat map of course the Majority of the liquidations are Actually laying below right now and We're quite close towards it and what is

The level it's going to be 42.9k 42.9k Is the level where the majority of the Short positions lays and guys I've been Using the liquidation heat map for quite A while here and actually every single Time I've been right again and honestly This is the first time that really the Large liquidity is piling up be on the On the lower side but I really want to Be pointing it out and I'm a Trader so I'm not bearish on bitcoin on the biger Perspective I want to be pointing this Out because some people don't understand This I'm super bullish on bitcoin longer Perspective I'm literally more than5 Million Us doll long on bitcoin because It just purely holded on my spot wallet So I'm super bullish on the environment I'm super bullish on it but I just Opened this $450,000 worth trade purely because of The reason because I want to hatch my Bets and the market is actually looking Quite risky in my opinion because the Fending rates are high liquidity lays Below us and we're creating some bearish Divergence and we're creating some Typical bearish buy patterns so if you Want to be trading this yourself Make sure to be very careful because in Parabolic Trends you really need to use A tight stop loss but if you're trading Bitcoin make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because you

Could claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 and it's only 400 without the Link and on top of that if you go to the Link description of today's video you Could claim a free $1,000 airw position And all you need to do here is sign up An account using that link below Complete kyc deposit $100 in your first Seven days and you could be claiming This insane deposit bonus and if you Can't trade on buy bit you can't do the Kyc make sure to go to FX because FX is My second favorite exchange where I also Personally trade on and if you want to Be trading on fex make sure to go to the Link description of today's video Because they are also offering an insane Deposit bonus right now further on we Can currently see that Bitcoin of course On The Daily time frame has been seeing A rapid increasement without any severe Pullbacks and what we do know from also The previous Bull Run that sometimes we Get some very severe pullbacks and then We go up again and that is what I'm Trying to be pointing out here I think That we are indeed in a significant Uptrend but we could be getting a small Little bull back before once again going Towards the upside so so make sure to Pay attention right right now towards This honestly I'm not saying that it Necessarily has to be happening but I'm Just hatching my bets a little bit here

That it could be happening anytime right Now here so on the bigger macro Perspective Bitcoin of course looks Super bullish we had that bullish cross Over on the E May re and honestly I Won't be surprised that Bitcoin is going To be extremely strong right now here of Course Bitcoin is running in towards Some weekly resistance hanging around 43.2k we're about to confirm actually The eighth weekly green candle in a row For Bitcoin what is of course absolutely Insane here Bitcoin is confirming eight Weekly candles in the green Bitcoin Dominance first of all bance towards the Upside right now came back a little bit Altcoins remain to be very strong right Now here in this market you can see even That altcoin market is breaking out Still compared to bitcoin and ethereum It is lacking behind because it has been Offering so much in the bare Market but We are right now indeed seeing a Significant bounce in the altcoin market Was of course a beautiful thing to see Overall this was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did learn Something from it and if you did make Sure to stap all the like button and I'll see you guys on tomorrow's update Video thank you so much for watching Peace out goodbye

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