Bitcoin is creating a gigantic CME Gap Right now while the price section of Bitcoin continues to Rally towards the Upside so in this exact video I will Talk about this exact event happening Right now I will talk about the one hour Downtrend of this trend I will talk About this important retest and more Importantly the Bitcoin had his Shoulders pattern is right now seeing an Extremely important retest happening Right now so make sure to watch this Video till the end because it will be Extremely important to see what will be Happening next for Bitcoin I will show You what it will be doing with my next Trade on bitcoin I took some profits off My trade-off yesterday and much more Important stuff so don't forget to swap Up that like button on today's update Video can we smash back about 500 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that have been said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Only in a short term we can see that Bitcoin has been bouncing significantly Towards the upside and ever since we've Seen this balance due to the fact that It happened over the course of the Weekend we created a small CME gap Between the 26.5 8K Md26.4k you can see the CME cap getting Visualized on this chart right here and Basically in order for us to fill the

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CME Gap we need to see a movement for Bitcoin all the way down to 26.4k of Course do be aware it is actually also Another CME Gap below us somewhere Around the 19 000 to 21 000 US dollars What is quite an even bigger one than This but of course usually what we do Know from CME gaps is that 99 of the Time they tend to get filled up here and Of course in the times that it doesn't Get filled up Bitcoin usually moves Towards the opposite very quickly so Never anticipate the CME Gap to get Filled up 100 but it's usually a likely Indication the Bitcoin will come down to Fill up the Gap it's no guarantee that It will happen because we still got to See me Gap at nine thousand dollars we Also got another one on 21 000 and just A moment ago we create another one on 26.4 to 26.8k so be aware Bitcoin is Creating to see me get right now and It's probably going to be likely that We're going to fill this one up here on The one hour time frame we broke the Downtrend what is actually looking quite Good for Bitcoin and of course if I'm Looking at the 12-hour time frame we can Currently see that this big level of Support I've been talking about here is Currently getting retested as resistance Previously around this novel provided Significant support and right now we can See that the Bitcoin price action is

Retesting this level as resistance and The question really is is Bitcoin going To be able to be breaking Above This Level and if so we will probably see a Slight cool face back towards the upside Before potentially seeing another move Getting initiated because yes this is The most important resistance in the Entire range and if we can break back in Towards this region it's definitely Going to be very bullish for all markets Furthermore if we're looking at the Bitcoin Head and Shoulders pattern we Can currently see that Bitcoin is Retesting that neckline of the hand and Shoulders pattern here you can see left Shoulder head getting formed right Shoulder and the neckline and currently Ever since we broke below the neckline We had a significant drop towards the Downside and right now for the first Time ever we're seeing the neckline Getting retested for Bitcoin what is of Course a very very important signal that Currently is playing out yesterday Morning once Bitcoin was still trading At the low here I did took some profits On my trade you can see here I closed my Trade here on 29.8k closing in at Approximately four and a half K in Profit you can see it right here I Closed my short position here for Bitcoin and right now I opened another One here because yes I am currently

Shorting the Bitcoin had his shoulders Retest I'm shorting this one here with Once again an approximately 85 000 in Quantity and yeah so far I've not really Made a profit I've not really made a Loss yet so far but it will be closely Monitor this straight here if you will Be interested in trading yourself as Well you could do so on vibrate you can Write an assignment program using the Link in description and actually if you Sign up on an account using the link in The description you can claim in the Post bonus up to thirty thousand dollars And without this link is only a four Thousand US dollar deposit bonus so if You're interested in trading don't Forget to check out the links in Description right now of today's video But currently I am opening up again a Small little short position on this Level right here after of course I've Already shorted Bitcoin from this high Towards the Lower Side already Furthermore I can see that if I'm Looking at Bitcoin right now we're also Retesting the daily important support as Resistance right now here and yeah we do Know the patterns that we clearly broke Down of have got a very significant Price Target towards the downside Somewhere around 24.6 24.5 K and yeah Currently we're seeing a retest of this Level and that is the exact reason why

I'm opening up this small little Shorting position on the Bitcoin price Section right now you can see clearly Also the daily support is getting Retested if we do break back in towards The daily support it's going to be very Good for the Bitcoin price section Because yes that allows us to of course See some more bullish relief in the Price action of Bitcoin but due to the Fact that we also created that CME Gap Here below it I think the CME Gap is Below us we are seeing the retest of the Hand and shoulders pattern the retest of The symmetrical triangle it makes a lot Of sense to actually see a small Rejection from off this point so that is Why I owe opened up this new shorting Position for Bitcoin right now Furthermore we can still see that Bitcoin volatility is probably going to Be very much imminent in the coming days Ahead of ourselves we can currently see That the Bitcoin bullish events with is Currently coming closer in towards this White box and once the Bitcoin bullish Events is so narrow that it is trading In towards this white box usually what We tend to see is a large amount of Volatility so right now Bitcoin bullet Events is extremely narrow again and We're trading in a white box what means We will be seeing and then big amount of Volatility hitting the markets anytime

Soon so make sure to get ready for that It's very important to pay attention Towards this very important signal Bitcoin volatility is going to be Hitting the markets anytime soon here And you better prepare yourself because Right now you can prepare yourself with Some very good swing trades what I'm Expecting is that first we will be Seeing a small little drop before seeing A very big push towards the upside so That is what it will be doing here I Will be opening up a big big long Position if Bitcoin dust comes down to 25 to 24 000 so let's see what is going To be happening over there and in terms Of video area I mean if I'm really Looking at ethereum of course I'm very Bullish on ethereum due to the fact that The ethereum of course is an extremely Deflationary asset and at the same time I'm just bullish on the fundamentals of Etheria so yes I am still buying more Ethereum and Bitcoin around these levels But I don't necessarily think we have to Be pushing towards the opposite right Now straight away in one go here we can Currently see that we've got a very Serious level of support still hanging Below us but the level for ethereum to Really break is at 2100 US Dollars and Probably the bullish momentum will be Reinstated as soon as we do break Above This level so I'm going to keep all my

Eyes open on this level right here Anyways this is it for me in today's Update video thank you so much for Watching to watch this amazing new Update video I truly hope you did learn Something this is what I'm doing with my Next trade here of course it will still Open up a gigantic long position if Bitcoin comes down to 24 to 25 000 we'll Keep you guys up to date about that Currently we're seeing this important Retest CME Gap is getting created so This is what's happening currently thank You so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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