BITCOIN: HUGE CME GAP!!! [warning]

Bitcoin is bouncing back towards the Upside while we are creating a gigantic CME Gap and in this exact video I will Talk about this exact See Me Gap I will Talk about what it means for Bitcoin and Much more important charts that are Currently we're feeling that we are Officially breaking the Bitcoin Downtrend so make sure to watch this Video till the end I will give an update On my trade on my upcoming trade and Much more important stuff we need to Discuss right now so don't forget to Slap up the like button on today's video And let's jump straight away in towards The content what we can see currently Happening on the image short term is That the Bitcoin price action has seen a Significant balance over the course of The weekend and if Bitcoin pumps over The course of the weekend we create CME Gaps and like you can see from the pause Always once we do create a CME Gap we Tend to fill them up a couple days later It happens almost all the times it Happened right here it happened right Here only beginning of April it did took Us in approximately 13 days but it did Got fill build up and here you can see There's all many more examples so once Bitcoin creates the CME Gap it often Gets filled up here so once Bitcoin Creates a CME gap 98 of all the times we Tend to fill it up within one week after

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It's got created there are still a Couple CME gaps on the Bitcoin price Section there's one on thirty eight Thousand dollars there's still one on Twenty thousand dollars and one on 9.8k But an approximately 98 of all the C Migas that ever got created got filled Up within two weeks so make sure to pay Attention towards us right now because This could be indicating that Bitcoin Could still see a potential reversal so Yes I am not saying that I'm necessarily Bearish right now but I'm only speaking Out of a warning because yes once Bitcoin pumps over the course of the Weekend you often should be a little bit More cautious about the move of course I Love to see that Bitcoin is moving up Here and I think it's a bullish thing in General but still I do want to be Pointing at the danger signal of a Potential CME Gap and looking at the Positive is currently on the one hour Time frame we can clearly see that Bitcoin has been creating lower highs Every single time on the one hour time Frame and this is the first time ever we Actually broke above that previous high On the market and right now officially We've confirmed a higher Highway means That the one hour time frame I'm not Saying the four hourly time frame the One hour time frame is currently Entering a bullish Trend here so that is

Definitely a good thing here so if Bitcoin comes down here it is probably Going to be worth it to actually open up A long position and the level where you Should be looking at in this case is Probably going to be this four hour Support and the four early support is a 27.5 gain first I was in a short Position but I managed to close out on My short position on bitcoin with a Small profit it was a very marginal Profit but yes like I said to everyone Out there on the Channel Once Bitcoin Breaks Above This 27.5 K I really want To get out of my trade and yeah ever Since Bitcoin broke above it my stop Losses got hit I got out of my trade and Right now I will be looking at new Opportunities so make sure to subscribe To the channel to stay up to date Exactly about my new trait and if you're Interested in trading yourself as well Don't forget to check out the links Description where you can write a claim With the possible bonus up to 50 000 US Dollars and yes I will still open up a Gigantic 1 million US dollar Bitcoin Loan position if Bitcoin comes down to 25 000 what is definitely still a Possible scenario to be playing out here Of course looking at the Farley time Frame I mean yes we are right now having A significant balance but from off this High here you can clearly see that

Bitcoin is still trading in a downtrend On the four hour and for me what I Really want to see here is a break of This very important crucial trend line Here towards the downside for the price Section of Bitcoin so this is where I Will be looking at and if Bitcoin Manages to be breaking Above This level It's definitely going to be a very Bullish thing here so I will keep my Eyes wide open on this exact trend line Right here and if I'm going to be Looking at the big support below it's Going to be 27.5 K so these are the two Levels that I will put my attention Towards for Bitcoin right now will Probably give us a very good indication Where Bitcoin is heading towards next Yesterday already I was discussing the Breakout of the falling witch pattern And right now we can clearly see the Falling wedge is even continuing further On towards the upside I've said it Already yesterday the price target of The falling wedge is approximately 29.5 K here but yesterday I said as long as We're not breaking about the four hour Resistance I personally do not think we Can reach that price Target currently we Broke above it but we create a gigantic CME Gap so I'm still quite unsure if we Really can reach the price Target due to The fact that we're currently of course Trading against this downtrend of course

We are in a bullish Trend right now but It doesn't mean we're going to go Straight up here and we still got that Gigantic CME Gap trading below us so That is really a thing I will be looking At right now but the price Target is Still trading significantly above us and That is definitely a very good thing for Bitcoin at the current moment also Looking at the daily timeframe for Bitcoin we can see that we broke back Above the daily email ribbon and also we Actually broke back Above This daily Very important resistance that Previously ran provided is very Significant support for an approximately What was it 52 days here and after that It provided resistance for about 20 days And right now we're trading once again Back above it on the daily time frame as Well we can clearly see we're still Trading in a significant resistance line And we could maybe argue right now are We creating just one gigantic bull flag For Bitcoin it could be a possibility Right now here it could be playing out Right here exactly on this moment right Here and once Bitcoin really breaks a Daily downtrend then we could Potentially really start to see Bitcoin Going exponentially towards the upside So make sure to get ready for that Bitcoin is creating some very crucial And interesting price action right now

And really if we do break the daily Downtrend or you can also call it the Four hourly downtrend whatever you want To call it I really think Bitcoin is Going to see more upside uh regardless If we are going to not fill up the Simi Gap because yes we do know for a fact That we still got if I'm zooming out Here and seeing me Gap also all the way Down right here and of course the C Mega Probably maybe it's not going to get Filled up at all maybe it is going to Get filled up but we also still have got A Simi Gap around 9700 US Dollars and we're also still Waiting for death scene you get to get Filled up and I personally do not think That one will really get filled up here So that will be definitely a very Bullish thing for Bitcoin if we do see That continuation above that very Crucial resistance line if we're looking At the bullish events with we can Currently see that the voltage events is So narrow uh as this stage of the Beginning of the year 2023 January 2003 Of course we do know what happened after That Bitcoin became extremely volatile Bitcoin looks like it's going to be Extremely extremely volatile due to the Bullish events being extremely narrow And yes looking at the 3D time frame we Can see also Bitcoin is bouncing from Here not necessarily touch the support

Yet so far but we are having a small Little bands back towards the upside on The weekly time frame the resistance to Break still even if we do have that Bull Float breakout resistance to break is 31 000 31.7 K to be exact if we do break Above that level then it will definitely Become extremely bullish on the price Section of Bitcoin and of course looking At the monthly candle in two days from Now and we're going to close the monthly Time frame and yeah the Bitcoin price Action on the monthly macd is about to Be having a bullish crossover and that Is definitely a very bullish thing here The last bear Market wants to cross Bullish the bear Market was already over Everything as well the bear Market looks To be also already over I mean the bear Market not necessarily but the bottom is Already in that is the thing what I Should be saying here but yeah Definitely very important to pay Attention to us right now but that was It for me on today's done the video very Important information shared with you Guys out there on the channel so if you Did like the content don't forget to Slap up the like button again we smash It back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said that was it peace out goodbye And see you guys in the next one cheers

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