BITCOIN: HUGE CME GAP!! do we need to worry?

Bitcoin is pumping massively towards the Upside right now here and right now on This exact moment we are literally Retesting the most important resistance Of this entire price range because yes Bitcoin May has been moving up here but It's still trading in this exact same Price range so I will be exactly talk About what this means today where we Should be looking at because Bitcoin is Right now creating a massive C Me Gap Below us do we need to be worrying about This I will be exactly talk about it I Will talk about the reasons why Bitcoin Of course is pumped right now and many More important charts so without any Further Ado guys I'm super excited don't Forget to stop up that like button on Today's update video smash your back up Or 400 likes that will be incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away towards the content Because on the imate short term I mean Yesterday we created a c Me Gap and we Can clearly see Bitcoin didn't fill up The CME Gap went down of course before Basically closing that weekend but still Managed to create a small little CME Gap Around 29.9k to 27 to 29.7k so we've Currently got a small little CME Gap but Like I've said in the past as well if We're looking back at previous occasions There is also still CME gap on $9,000 And people waited ages for this to get

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Filled up but still it's not filled up Here and after that the gigantic B Started so if you're waiting for the C Me Gap to necessarily get filled up you Could potentially lose out on a super Good buying opportunity so I am not the One that's going to be doing that and I'm not the one that's going to be Losing in that way but we are currently Creating a SE Me Gap and I will tell you Nine out of the 10 times they tend to Get filled up here but maybe it's going To be different this time but likely it Is going to be filled up in the near Future so Bitcoin remains to be Continuing upwards and of course it's Due to the fact that Bitcoin is pricing In the news that basically that were Probably going to get a Bitcoin spot ETF In the coming 60 days from now on Because the final deadline for a Bitcoin SP ETF is the 10th of January and we are Expecting that all the ETFs are going to Get accepted that the the same time so That is why we're expecting that before The 10th of January 2024 we're going to Get the spot ETFs getting approved and Especially since Gary gansler is right Now working together with the issuers to Complete this filing what is of course Absolutely massive news and due to that Bitcoin is really climbing towards the Upside the price is already reaching $31,000 it also just broke above this

Very critical previous resistance on the 4ly time frame and you again just not Outright the not that were creating Massive momentum the momentum of Bitcoin Is epic and it's super strong at the Same time a quick little fact here Michael sailor is back in profit and Currently is in approximately $126 Million Us in unrealized profits what is Of course absolutely massive since they Have been buying the bare market and Brought their average buying price down Due to that so super excited for that Bitcoin also on the 12-hour time frame Confirmed that break above the Resistance I was looking at currently The next realist istic resistance Target Is 31.5k and yes 31.5k is also the exact Level that we need to be breaking above Of if we want to be breaking outside of This range here so you can see it also On the daily time frame 31.5k is the High of the market 31.5k is the high of This range right here and if we manage To be confirming the break above the Level right there that is going to be The confirmation that we're breaking Outside of this range and that will be The confirmation for an even bigger Scale move for Bitcoin and yes it sounds Maybe a little bit ridiculous list that We could even go up to $40,000 before Potentially that Bitcoin SP2 TF gets

Approved and once it gets approved we're Probably going to really see that Continuation to $40,000 happening super Excited on bitcoin on the three-day time Frame as well we broke this 700 days Almost 700 days downtrend what is of Course a massive massive break for Bitcoin and a massive win as well we Confirmed the breakout already earlier Yesterday and right now we're basically Having a price target of around $47,000 Bitcoin broke this massive Downward sing resist line and ever since We've been really crushing it towards The upside so if you want to be trading Bitcoin that is literally about to hit 31,000 US dollar in no time right now Here make sure to go to the link Description because guys if anyone had Claimed this insane deposit bonus of $1,000 Us free air drop position you Would have got maybe already more than Two or 3,000 us since the market has Sped so significantly so congratulations Because you can right now claim a free $1,000 long or short position and if you Claim it in long you can of course Benefit from the volatility towards the Upside so all you need to do here is Sign up an account using that link below Deposit $100 on that account and Complete KC and then you can go back Towards this page and claim that free $1,000 air drop position on bitcoin or

On xrp whatever you want to be doing but Bitcoin is really the asset that Currently is shining so Bitcoin is Currently knocking on the resistance Here on the top side you can clearly see We got rejected boom right here we got Rejected right here and currently again We are retesting this level but I always Say three times that is the point where We're going to break it because I have Said this several times before a Resistance are like crackers the more Times you're going to hit it the more Likely it is that it is actually going To break and right now it's the third Time that we're retesting it and here we Cleared so many sell orders already and That is why I'm expecting we are Probably going to be breaking above it And if we break above it we are Literally breaking outside of this price Horizon that we have been trading in for An approximately 237 days here so if we Break outside of this region it's going To be super excited for Bitcoin because That is the point where real volatility Is going to pick up here this was just a Gigantic reaccumulation phase and Bitcoin eventually broke upwards if it's Going to be Breaking Upwards so Bitcoin Of course looking also the daily time Frame we're creating just this massive Massive W pattern so Bitcoin creating a W pattern and if we then also break

Above the top side that is also going to Be the confirmation of the break above That horizontal resistance and if we can Break above that level that is the point Where we're really going to see the Continuation happen for Bitcoin so we Can currently see here on the weekly Time frame as well Bitcoin is creating a Beautiful W pattern and if we break and Confirm the weekly breakout of this Level right here we are confirming a Massive breakout also on due notice guys The last weekly candle we created was a 10.6% weekly candle this was one of the Largest weekly candles to be exact the Fourth largest weekly candle out of 2023 So uh that is absolutely amazing to be Seeing for Bitcoin but resistance to Break is $31,000 on that Weekly time Frame and yes guys if we're looking Actually at the volume right now on the Imminent short term it really needs to Be breaking out on volume as well Because the volume has still been Declining and uh at the point that the Volume is going to be picking up here It's going to also show us some signs of Interest picking up here so that is what It will be looking at closely as well But if we're looking at the weekly or Monthly time frame for Bitcoin and we're Going to be looking at the volatility Index we can currently see that still Bitcoin on the monthly time frame is

Still at historical lows in terms of Historical volatility and you can see This happened a few times before it Happened in 2016 it happened in 20122 And it is happening right now here and It can show you every single time it Happened the volatility stayed so long For so low for Bitcoin we had some Massive massive run-ups and that is why I am also once again expecting we are About to be having some crazy crazy Volatility for Bitcoin and you can Currently see here Bitcoin is knocking On the most important resistance that $32,000 level that level that previously Around in the bull market provided Support and currently is providing Resistance so if we break above this Exact level that is going to be the Point where we will be having massive Massive volatility hitting the markets For Bitcoin so I'm going to be looking Very closely at that at the imminent Short term guys we can currently see That the open interest is rising ever so Slightly on the price section of Bitcoin I mean if you compare it towards the Previous high that we are currently Already trading above of we we're still Trading getting way lower compared to The open interest so that is a very good Development in my opinion this was it For me in today's update video guys we Are looking at not so many liquidations

Right now here on the imminent short Term here but if you are willing to Trade this make sure to trade carefully But make sure to always look at this Very important range because I honestly Think that this price consolidation Range is the most important range to pay Attention towards and if we break Outside of this region we are just going To be seeing some massive moves getting Created so thank you so much for Watching and I see you guys on the next One I'm super excited and of course Don't say I've not said it because Bitcoin it is going to go to towards 100K probably in the coming two years And yeah I've been buying a lot of Bitcoin in the bare market and uh yeah Hopefully you guys are making wise Choices as well so thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out Goodbye

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