Bitcoin is breaking down right now and Right now while this is happening Bitcoin is potentially creating and head And shoulders pattern so make sure to Watch this video till the end because I Will be exactly talk about my next trade For Bitcoin but more importantly I will Give a brief update about all the things That are currently playing out here on The price chart of Bitcoin and of course This important consolidation phase is Coming closer and closer towards a Potential breakout so make sure to watch This video till the end to see all my Price targets right now so without any Further Ado can we once again snap up The likes back about 500 that would be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and if I'm looking At the one hour time frame we can Actually see that we have not been able To break above the previous high in the Market and ever since we retested that Level we saw a significant continuation Towards the downside like I've said in The past couple days here we want to be Looking at the range high and at range Low and once we confirmed either a break Above the range how you are going to Look bullish and if we confirm the break Below the range low we're going to be Flipping better ever since we broke Below the range low right now I think we

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Should be having a little bit more of a Bearish approach because right now we Are officially confirming lower lows on The one hour time frame as well together With lower highs I honestly think that This level the 28.8k is actually going To flip into resistance and Bitcoin is Retesting it right now so this could be Actually provide a good trading Opportunity on the imminent short term Right now and also if I will actually Look at the 408 time frame Bitcoin just Got rejected from that significant Downward sloping trend line ever since We retested it for the second time so We're once again seeing another Rejection and basically if we're looking At Bitcoin we're just waiting for Bitcoin to really break out of this Pattern it could clearly take another One and a half weeks before we're going To be potentially see a breakout however One thing is for sure we're going to be Experiencing a breakout in the coming Two weeks ahead of ourselves and how I Will be trading it is I will be bearish If we break low support and I will be Bullish if we break above resistance it Is literally as simple as that and the Price Tucker towards the up and down Side are both quite significant because The bullish breakout Target is going to Be somewhere around 33 000 US Dollars And the bearish breakdown Target is

Going to be somewhere around 24 000 so these are two very significant Price targets that you need to pay Attention towards and I will give an Update exactly once we break out of it So don't forget to subscribe to the Channel right now with the Bell Notification enabled because then you Will exactly find out when we will be Breaking out of this pattern of course We're right now once again unfortunately Breaking below the four hour EMA ribbon And at the same time what we can see is That Bitcoin is actually jumping back Below this very important level of Support this was a previous big level of Resistance then of course here as well Providing some support we broke below it We broke back above it found support on And currently we're breaking below it Again here so yes we're trading below a Crucial level for Bitcoin but clearly What I'm currently seeing here is that We are potentially creating a lower high Right now and yes we have been already Confirming a lower low what means that Currently this could be a continuation Of the downtrend that we've already been Trading in so be warned Bitcoin Potentially is looking like it is Creating I'm not a short-term top and And if this is the fact of the matter That we are currently creating a lower High we will be actually also creating

The lower high on the 12-hour time frame Then we could be confirming this pattern Of on Hannah's shoulders pattern for Bitcoin and I had to show this pattern Is basically telling us okay right now We're creating a momentum and we're Creating a higher high and after that We're creating a lower high between Retrace back towards the same neckline And if you then break below that support Line then you're probably going to see a Very big bearish continuation because You're basically initiating and Confirming the bearish trend on the Bigger perspective so make sure to pay Attention towards the price chart of Bitcoin right now if we come back down Here all the way back towards the Neckline and more importantly if we Break below the neckline then I'm Expecting a significant continuation Down towards twenty four thousand Dollars so make sure to get ready for This make sure to pay attention towards This important pattern of this handy Shoulder structure right now for Bitcoin If we break below this very important Neckline we are in big problem so make Sure to subscribe to the channel right Now to exactly stay up to date when we Will be breaking down or maybe when we Will even push further on towards the Upside but anyways I will update you Whether we're going to be having a

Breakdown of the symmetrical triangle or A breakdown of the honey shoulders Pattern because currently Bitcoin is Still consolidating it's still in this Consolidation phase if you're also Zooming out you can clearly see this is The real big consolidation phase we've Seen in a very long time here and Bitcoin is just waiting to see which Direction it really wants to be breaking Towards and if we do breakout that is The point where the volatility probably Is going to hit the markets if you do Want to be trading this breakout or if You do want to be trading Bitcoin or old Coins in general don't forget to check Out Bible if you sign up again on Private right now using the link in the Description you can actually claim it The post bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars and without this link is only 4 So it's definitely a win-win scenario so Make sure to go to the link in Description right now and get your own Bible account right now furthermore we Can actually see if Bitcoin does decide To be breaking down towards this Neckline and if it breaks below it we do Know that we're entering a low volume Ranger and in a low volume range you Probably are going to be seeing very Stealth moves so very quick moves up or Down and in this case there is almost no Volume support between 27 000 and 25 000

Will mean that we will see a significant Move through the downside if we do break Below this very important box of support Around that twenty seven thousand Dollars so that is very important to pay Attention towards right now for all Bitcoin holders and Traders out there on The daily time frame as well we're still Clearly trading in this consolidation Phase there's nothing new happening and Just like I mentioned I'm expecting the Breakout to happen within two weeks from Now on so we have to be a little bit More patient before we really could be Expecting to see a bigger breakout for Bitcoin also a thing that is happening In exactly two days right now here on The Wednesday we will have the next fomc Meeting the fomc meeting is a very Important meeting where the Federal Reserve is basically going to announce Their interest rate hike decision so Make sure to subscribe to the channel Right now here because I will be exactly Live streaming this event here on the Channel don't forget to subscribe to the Channel right now here because this will Be an extremely volatile day for Bitcoin And I will be exactly live stream this Event for everyone out there so don't Forget to subscribe already also another Thing we just entered the month of May At the same time we do know that the S P 500 still knocking on Resistance if the

S P 500 breaks up Bitcoin is probably Going to follow and yes the dollar Index Is still at a critical level of support And if we do break below it it could be Of course a very bullish Catalyst for Crypto in general but anyways this was It for me on today's update video These Are the most important developments Happening right now for Bitcoin I think We should be closely watching of course This consolidation phase right here and More importantly everything is actually Still looking bullish for Bitcoin as Long as we're not breaking below this Very important support line so we'll Keep you you guys up to date thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace side goodbye

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