Right now Bitcoin is dumping and while This is happening in this exact video I Will be talking about the next major Support targets for Bitcoin I will give A brief update on my perfect Bitcoin Short position and I am currently taking Profits and I will be exactly show you About what I'm going to be doing next With my following trade so don't forget To watch this video till the end because I will give another very important Analysis on the current ongoing Market Structure and I will be exactly Predicting where Bitcoin is going to be Bottoming and where I will be opening up My next big gigantic Bitcoin loan Position so make sure to get ready and Don't forget to watch this video till The end because right now as well there Are some very important signals to be Paying attention to our soul without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up that Like button can we smash it back above 700 that will be absolutely incredible And with that is being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Of course first of all congratulations On everyone who joined me with my trade That I opened exactly at the moment we Confirmed that lower loan the one hour Time frame I of course over the short Position exactly on the retest right Here I announced it on my Telegram and Currently this trade is making more than

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10 000 US dollars in profit and like you Can see I already locked in more than Three and a half K and currently I am Still in an unrealized profit of about 6 000 US Dollars I'm looking to take Further profits on the straight and it Will be exactly explained about why I'm Doing so in a moment from now on on the Four hourly time frame so the one hour Time frame is currently clearly trading In a downtrend and to be very honest I've been warning everyone about it ever Since we broke towards the upside there Was no moment where I was really Expecting Bitcoin was going to see a Further continuation into the bullish Trend I've been always saying that we're Going to be likely to see a reversal Whether it is first that we're going to Retest the 31.7 K or what it was going To be going down straight away so Congratulations for everyone who has Been paying attention towards the market By following me on YouTube furthermore We can currently see the Bitcoin Officially has filled up the CME Gap Like we were expecting to do so and Currently we can remove the CME Gap next See Me Gap that is trading below us is Somewhere around twenty thousand dollars Do I really think the CME Gap is going To get filled up no I don't necessarily Think this CME Gap has to get filled up However of course it's always a

Possibility that the CME Gap is going to Get filled up but it is not in my base Case scenario because if I'm looking at Bitcoin right now here I am saying it For quite a while we are right now Breaking back in towards the region and Just like I've been predicting yesterday I was not expecting that Bitcoin was Going to find any good support on this Level after the first balance was Extremely weak so I said the level where I really expect Bitcoin support is going To come in at is 27.7 K currently we're Extremely close by hitting this level And that is why I already closed more Than 40 percent of my trade and to be Very honest I think the first realistic Bands from of this movement towards the Downside can start to happen after we Retested that 27.7 to 27.6 K you can Also clearly see currently we're trading Back in towards this region so I expect That Bitcoin is going to see some Consolidation around this region right Here and of course if we do break below The 27.7 K it's only going to be more Likely that we're going to come down to 26.6 K so these are the targets I'm Currently looking at you can see this Chart as well if you were following me Three days ago or four days ago or even Two days ago here you also knew that I Said as soon as we were falling below This level right here we're going to

Retest the 28.8k and yeah we saw very Weak bands yesterday so we said okay the Next Target where I think support is Going to get found is 27.7 K so we are About to retest this level and this is Honestly the level where I expect the First minor bands to happen for Bitcoin So be prepared there could be a small Little bands back towards the upside and The targets on the top side are Somewhere around 28.8k and if Bitcoin Bounces back towards the upside from of This level it actually allows me to open Up a new short position once Bitcoin Rebounds back to 28.8k because 28.8k is Clearly deep resistance level like you Can see right here at this level in the Past provides significant resistance and Since we're trading back in towards the Range right now I expect this level to Act as resistance again so I am looking To close up my short position as Bitcoin Continues to go down here I'm looking to Look in more profits and I'm going to Come closer and closer towards the Potential point where I potentially want To be opening up that long position Right so far I will be not doing so Because currently we can see Bitcoin is Breaking down of the rising match and I Still think there is more room towards The downside before potentially seeing The gigantic bands for Bitcoin right so The price target of this Rising wedge is

Usually on the lower side of the wedge Here so in this case the price target of The rising watch is going to come in Somewhere around 24.4 to 25 000 so that Level is extremely important to pay Attention towards first of all we can See that Bitcoin basically broke the 12 Hour uptrend what is extremely bearish And also we broke down of the rising White short as the typical bearish buys Reversal pattern what I've been already Warning everyone for while we were Pumping towards the upside and currently If I'm looking at the daily structure For Bitcoin and of course the daily Volume we do know the volume has been Drying up significantly for Bitcoin the Moves towards the upside has become less And less exponential and that are all Signs oven Market stopping structure and I'm not saying that Bitcoin is going to Go down to 15 000 13 000 no not at all I'm only saying that we're writing a due To have a small cool off period and Where is the big support that I'm Currently looking at the big support I've been looking at is this exact Region right here the 24.5 K to 25 000 This level right here is the level for Me to be looking to open up a gigantic Bitcoin long position of course there is A chance that Bitcoin won't retest this Level at all but currently since we Basically have have been creating

Somewhat on top information right here I Am going to be very careful I am going To be very cautious and I'm going to be Playing this very slow I think this Could still be happening and if Bitcoin Comes down to 25 000 oh yeah I will be Opening up a gigantic long position so Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Right now for the next big trade because That has been the level I've been Waiting for of course currently we're Shorting Bitcoin here towards the Downside it's not all that of a big of a Move right now here and also this trade Is a quite a small trade here because Normally I trade with 40 or 50 000 this Was only a trade of three or four Thousand dollars but still makes me like 15K so it's not bad at all but of course I am still willing to be opening up that Big big trading position and that will Be coming anytime soon so don't forget To subscribe to the channel if you want To be knowing more about that and to Stay exactly up to date on the market Also if you are interested in trading Don't forget to check out the links in The description because you can Currently claim a deposit bonus up to Thirty thousand dollars if you sign up At a camp using the link in the Description right now and without using This link you can only get a deposit Bonus up to 4K so it's definitely a

Win-win scenario furthermore looking at The daily time frame we do know that the Moves are getting less explanation what Is indicating we're currently going to See a cool face and of course the Support is around 25 000 we can see the Volume is also decreasing what is also Indicating we're about to have a big Move and looks to be the move is going To be towards the downside so looking as Well at the macd currently we can see The three-day macdick is currently Crossing bearish I mean it's not Officially Crossing Bears yet but it Looks to be that we're about to have a Bearish crossover the last time it Happened was approximately over here and Let me make this a little bit bigger so You guys can see it a little bit more Clear what's approximately over here and Then Bitcoin fell down to 23.5 all the Way down to 90 000 as well the time Before that was what the FTX crashed so Yeah three day bearish Divergence is Definitely something to take very Seriously and of course looking at the Daily time frame we can also see that we Of course created a bearish Divergence Right here I have been warning everyone About this not only on the RSI also on The macd also new money flow index and I've been warning every want about these Barriers of virgins for all the time While we were trading above 30 000 so

Please don't say I have not warned you And as well don't forget to share this Video with your friends if you want your Friends to learn something about trading Bitcoin of course well every influencer Well everyone on the internet was saying Bitcoin is officially breaking bullish Bitcoin is breaking above 30 000 so we Should be buying I've been saying this All the time here the real resistance Has not been breaking broken yet here You can see in the two week time frame You can see it also on the weekly time Frame the level to really break for Bitcoin is 31.7 K and currently we're Seeing a gigantic reaction from all this Level and I've said this as well every Single time the level to break is 31.7 K And I don't think we're going to break Through it in one go we first will see a Minor movement towards the dancing Before having another retest and then Probably we will see another rejection And that is how this consolidation phase Is probably going to look like for the Coming I expect like 20 or 30 weeks here I think it's going to be boring for Bitcoin I still think Bitcoin is going To be trading between 32k and 25 000 Dollars in the coming 20 to 30 weeks Here that is what I am currently Expecting I think there's going to be a Small cool face big support going to be Found on 25 000 Bitcoin moves back up

Here etc etc that is what I'm currently Expecting so make sure to not get Foods Right now here make sure that you keep Your focus on the chart right here Because there's a lot of money to be Making right now here just like you can See by my shorting positions if you can Look at the market structure and predict It correctly you can make a ton of money And of course with these structures Right here you have to be patient I'll Be saying it these Market structures They don't play out overnight it takes Some time sometimes and that is why we Are finally seeing the movement Happening today furthermore we can see On ethereum that we're actually breaking Below the 12 hour uptrend very bearish In my opinion of course and what you Really want to be seeing here is Basically that uh very back Above This Level but sir currently it doesn't Really look like ethereum is going to be Having that anytime soon here if I'm Looking at my next big support it's 1700 US dollars for ethereum 1700 to 1720. so Yeah I'm also going to be a little bit Cautious with buying ethereum right now Here it looks to be is holding up a Little bit better in Bitcoin but still There's probably some more down set for Ethereum to come here and I think the Big support is going to get found on the Mid 1700s and not at the low 1900s don't

Forget to subscribe to the channel right Now here but anyways this was it for me In today's update video thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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