Bitcoin is retesting the symmetrical Triangle right now and in this exact Video I will talk about the most Important consolidation phase I will Talk about this pattern read this I will Talk about the most important levels to Be watching right now and many more Important stuff we need to discuss on Today's update video because still Bitcoin is consolidating below Resistance and in this exact video I Will talk about what could be happening Next for Bitcoin so don't forget to slap Up the like button on today's update Video can we smash it back above 400 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the price Action and once looking at Bitcoin for The past 14 days we've been basically Consolidating sideways and there's Almost been no action in the price Action of Bitcoin Bitcoin has been Ranging between the lows of 29 000 and The highs of 31.2 K basically what I've Been saying for quite a while as soon as We do break above any of these regions We will start to see big moves but just Like the last today we were retesting The top side but we just saw another Rejection only in minute short term we Can currently see that we're creating Some small little upper sloping support Lines and potentially we could see some

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More bounces from all these levels and Potentially Bitcoin can still see a Retest of the highs right now but so far Nothing really has been happening and You can see it also in the four hourly Time frame Bitcoin is basically Consolidating after it pumped more than 25 towards the upside I mean if Bitcoin Moves up 25 towards the upside in just a Matter of two days it is actually also Nice to see some consolidation and that Is exactly what we're seeing right now One thing to take in account is that the Classic stock market is actually moving Up here while Bitcoin is moving sideways And the last time that that happened That happened right here Bitcoin after That took unsignificant rally towards The upside so maybe something similar Could be happening again but basically Exactly the same like the one hour time Frame in order for me to call right now We're going to have the breakout I need To be seeing a break above the Range High or either the range low if I were To be calling for newer lows in the Market so that is what it will be Looking at on the imminent short term For the 4 hourly time frame you can Actually see as well we're creating that Airport slowing support line right now Here well in fact we are also clearly Seeing where we are getting rejected From so Bitcoin could also be creating

An ascending triangle that could be Breaking out anytime soon here so there Are multiple patterns you could be Looking at right now but one thing is For sure Bitcoin its price action is Getting squeezed in more and more and Basically if you're looking at the four Early time frame you could also argue Okay we're right now looking at the Retest of the symmetrical triangle Breakout you can see we created that Symmetrical triangle we had that Beautiful downward sloping resist line And we basically got rejected by this Level three times in a row and after That we broke above it and right now We're finally seeing this very important Retest right here so let's see how it is Going to be playing out here but this is Of course a super important level where We should be paying attention towards And of course I won't be surprised the Bitcoin is actually going to be Balancing from off this level so Bitcoin Right now balancing from of this level And if I will be looking at the price Target you you actually always want to Be longing the retest and from off the Retest the price Target is going to be Somewhere around 32 000 US dollars so Let's see how this is going to be Playing out but currently Bitcoin is Experiencing a perfect retest on the Symmetrical triangle you could also

Argue we're seeing a perfect retest on The boo Flex scenario for Bitcoin that Also broke out here so so far things are Actually looking still quite okay and You can clearly see we're still creating That small little uptrend right here on That four hourly on that six hourly on Basically every single time frame for Bitcoin we're still creating a minor Uptrend right here and as long as we can Hold the uptrend Bitcoin is going to be Remained to look a little bit more Stronger on the imminent short term here Furthermore we can see that I'm still Long on bitcoin I mean so far I've not Taken any profits yet so far because I've been saying it for quite a while Here I'm still expecting Bitcoin is Probably going to go much much higher And right now we're just seeing Consolidation before big explosive move Here for Bitcoin so yeah that is the Reason why I'm still long on bitcoin of Course subscribe to the channel because Soon I will be opening up a new training Account with one hundred thousand Dollars and we're going to show you guys All my trades on the account as well and I'm going to show you how much money I Can make from 100K account and of course This trade as well I showed it on the Channel once it wasn't lost and once I Am in a profit so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel to stay up to

Date about all my trades here and of Course if you want to be trading Yourself don't forget to go to the link Description because you can currently Claim a free 1 000 US Dollars long or Short position on bitcoin or xrp all you Need to do here is go to the link in Description sign up an account using the Link above deposit 100 within seven days And enjoy your free 1 000 US dollar Bitcoin or xrp position it's a super Valuable deposit bonus it's only valid For another 26 days here so make sure to Be quick and claim you're the possible Bonus right now furthermore we can see On the daily time frame the Bitcoin is Currently retesting this most important Horizontal level and you can see as well That we're still creating the solving Support line so if Bitcoin were to go Down and see that rejection the levels Where I will be starting to be buying More Bitcoin is going to be around the Earth solving support line so if we do Get the chance to of course long Bitcoin Around this level I will definitely take It and it will definitely keep you guys Up to date about that one as well and of Course it's super simple if we're Looking at the supported resistance map We were all along expecting that Bitcoin Was going to be bouncing from 24 000 and The entire time while we were training At the lows I said it already do

Resistance to break and where we are Probably going to see a lot of struggles Is going to be 31 to 32 000 years Dollars like we have seen in the past so Once again we're seeing resistance Getting created for Bitcoin and the Moment we do break Above This level that Is the point where Bitcoin could go once Again very exponential and of course the Next price targets are going to be Around 36 to 37 000 US dollars so it's Like you can see that are the lows of The previous range here so that is where They will be looking at if Bitcoin is Going to be breaking the 32 000 US Dollars and from of this point onwards That's going to be another 21 move Towards the upside and that would mean That we are going to literally make tons And tons of money from our Bitcoin long Position and that is why I'm going to Continue to hold it open since the trend Is your friend till it ends and of Course if the trend swaps around you Will be the first one to know here on The channel you can see as well the Three day time frame Bitcoin is Currently retesting the most important Resistance in this entire Trend and if We will be able to break above it it's Going to be super bullish for Bitcoin And of course so far we've not done it But as soon as we do break Above This Level it's going to be super strong for

As well the cop and handle scenario you Can see that Bitcoin is getting rejected But it's super important level of Resistance right here basically every Single time we see a rejection from the 30.6 scale in the 3D time frame and as Soon as we do break above it we're going To confirm the breakout of the cop and Handle pattern and as well if I'm just Looking purely at the daily time frame We can currently see Bitcoin is trading In an uptrend and the main resistance to Break is this range right here and as Soon as we do break above it then Actually we can start to see everything Go exponential once again here so that Is what I will be looking at thank you So much for watching towards amazing new Updates video there's not a lot of stuff To talk about right now here only then That we're currently seeing this retest On the 4la time frame and that we're Potentially creating this ascending Trying on the 4la time frame right so That was it for me in today's update Video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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