Bitcoin got exactly rejected from my Resistance Target and right now is Finding exact support from my support And I am currently taking urgent action And it's not due to the fact that Bitcoin is retesting this support no but It is because ethereum is currently Breaking below this more than threeyear Support so I will be talking about this On today's update video I will talk About the most important charts on Bitcoin the liquidation heat map and Many more important stuff so don't Forget to watch this video till the end And can we once again slap up the like Button back up at 500 likes it will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content so looking at the Price action of Bitcoin on that 1 hour Time frame we found that double buttom On that support and literally ever since It broke Above This resistance right Here it met this resistance Target Around 44.2k what is of course the 4H hourly High in the market that I discussed Yesterday today that this level would Most likely flip into resistance this Exact level flipped into resistance and I said also in my video yesterday I Personally think Bitcoin is going to Come down back towards the green box and That will be a very good opportunity to

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Actually be looking at long positions so What did Bitcoin do it exactly came down Towards that level and actually bounced Back towards the upside so looking at The one hour time frame you can clearly See that this is the box of support We're currently looking at and yeah Bitcoin is currently still B from off This level and honestly if we do break Below this level we could potentially Expect some lower targets to be Happening again here but honestly for The iMat short term it still looks quite Okay for Bitcoin we're still forming Higher highs and we're forming higher Lows so the trend really looks okay in This order of time honestly is well the Most important resistance is also the Most difficult resistance to break but As soon as we do break Above This 44.2k Level I honestly think that Bitcoin is Going to go up to $46,000 so we broke out of the W pattern And yeah honestly if we do break that Red doted line the next Target is once Again in new yearly highs and it's going To be sitting somewhere around $46,000 So just like I yesterday said that Liquidity was spawning up on the top Side we managed to grab the liquidity And currently yeah there is not Necessarily a big amount of liquidity Above us or below us so we're just going To be looking very closely towards the

Chart right now here and once again if I See that there is a place where a lot of Liquidity is stacking up again you will Be the first one to know here on the Channel so don't forget to subscribe to The channel right now because then you Will be staying up to date about all These Market developments and then also The desending triangle I've discussed it Many times before on my channel and you Can clearly see that the downward sling Resist line the point we broke above it We had a significant search and also the Point we retested it we had a Significant bounce so this is a very Important support level to be looking at In the future as well but just once Again the perfects of a Bitcoin pattern In these Market Cycles they are working Perfectly I think that Trading Bitcoin Patterns is good to be doing in these Parts of where there's a lot of hype in The market but also I feel like still The most profitable way to trade Bitcoin Is just to look at horizontals and Honestly like this is my horizontal 39.7k that unfortunately has not been Touched here but this was really The Zone where I would have opened up Massive Bitcoin positions but of course Like you know if you've been watching The channel we only got a partial entry On a long position on this Wick towards The downside right here but our big

Orders were not filled up because Because they were in that green box here So currently we are in approximately $1,200 in profit it's still quite decent But honestly we would have made Literally literally 25 times more money So we would have probably made like 32 To $34,000 if the entire position would Have filled up here so yeah if you want To be trading Bitcoin yourself and if You want to be staying up to date first Of all subscribe to the channel but you Can currently claim a deposit bonus up To $40,000 if you sign up using that Link below without the link is only 400 And on top of that you can claim this Free $1,000 position and all you need to Do is literally deposit $100 in your First seven days and you can claim this Insane deposit bonus so make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video and of course if you can't Trade on buybit make sure to check out FX also a very reliable and nice Exchange very similar to watchs bit but You just don't need to do kyc so that is Also super nice here so if you're Interested in trading over there go to The link description of today's video Definitely one of my favorite exchanges Out there going further in towards the Content we can currently see that Bitcoin basically is still trading Between that red box and a green box of

Course we didn't saw such of a Significant move towards the upside but Just for me to quickly clarify it I mean Honestly I do expect we're going to see A big big pump towards the upside Anytime soon here potentially we are Still in that consolidation phase right Now but you have to understand the Narrative that right now we're about to Get the first Bitcoin spot ETF and that Is really going to be causing a massive Pump in the market and honestly every Day that passes right now the chance That the acceptance of the first Bitcoin SPO ETF is going to be there is only Going to be higher so the market is only Going to be pricing it it even higher as Well because yes we do know what is Going to be happening once the ETF gets Accepted we're probably going to get a Mega pump and we don't want to miss that We don't want to miss that Mega pump so Yeah super excited about the Bitcoin Price action and honestly we're just Days out before the acceptance of the ETF is there so make sure to get ready Of course Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame still C trading against the most Critical resistance but let me right now Talk about why I am actually taking Urgent action and why I right now say This in my title so this is the ethereum Compared to bitcoin pair and honestly I Have been talking about this for quite a

While right now here ethereum compared To bitcoin looks to be creating an Exponential drop off right now here and This is definitely very very bearish and To quickly clarify I still hold a ton of Ethereum in my portfolio I have not Necessarily sold a lot of it but I would Be a little bit more careful with Actually accumulating ethereum right now Here and honestly if it breaks this Support Target right here it literally Breaks the three-year support that we Last time around found massive support From and massively bounc from and Actually the next big support Target on The lower side is probably going to sit Around this region right here what is in Case we do really break below this level Is going to be like a 20% decreasement For ethereum compared to bitcoin and That will be of course horrific that Will be very bad for ethereum and like We have seen Bitcoin on the 4 hourly Time frame really push up towards the New new highs and literally getting Rejected by the 4H hour high ethereum is Not even trying to do that ethereum is Looking way harder behind well the Patter we're currently creating is Actually very beautiful because we're Currently creating a falling W better What is one of my favorite pedant to be Actually trading in this market but the Ethereum compared to bitcoin pair just

Looks extremely bad here and I mean if You invert the scale I would have been So bullish because this is a clear Bottoming structure right so if I would Have saw this chart in terms of a Bullish chart I would have been so Bullish so why if you just look at it Right now why could you be bullish on it Right here honestly I think we're Looking quite bearish right now here so I am definitely not necessarily going to Be accumulating massive amounts of ET Yet here right now and yeah this could Potentially mean something very bad for The Ean price section so this was it for Me in today's update video guys thank You so much for watching towards amazing New update video and I hope to see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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