Bitcoin price action is still getting Compressed and it is just moments before We are going to be having a massive Breakout because right now the SEC is Literally stating that you should not Have any fomo because it's very Dangerous and that is suggesting the Bitcoin spot ETF is even more likely to Come as early as tomorrow so make sure To watch this video because I will be Exactly explain what this means for the Market right now what does this mean for Bitcoin where is the big support laying Below us where is the big resistance Above us and what are my exact price Targets so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap up that like button back Above 800 likes on today's update video That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so What we can currently see on the Imminent short term is that Bitcoin Indeed was creating this 1hour Consolidation phase we discussed Yesterday we broke the downward sloping Resistance line and after that we are Right now still retesting that award Sloping support line here on the 1 hour Time frame for Bitcoin but to be very Honest how I'm currently approaching Bitcoin is that I'm just currently Clearly seeing that we're creating lower Highs and we're creating higher lows and

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At the point we're seeing a clear break Above the previous high or a clear break Below the previous low in the market That is the point where I will be seeing A confirmation of the next Direction but You have to have in mind the market is Really holding back before the Bitcoin Spot ETF news comes out and it is likely To be expecting it's going to be Happening tomorrow or the day after so Expect that market are going to be very Slow and out of nowhere pick up very Quickly towards the upside or downside And of course nothing is guaranteed Until the news comes out so make sure to Not get fooled by any big moves towards The upside or big moves towards the Downside before is happening but to be Very honest what I am expecting is that We are at least going to be seeing Another push towards the offside just Before the ETF is going to get accepted And yes like I said earlier I think it's Going to get accepted next week because Yes indeed as will the SEC literally Tweeted last night say no to fomo and They quickly explained what it meant and Why you should not have fomo and Honestly the fact that they're talking About this moments before we are at the Deadline of the Bitcoin SP ETF it only Makes it more certain that we're Actually going to be having that Bitcoin Sport DF so personally I am expecting

It's going to be happening and yes I am Expecting it's going to be happening on The Monday or Tuesday and worst case Scenario it's the Wednesday but at least It is going to be happening within 3 Days from now on so make sure to pay Attention towards that on the imminent Short term we're seeing liquidity Spiling up above us also below us but Once again guys the market will be Really getting moved by the news and not Necessarily by the price section only The even the short term right now the Funding rates are negative what means That there are more overweighted short Positions in the market what is a very Good thing in my opinion and of course If we're just approaching the Bitcoin SP ETF window we're expecting it's going to Be happening near the end stage of the Window so in this last part that we're Currently trading in so honestly to be Very clear my expectation what I think Is going to be happening is once it gets Accepted we're getting a pump then we're Probably going to be seeing a slight Dump towards the downside and just days Later once it starts to be going live And once we find out on what exact date Is going to be going live I think we're Going to be having another push towards The upside and once it goes live an even Further push towards even higher levels That is currently my expectation so I

Think first a big pump then a small Little dump and then of course we get That slight push towards the upside and The real boom market and move towards The upside is going to be happening for Bitcoin so honestly will the Bitcoin SP ETF be a sell the news event I want to Be saying that I think that on the Imminent short term yes it could be a Sell the news event but yes once the Bitcoin sport ETF goes live there will Be a lot of money New Capital flowing in Towards the market and due to that I Think it is exactly going to be going Higher after that so maybe on the short Term we could see a slight little push Towards the downside like I said in my Forecast but eventually it's going to be Creeping the price section back up here And if that were to be happening if we Were to be seeing a massive dip towards The downside I have already set my Orders up here where I am interested in Buying so make sure to watch this video Till the end because I'm going to also Talk about those exact orders so going Further towards the content we can see That right now before the Bitcoin SP ETF Is getting approved ther is minting a Lot of money so is this out of Preparation of the Bitcoin SPO ETF are They speculating on this on any formal Whatsoever but this is definitely an Interesting thing to be currently seeing

Here on the market on bitcoin deer is Printing billions of dollars just Moments before the Bitcoin sport ETF is About to go live on The Daily time frame We're still holding new sloping support Line and of course guys on bybit is the Platform where I'm trading and I've Currently still got my order set up on 39.7k if Bitcoin were to be coming down Towards that level from of this point I Would take that opportunity with both Hands and I would open up a massive long Position on bitcoin to be very exact I'm Going to be opening up a $400,000 Us Doll position on bitcoin if it were to Be coming down to 39.7k in a flash crash Or whatsoever so make sure to have your Orders currently set up so you are ready For that big move that is going to be Coming on bitcoin and of course if you Want to be trading yourself make sure to Check it out in the link description Because without this link it's only 400 But otherwise you could claim a deposit Bonus worth of $40,000 us and on top of That you could currently claim a free $1,000 air position and all you need to Do for it is literally go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Account using that link below complete Kyc deposit one deposit $100 in your First s days and you could claim this Free $1,000 position on bitcoin ethereum Or on Pepe whatever you want you could

Claim the own pair you would like but The only things you need to do are those Treeps what is literally done within a Few minutes and then you can literally Get a free $1,000 trade and of course if You can't trade on BBA due to kyc Reasons make sure to check out fex where You can trade without kyc so on The Daily time frame as well Bitcoin is Still holding on towards the daily eay Ribbon so once again if we do see a Bearish crossover on The Daily eay that Is a point where I would start to say Okay maybe we're entering a new bearish Strength here and of course once we Start to cross bullish again I would Definitely say once again okay this is a Point where I would be interested in Buying Bitcoin again so yes so far Everything is looking very strong here And you can see on the three-day time Frame we're creating a massive Consolidation phase and it's just Moments before we're going to be having That big breakout and also it is just Moments before the Bitcoin Hing is going To be there and the Bitcoin Hing is also Only 118 days out what is not a lot in My opinion so we're very close to Bitcoin Hing the Bitcoin SP DF is about To come so things are looking very good For Bitcoin and of course like I said Many times before if we can break above This 46k region I think $42,000 is going

To be the next resistance for Bitcoin And after that it's game on to new ultim Highs so we're coming very close towards New Tim highs for Bitcoin I'm super Excited about how the price actually is Currently looking how it is currently Developing so guys this was it for me on Today's upd video so if you did like the Video don't forget to slop all the like Button share this video with your Friends if you think they can learn Something from it because I personally Think I'm sharing a lot of good Information that you need to know about So make sure to share the video but Anyways guys thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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