Right now Bitcoin continues to move Towards the upside but this is the most Important time to pay attention towards The price charts because right now Bitcoin is running in towards critical Resistance and I will be exactly talking About this level I will talk about the Very important fractal and more Importantly currently the Bitcoin volume Looks to be drying up and I will be Exactly talk about what that means for The Bitcoin price action right now and Much more important stuff we need to Discuss right here so don't forget to Slap up that like button can we once Again slap it back above 600 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin and once looking at the image Short term yet again our levels of Support and resistance are playing out Ancient perfectly so you can clearly see Here the top side is really the level That's providing resistance and like I Discussed in yesterday's emergency Updates video this is the level to break And most likely we will be seeing a Rejection and like you can clearly see We've seen a rejection and right now Bitcoin is still consolidating in this Price consolidation range so where I Will be looking at in order for me to Call the next move on the image short

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Term for Bitcoin of course I'm not Talking about the bigger Trend move here But for me to say okay Bitcoin is going To be breaking bullish or bearish on the Image short term I need to see in Confirmation of either the breakout Above the resistance or either the break Below this important level of support This will be allowing us to basically Open up our next trading position and You can clearly see in the one hour Chart right here how significant this Level is here so yeah it's going to be Very important to be watching this level Right now here on the four early time Frame we are right now still officially Trading in a downtrend a small little Downtrend since we of course confirmed That lower level time frame lower highs As well in the four early time frame so We are currently trending down important To pay attention towards that one right Now for sure but what we can currently Clearly see here is that on the four day Time frame the big level of support is Currently still trading below somewhere Around 28.6 to 28.7 K that is my main Target as support right on below us and Currently we have not retested that Level but we are currently seeing a Small little downtrend getting created From the top side after Bitcoin Basically right now is still officially An endangerment from the higher highs

And what we can also see is maybe we are Currently creating somewhat of a flag Right here maybe people are saying okay We're creating a gigantic bull flag Could indeed be true here and for me to Be flipping bullish on this breakout of Course we need to see the confirmation On that one hour above that resistance But also on the four hourly right here Of this downward solving resist line if We break the down solving resist line we Are definitely turning bullish on the Imminent short term but talking really About the immature term as well we can Currently see that Bitcoin is actually Creating a rising whack a rising wedge Is a typical bearish voice pattern for Bitcoin and currently we can see we are Creating a significant trend for Bitcoin While we're also creating a resist line From of the top side and basically every Single time we are touching this level From the top side we're seeing a small Little rejection and that is why you Should be looking at the resistance line From the top side and the big level of Support on the Lower Side to really make Up whenever you want to be taking your Profits off the table or whenever you Want to be opening up your next short Trade or your next long trade for me Right now on the market I am actually Still looking for short entries why is Because currently we're clearly seeing

That we're in a losing momentum Structure and more importantly if I'm Looking at the daily time frame for Bitcoin we can actually currently start To see that the volume looks to be Drawing up here I've said this several Times before here so in the initial Spike towards the upside we saw of Course a very exponential rally on the Second one it was less exponential and This is the third rally above thirty Thousand dollars a super crucial lesson Level and we're seeing a very minor move Towards the upside not a very Exponential one just like we saw there No just a very minor one and also if I'm Looking at the volume big volume lower Volume even lower volume so we can see The volume is declining while the moves Are getting less exponential what is Meaning that currently momentum looks to Be drying up for Bitcoin and yes of Course I do know everyone is extremely Excited right now everyone is saying oh We're going back to 60k oh we're going Back to 40K or 50k but currently purely Looking at the market structure right Now it is actually looking quite Dangerously because we're creating these Less exponential highs and if I'm Looking at a 12 hour time frame you can Also see it on the daily time frame We're creating a significant amount of Bearish divergences on the RSI on the

Macd on the money flow index and that is Of course a signal that momentum Potentially looks to be drying up right Now for Bitcoin so that is very Important to be paying attention towards So momentum is drying up Market Structure looks weak and third of all The volume looks to be drying up as well Those are three very important things to Be looking at and like I have said Because I've been been saying this ever Since Bitcoin basically broke above the 29k thousand twenty nine thousand Dollars this for me for for me to Anticipate this Next Movement it could Take quite a while it could take quite a Bitcoin could trade cybers it could have Another pump towards the upside I am Very certain about that and of course I've said this yesterday as well here if We will be seeing another move towards The upside it could definitely be Happening and where I would really be Targeting my next move here towards the Upside is 31.7 k 31.7 k is also exactly The level where I will be opening up my Next trade here for Bitcoin it's going To be a sure trade 31.7 K is of course The previous low here in that big bull Market correction crash and basically The weekly fund Support over there you Can see it also there and the moment we Actually broke below it here was already The moment we officially were breaking

Bearish so the 31.7 K is for me the Level to be having all my attention put Towards so if Bitcoin will reach the 31.7 K I'm going to be opening up a Massive trade so make sure to subscribe To Channel right now to stay exactly up To date towards this exact next move Here so don't forget to subscribe to the Channel right now here slap up that like Button and if you are interested in Trading yourself you could do so on Private and if you sign up an account Right now using the link in description You can actually claim the deposit bonus Up to thirty thousand dollars so if You're interested in trading Bitcoin Ethereum or any all coins make sure to Check out the link in description Because signing up an account without Using the link only gets you a four Thousand US Dollars deposit bonus so It's definitely a win-win scenario Furthermore we can actually see that if I am looking closely at Bitcoin here we Can see that right now officially we are Not really officially breaking back in Towards the region this is clearly the Most important support slash resistance And currently we're retesting it and Many people think we already flip Bullish how in fact this is actually Still not officially flip bullish in my Opinion so this is a very important Region you should be looking at and so

Far we officially have not broken above It but to clarify if we then let's say Break above 31.7 K we see the Fuller True through it and we confirm the Weekly candle close significantly above 32 000 yes then we're breaking back in Towards the region and then we could Maybe be looking at this fractal right Here because if we're looking back at The 2019 bear Market of course we do Know that in the bear Market we saw of Course one level really providing Support was that thirty thousand dollars At thirty to one thousand dollars to Thirty two thousand dollars right so That was the level that Bitcoin really Found support on and at the moment we Broke below it we saw of course the real Bear Market started and its significant Drop happening right so that also Happened in 2019 but the moment we were Recovering here and the moment we were Basically crushing through that level Again it was the moment we really went Exponential towards the upside so will That happen for Bitcoin again will we Break through this level and go Exponential again at that point as well That is going to be the question and That could certainly happen again for Bitcoin but only if we see that Confirmation above 31.7 K of course History doesn't necessarily always have To repeat it does Rhyme often but it

Doesn't necessarily have to exactly play Out as uh like that moment right there So that is important to be paying Attention towards right now here and of Course guys and girls make sure to know That the market is of course acting a Little bit different right now than in The past why is because companies and Feces like Alameda and FDX they were Influencing the market in the past Significantly and those companies don't Exist anymore right now and due to that The market is also probably going to be Moving a little bit differently and that Is also why I would recommend to check Out the cryptoc trading algorithm to Everyone out there because because this Algorithm is an AI powered algorithm That helps to predict the market by Using like the previous data from the Market and not necessarily the data from Four years ago where the market was Acting completely differently so if You're interested in AI trading go to but that was it for me on Today's update video thank you so much For watching towards this amazing new Update video but that was it for me on Today's so don't forget to slap up the Like button and subscribe to the channel And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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