Right now Bitcoin is breaking down but While this is happening Bitcoin is also Still creating a four hour symmetrical Triangle and we are creating the head And shoulders pattern so in this exact Video I will talk about the most Important charts and patterns on bitcoin And I will give a brief update on what Currently is playing out on the ethereum Price chart so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be a Short bit very important one again we Once again snap up the likes back about 500 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Only in the short term we can clearly Yet again see that this level on the top Side where I've been talking about for Quite a while right now has yet again Once again provided resistance exactly Like I have been predicting and Currently the Lower Side is providing Some support for Bitcoin sober once Again and for me to call the image short Term we can look at the one hour time Frame where we can actually see that the Rising match has been seeing a breakdown Like we also have been expecting because In Rising watch is a typical bearish Body spattered the price Target so far Has not been met because the price cycle Of the rising wedge is all the way down To 28.2 K well we only went down to 28.3

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K so there could be some potential more Lower Side incoming and currently if You're looking at horizontals now we can Actually see that previously around Bitcoin fans support on this level Support right here resistance support And right now we broke below it and we Are actually going to retest in this Level again as resistance so make sure To be on the lookout for this exact Level right here I will keep my eyes Wide open for a potential movement Further on towards the downside because Yes if I'm still looking at the 12 hour Time frame we are still creating that Hand and shoulders pattern the typical Bearish bias referral pattern and of Course this pattern will only play out If Bitcoin breaks below the upward Sloping support line but for me already Once looking at this pattern and Structure on bitcoin it just does seems To be looking a little bit more weak so I'm going to keep this scenario also Wide open and I actually still think it Could be happening for Bitcoin if I look Look at the price target for a potential Head and Shoulders pattern we can see That the price target of a break-in of This pattern is all the way down to Twenty four thousand dollars what is Actually quite significant so if we do Break it you will be the first one to Know here on the channel but this is

Definitely a very important one to keep Your eyes wide open on and of course at The same time we can yesterday see that We saw a small little fake out here on The bigger picture on the daily time Frame yesterday on the video I already Said the daily time frame does not look To be breaking out here and the four Hourly time frame as well right now here Four hourly time frame just saw another Rejection and basically we're still Trading an endangerment here while we're Also grading higher lows so we're just Still waiting for the big big movement To be happening and we're expecting to See this move happening within four days Ahead of ourselves so make sure to get Ready for this move right now here Because probably next week is going to Be extremely volatile for Bitcoin I'm Looking out for it and just four days Left before we're going to see the Significant movement happening for Bitcoin and I'm expecting a big one so Make sure to get ready for that one as Well I will keep you guys posted on this One and if you're actually interested in Trading don't forget to check out Bible Because Bible allows you to trade Bitcoin all coins and all kinds of Different cryptocurrencies and if you're Using the link in the description you Can actually claim it deposit bonus up To thirty thousand dollars so make sure

To check it out if you are interested in Trading but still the daily time frame Looks a bit consolidating in this Consolidation range and we're expecting To see a breakout happening anytime soon And basically what you can see from the Bigger perspective is that we're right Now preparing for a major major move and Once we do break out I'm also expecting We're going to see a major major move Happening so make sure to get ready for That right now here Bitcoin is Consolidating on the verge of the next Move here and it will be happening Anytime soon I've also been saying this For quite a while right now here Bitcoin Is currently in this very important Volume range we're running into some Volume resistance but if we're really Looking where the big support is trading Below is it's somewhere around 24 to 18 000 for Bitcoin of course you can see Twenty four thousand dollars is going to Be a big level of support first of all It's a big level of previous resistance And of course that is where the volume Really comes in between the level There's almost no volume so if Bitcoin Does decide to be losing or breaking Down of the hand and shoulders pattern I Think twenty four thousand dollars is a Very easy target to be reaching for Bitcoin so I will be on the lookout for That Target if we do have that bearish

Breakdown then also looking at the Bitcoin dominance it is officially Breaking bullish and right now it will Be likely to expect a further Continuation to happen for the Bitcoin Dominance so make sure to get ready for That one as well here and looking at Bitcoin I've been saying there's almost Every single video here the resistance To break is clearly thirty two thousand Dollars that's the weekly resistance if We do break above it then the bull Market would really get initiated Looking as volunteering we can currently See that the gas fees has been extremely High for ethereum the recent days here Of course that's due to the fact that Meme coins are absolutely exploding so If ethereum will have this burn rate From the past seven days here ethereum Will be deflationary by 2.3 percent a Year what is absolutely crazy and in the Last seven days we sold the supply of Ethereum shrink by more than 50 000 Ethereum so I still think ethereum is a Very good long-term investment and we Can right now also already see and Forecast that currently with the base That we're having right now here that We're expecting to see that there's only 90 million ethereum left there by 2050 What's the significant 20 to 30 Supply Shrink within 30 years so make sure to Get ready for it make sure to have that

Long-term Vision right now the supply Has peaked around 120 million ethereum and right now it's Already significantly down and with this Space we can see an even more Significant deflationary ethereum and Looking at the price chart of ethereum You can clearly see on the 12-hour time Frame that we're creating a beautiful Consolidation range and we're expecting To see a breakout for ethereum also Happening anytime soon so make sure to Get ready for it I will keep my eyes Wide open on ethereum because I love This asset I love to trade it and once We do it back the downtrend and that Will be the point where I would really Expect right here there's going to be a Lot of volatility about to hit the Market so make sure to subscribe to the Channel to stay up to date here but that Was it for me on today's update video Thanks so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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