BITCOIN HOLDERS: BE WARNED!!! [pay attention now]

Right now Bitcoin is running into Extremely important resistance and in This exact video I will talk about the Upcoming CME Gap that we're about to Create I will talk about this exact Level that I have been predicting to Flip into resistance and right now we Can see this level is providing a Rejection and I will be exactly talk About what is about to be happening next For Bitcoin I will talk about my 1 Million US dollar Bitcoin trading Position and much more important stuff So don't forget to watch this video till The end I will give you guys a brief Update on the market and can we once Again slap up the likes back above 800 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Exactly like I've been predicting the 27.8k that level of previous support on The market right here but more Importantly the level of big support on The four hourly time frame is currently Flipping into resistance and I've been Talking about this level of my telegram Group I've been talking about this level Yesterday in the video and currently we Can see we're seeing a small little Rejection be aware to see me close price Was around 27.3 K what means that Currently we are creating a new CME Gap And yeah depending on where the weekend

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Is going to close we could see and you See me get informed and usually what Happens with CME gaps is that they tend To get filled up nine out of the 10 Times so it is still going to be likely That the beginning of next week or Either already today we could still come Down to levels of 27.3 K so make sure to Pay attention towards that next Following move of course currently if I'm looking at Bitcoin on the four lay Time frame you can clearly see this big Support level right here we fell below It and currently we're retesting it That's the resistance and this could be A point where Bitcoin could see an even Further acceleration towards the Downside like I've said yesterday I Closed my short position and I was Expecting a bounce back to 27.8 okay Before potentially continuing further Down and like you can see we got the Bands and right now there is definitely A possible scenario Mario where Bitcoin Is going to see a further continuation Towards the downside so that is where I Will be looking at currently the major Support levels that I'm looking at is Yes below is the 26.7 game I mean that Is the big support level below us and Right now people are still maybe Flipping a little bit bullish on this Bouncer but be aware I wouldn't be Necessarily bullish on bitcoin as the

Longest we're not breaking back Above This middle line and if we break back Above the 27.7 K the next resistance Target is 28.7 K so if we do break this Level the next Target is 28.8 K slash 28.7 K and that is actually the ultimate Target where I really want to be opening Up a new short position because Currently we are indeed trading in and Downtrend Bitcoin is of course creating Lower highs together with lower lows Because we confirmed the lower low below This previous low right here so we are Currently in indentment and what you Want to be doing in downtrends is Actually shorting the previous support That right now we'll flip into Resistance so that is also exactly what I will be doing of course the level Where I really think the Bitcoin is Going to find a major amount of support That is either this level that we're Currently trading on this is of course The daily support twenty seven thousand Dollars or if we fell below this level We could come down towards levels of 24.6 to 24.8k and there is where I Really think the large amount of support Is going to get found for Bitcoin and it Wouldn't be necessarily bad for Bitcoin To come all the way down towards 24.6k Of course it could be a scenario that Currently Bitcoin is going to be Bottoming out around this level and

Continue to Trend back towards the Upside for sure possible but I still Think the most likely scenario if I Still look at the momentum is that we Will be having a slightly bigger Correction before having a significant Move towards the upside however on The Daily time frame things are still Looking bullish on The Daily time frame We're still in an uptrend so yes what You want to be doing right now is Actually look for long entries and that Is why I will be opening up a 1 million Use dollar Bitcoin position over the 24.6 K here on bivent so once Bitcoin is Going to come down I'm going to start Filling in towards my trade here if you Subscribe to the channel right now you Will be exactly stay up to date if the Bitcoin price actually comes down on how I will be entering it let's say Bitcoin Is going to go all the way back towards The upside and we Bounce from here on I Will be looking at a new opportunity but This is my main scenario right now how I Will be trading Bitcoin so if you are Interested in trading Bitcoin altcoins Or anything else don't forget to check Out the link in description because if You sign up an account right now using The link in the description you can Actually claim it deposit bonus up to Thirty thousand dollars and without this Link is only three thousand dollars so

Make sure to check it out if I am also Looking actually at the daily time frame And purely at its momentum indicators we Can currently see that the daily RSI and Macd of course created the various Divergence I warned everyone about it While we were trading on Thirty one Thousand dollars and currently yes it Could potentially indicate that we're Coming at the end stage of the bearish Divergence where I really want to be Starting to be buying a lot of Bitcoin Back here is actually once we go Oversold again here so here we went Oversold was a very good buying Opportunity right here boom we had the FTX crash we went oversold good buying Opportunity here we went oversold good Buying opportunities so I'm waiting for That right now a little bit here before I can really call okay this move towards The downside is ending right now and we Could start to see reversal I have to Just be a little bit more patient also Looking at the daily super Trend Indicator we can currently actually see That the daily super Trend indicator Cross bearish and what this means for Bitcoin of course lost them around we Sell small little fake out but Historically speaking once the daily Super Trend indicator crosses bearish we Tend to see bearish price action occur Here and basically it tends to indicate

We are in somewhat of a losing momentum Structure So currently we did once again So the super Trend cross bearish on the Three-day time frame is going to be even More important to look at it of course We saw a huge fake out right here but Normally the three-day super Trend Indicator is really telling us about the Story about where Bitcoin is heading Towards on the bigger perspective so as Long long as we're holding up above the Three-day super Trend indicator what is Currently trading around twenty five Thousand dollars also exactly the target Bar I want a long Bitcoin as long as we Hold up above there I think there's no Reason to actually really worry about The bigger trend for Bitcoin of course You can see here on the daily time frame This is just a big level of support Below us and I really want to be opening Up a long position on the retest right Here and you could even approach it Differently like this important support Level right here because this is also The neckline of the inverse honey Shoulders for Bitcoin you can clearly See left shoulder head right shoulder This is a typical bullish bias reversal Pattern but so far we have not seen the Retest and how you trade these patterns Is on the retest so if we do get the Re-test of the inverse handy shoulder so You can see it right here if we get to

Retest on the weekly or on the three day Time frame you can approach it from all Different time frames of course if we Get a retest on this level right here It's going to allow us a life-changing Opportunity and that is where I'm Currently waiting for I'm waiting to Long the exact inverse on the shoulders For Bitcoin with the price Target above 35 000 so that is currently what I'm Aiming for that is how I will be trading Bitcoin and that is why I will be Opening up a 1 million US Dollar Loan Position for almost twenty five thousand Dollars so don't forget to subscribe to The channel because then I will exactly Walk you through on how I will be Opening up this trade last thing I want To say here is that on the three-day Time frame yes indeed we are actually Seeing a bearish goes offer currently Getting confirmed on the 3-day MCD here And historically speaking once the Three-day macd crosses bearish it tends To indicate some more bearish price Action so yes I would love to see some More bearish price actions so Bitcoin Can come down towards this level right Here if that happens I will be opening Up a big position but anyways this was It for me in today's update video I Truly hope you didn't enjoy it if you Did learn something from it don't forget To subscribe to the channel right now

And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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