BITCOIN HOLDERS: BE WARNED!! [exact price targets]

Right now Bitcoin is creating an Extremely dangerous pattern and in his Exact video I will be talking about the Price targets and the way on how this Pattern could get invalidated if Bitcoin Breaks above this very important Downtrend so make sure to watch the Video till the end it's going to be a Very important one I will talk about the Bitcoin parabolic I will talk about the Bitcoin season that looks to be starting Right now and much more important stuff So don't forget to slap up that like Button on today's video can we once Again smash it back above 700 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Of being said let me jump straight away In towards the content first of all if I'm looking at the image short term we Can see there's been a lot of volatility Over the past 48 hours and right now What we're looking at is still a Structure where Bitcoin is forming lower Highs every single time ends we're Forming higher lows like you can clearly See right here so the lows are becoming Higher and the highs are coming lower What means that we're currently in and Squeeze pattern we are about to see in Confirmation whether we're going to have An higher high break or a lower low Break but we'll confirm the trend Direction afterwards so we have to be Looking at these very important support

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Levels if we want to be knowing where Bitcoin is going to head towards next if We do break clearly below 28.8k then Probably Bitcoin will go lower and if we See a clear continuation back above 29.9 K then I'm actually expecting the Continuation towards the upside is going To be more than likely look that is what I'm currently seeing on the image short Term on the 4la time frame of course We're creating this gigantic symmetrical Triangle Bitcoin creating lower highs in The four hour and creating higher lows On the 4 Hour so right now as well we're In a squeeze pattern and we're expecting To see a major breakout in the coming Two weeks ahead of ourselves maybe it's Not going to be breaking out today here And maybe Bitcoin is going to be Breaking down on the one hour time frame But it would still mean that we're going To trade in this pattern right here and For me really what it's going to call The next direction for Bitcoin is either The break above the damage sloping trend Line or either the break below this Important airport solving support board Line so that is where I will keep all my Focus and all my attention towards right Now on the four early time frame this of Course still a very big important level The 28.8k in the middle in the past this Level provided significant resistance And currently we could be still

Expecting that this level is going to be Providing somewhat of support so make Sure to take that in account as well you Can clearly see these are the three most Important levels of the trend and you Can clearly see that every single time We touch these levels there's a Significant reaction reaction just a Moment after that we retested it again And we saw significant bands from it so These levels are important to look at so If Bitcoin is going to retrace I will Keep all my attention towards these Levels right here you can see it on the 12 hour time frame as well we're Creating this giant consolidation phase And after Bitcoin has been seeing Significant rallies towards the upside This is the next gigantic Bitcoin Consolidation phase and it doesn't Necessarily have to be breaking out Today it could definitely take a while Here and we could even start to see a Potential breakout happening at the end Of May so it could still take quite a Long time here before Bitcoin is Necessarily going to initiate the next Move here but we have to be a little bit More patient right now and as soon as we Do confirm the break above resistance or The break below support I'm going to be Opening up a gigantic new trading Position and of course if Bitcoin comes Down towards my buy Target of 24 000

What is going to be equaling the Breakdown I will be opening up a Gigantic 1 million US dollar Bitcoin Long position so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel to stay exactly Up to date about my next trade right now And more importantly if you want to be Training yourself as well don't forget To check out Bible in the link in Description because by bit allows you to Trade Bitcoin and altcoins and if you Sign up an account using the link in the Description right now you can actually Claim it deposit bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars and without this link Is only four thousand dollars so it's Definitely a win-win scenario so don't Forget to check it out right now in the Link in description furthermore is Currently a huge amount of danger still In the price section of Bitcoin one is Because potentially we could be starting To create this head and shoulders Pattern on the 12th hour or on the 4la Time frame we are currently still Creating a lower high than the previous Home the market and with the high that We created initially so the left Shoulder we could be right now form and Hannah's shoulders better and and had His shoulders better is one of the most Successful trading patterns out there Because what happens with Hannah's Shoulders is that you're basically

Measuring weak Market momentum you first Perform at high and then you perform at Higher high and then you create a lower High and you come back towards the Baseline man every single time and of Course the last time you're going to Retest the Baseline you're probably Going to break lower so if Bitcoin sees A rejection and moves down to 27.2 K There's a very likely scenario that We're actually going to continue lower Of course if Bitcoin breaks his Downtrend right here we are probably Going to see a significant continuation Up but if we do come down again and we Come back towards this level right here I am most certainly going to be opening Up shorting positions because then it's Going to be extremely likely that the Bitcoin price section is probably going To continue lower and the price target For the hand and shoulders is Significantly towards the downside and Let me straight away say this because The price sucker for the breakdown is Somewhere around twenty four thousand Dollars so if we do come down down I Will notify everyone out there on the Channel so make sure to subscribe to the Channel right now to stay exactly up to Date about what is happening next for This better and of course if we're Looking at the neckline you can Currently see that the big support level

Is 27.2 K if we do break reloaded level We're entering a low volume range what Could mean that Bitcoin can drop very Quickly towards the downside so make Sure to pay attention towards that one As well if we lose the 27 000 at support We are in huge huge problems for Bitcoin Furthermore on The Daily time frame we Can actually still see that the Bitcoin Price action is still going parabolic But let's see where it's going to be Handing towards but currently of course I will keep all my eyes wide open here On the Bitcoin parabolica and what would Really tell me where the next move is Heading towards is more the symmetrical Triangle if we break support we're going To go lower if we break resistance we're Probably going to go higher and if I Really want to be looking about whether To be buying all coins right now I want To be looking at the Bitcoin dominance Because currently in two days from now On we're about to be having the weekly Candle close and if the weekly candle Closes above 48 here we're officially Confirming the breakout on the weekly Time frame what would mean that the Bitcoin dominance is probably going to See an even bigger continuation towards The upside what would leave altcoins Bleeding behind so make sure to pay Attention towards this right now here Bitcoin is looking strong altcoins are

Looking significantly weak right now Here especially if the breakout gets Confirmed and for me I would really Start to be buying all coins again as Soon as Bitcoin dominance comes back in Somewhere around 53 to 52 percent here But this is definitely a very good Development for all the Bitcoin holders And of course in the end of the day for Everyone who wants to be investing in Altcoins it also brings a new Opportunity because right now you could Maybe wait a little bit here and buy at A very high amount of Bitcoin dominance Into March your all coins and that could Mean that you could even make more Profit so I think it's a very nice Scenario for everyone out there but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you didn't Enjoy it don't forget to slap up the Like button subscribe to the channel Bitcoin is definitely about to be doing Something crazy either we're going to See more consolidation for the coming Two weeks and I will keep you guys up to Date exactly on this consolidation phase Because this would really determine Where Bitcoin is going to head towards Next thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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