BITCOIN HOLDERS: BE WARNED!! [don’t get recked now]

Bitcoin it's head and shoulders pattern Is about to be breaking down and in this Exact video I will be talking about the Bitcoin Head and Shoulders price targets And more importantly I will update you About my next trade on bitcoin because Right now I am preparing for my 1 Million US dollar Bitcoin trade that I Will talk more about on today's update Video so make sure to watch this video Till the end I will talk about the price Targets of Bitcoin I will talk about This important level of support the Price targets and much more important Stuff so don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We once again smash it back above 700 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that is being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and If I am looking at the image short term We can see often we broke down of the Rising watch pattern we've talked about We've seen a significant continuation Towards the downside and actually if You're looking at the four hourly time Frame ever since we broke the over Sloping support line we have seen a Significant continuation towards the Dance side and right now as well Officially on the four hourly time frame We are creating a lower low what is Definitely very dangerous this lower low In the four early time frame could be a

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Confirmation of the trend that really is Reversing for Bitcoin right now and if I Will be looking at my price Target first Of all of the symmetrical triangle we do Know that the price target for Bitcoin Is somewhat somewhere around 26.4 K what Is still quite significantly below us And to be exactly clear the price Target Is going to be another five percent Towards the downside so that is quite Significant and yes there could still be More downsides for Bitcoin to come and Really where I will be looking at is Basically this important level of Support because on the four hourly time Frame you can literally see every single Time Bitcoin comes back towards 27 000 It basically finds some support around There but currently the problem is is That we're creating this left move right Here this hat structure right here and This right shoulder right here what Means that basically right now first we Were in a gaining momentum structure and Now we're in a losing momentum structure And we're retesting the same support Level and if you've got any experience With trading assets you do know that This is a quite of a bearish structure That we're currently seeing so if Bitcoin does really breaks down here Below this very important box of twenty Seven thousand dollars I really think we Could see a significant dump happening

And do the exact my price target of this Dump will be measured from The Head and Shoulders pattern itself on the 12 hour Time frame we can clearly see that Bitcoin has been creating a very Beautiful upper sloping support line and Every single time we touched it we Basically Bounce from off this level but Right now we're creating of course that Lower high structure we're creating that Left shoulder we're creating the head And the right shoulder right now and Like I've said for quite a while as soon As we do break below this very important Level of support that would be the point Where I would really start to worry to Potentially see Bitcoin go lower and if You're measuring the price target of the Honey shoulders pattern you can see that The Bitcoin price Target is somewhere Around 24 000 US dollars so that is a Significant movement towards the Downside and that is of course yeah Quite a big of a drop here if we're Going to be seeing that here so I'm Going to keep my eyes wide open on that One the price Target is 24 000 and what Is very fun is that that if you're going To be looking at the vpvr and basically The daily support you can see daily Support is 27 000 so the love we're Currently trading on and if we do break Below there's almost no volume until We're going to reach 24 000 so yeah the

24 000 Target does really make a lot of Sense for me and that is why I also will Open up a gigantic long position on the Twenty four thousand dollars because Twenty four thousand dollars is exactly This level right here of previous very Big resistance and due to that I think Bitcoin is going to be bouncing from the From of this level and you can also Clearly see that there's a lot of volume Support somewhere around the 24 000 US Dollar barrier if Bitcoin comes down if Bitcoin breaks below the 27 000 US Dollars I will be expecting there's Going to be a significant continuation Towards the downside and the targets Where I would really start to be opening Up my next loan position for Bitcoin is Somewhere around twenty four thousand Dollars currently I've been in a short Position I opened this short position in A live stream on my trade I've opened up This short position on the live stream Quite a while ago here and currently I Am still in this trade here making about Three thousand dollars not a very big Trade here but to be very clear I'm Going to take some profits on the Straight As Bitcoin continues to go down Here right now of course we're trading On very important support so it does Make sense to take some profits off the Table but if we confirm the break below This level I'm definitely going to write

This trade a little bit lower of course And for me to really talk about my one Million dollar trade I am willing to Deploy more than one million US dollars In capital do long Bitcoin and ethereum Around the 24 000 US dollars so that is Still my strategy that is still what I Will be doing and I'm expecting to make A ton of money by trading Bitcoin around The 24 000 US dollars so make sure to Get ready for that I would be looking to Do that so if you're interested in Following my trades don't forget to Subscribe to the channel to stay up to Date about that and if you're interested Trading yourself don't forget to check Out Bible or big cat in the link Description buyback you need to do kyc Bitcat you do not need to do kyc and you Can of course claim an additional Deposit bonus by signing up an account Using the link in the description right Now so furthermore we can actually see That Bitcoin on The Daily time frame is Creating a beautiful symmetrical Triangle and just like the support on The 12-hour time frame we have so far Not broken below it and as long as we're Not doing that I'm not really expecting We are necessarily going to be having a Drop here of course on The Daily time Frame we can see that we're trading Around very important support right now And on the daily time frame right here

You can also clearly see there is really A loss of momentum for Bitcoin right now And basically what we can clearly see is That Bitcoin is creating a gigantic Consolidation phase so there could be a Very big potential scenario where Bitcoin is going to bounce back come Down bounce back and basically Consolidate till the end of May so yeah We just have to wait and see how it's Going to be playing out here but once Bitcoin breaks out of this symmetrical Triangle we're going to see an insane Move for back coin and there's just one Thing for sure that there's going to be A lot of volatility once we either break Below support or once we either break Above resistance so it's going to be two Big trading opportunities that are Coming up for us right now to catch this Next big move here so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel right now to of Course stay up to date when we do break Out and to stay up to date about what it Will be doing with my next trade here Because I've got a lot of capital ready To deploy right now for my next gigantic Bitcoin trade further on we can actually See that on the five day time frame Bitcoin is about to be having a bearish Cost over happening for the first time Ever in an approximately 285 days so Make sure to keep your eyes wide open on That one the Bitcoin is going to be

Having a bearish cross and that could be Potentially a very bearish thing for Bitcoin on the immature term and maybe The momentum of this move towards the Upside could be drying up and we could See a small little reversal towards the Downside before potentially coming back Up again probably after the summer in my Opinion then still going to say it I've Said it for quite a while many people Said Bitcoin broke already above its Resistance but to be very clear Bitcoin Will only break above resistance won't Be clear the 30 1.7 K that is the most Important level on the weekly time frame So Bitcoin so far has not broken bullish Yet here we're still consolidating below Resistance that is usually considered Quite bullish but I will be very bullish On bitcoin once we do break above 31.7 K So all eyes on that level once we do Break it you will be the first one to Know on the channel so don't you worry As long as you subscribe to the channel You will exactly know when Bitcoin will Be breaking bullish on that Weekly time Frame then at the same time of course Meme coins are exploding here and we can See that Pepe has actually been dumping Quite significantly and right now it's Been bouncing a little bit from support But Pepe isn't coin a meme coin and has Been absolutely exploding but currently It's down more than 65 percent here so

Be careful with trading meme coins there Guys but still yeah if you want to be Trading meme coins I mean I'm personally Still doing it and I've made a ton of Money from it the last day I've been Losing a little bit of money due to this Small little dip here but I'm still Buying more into watch some other Smaller meme coins because I do think we Could still see a potential balance Before yeah potentially coming down Again here because Yes Meme coins are Not investment variables and to be very Clear I do not think that Meme coins are Good long-term Investments but on the Short term you could make some very good Money from it so you can also trade that Pay so if you think you can trade this Meme coin make sure to go to Bobby Because you can trade it over there as Well the neem coins are absolutely fun To trade here I think usually if you're Looking at topping Cycles from meme Coins and just from altcoins in general You get three big moves and right now We've got two big moves here I think There's going to be another move maybe Potentially back to the ultimate before Coming down again so I still think There's a little bit more steam left in Meme coins so that's why I'm still Buying some smaller meme coins like pep ID as well this one is actually bouncing Right now here it's trading around 5

Million US dollars in market cap here It's quite low in market cap that I like To trade these meme coins I've been Doing it for quite a lot right now here And actually with this one I've been Buying a lot around this bottom region Right here because I think it's going to Be bothering anytime soon and I heard Some information about some potential Listings coming up so death could pump This coin potentially as well so yeah Make sure to do your own research for Trading meme coins is definitely very Interesting here while Bitcoin is of Course going quite well Bitcoin is going Quite sideways of course I will be still Keep trading Bitcoin here once we do Break down here I'm going to be opening Up a significant short position once we Do hit the 24 000 barrier I'm going to Be opening up a big big long position so Subscribe to the channel to stay up to Date about that but thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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