Bitcoin is getting ready for another Gigantic move and it's happening today And on today's update video I will talk About the price targets of this breakout That is literally about to happen any Moment now I'm going to talk about what Has happened over the course of the Weekend because Bitcoin moved so Interestly over the course of the last Weekend I will be talking about what We're expecting the Bitcoin ETF flows The liquidation heat map that is Currently telling us that there's more Than a billion US dollars of Bitcoin Shorts currently piling up above us so I Think we're going to be having a massive Squeeze here in the market so I will be Talking about this and many more Important stuff here don't forget to Sble the like button back above 800 Likes on today's update video and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content so looking At Bitcoin on the imminent short term we Can see that it is currently actually Pumping towards the upside but I quickly First want to be discussing what Happened over the course of the weekend Because Bitcoin created a c Me Gap was Trading significantly below it but Lanay Said we're expecting that at the end of The weekend Bitcoin is going to be Trading somewhere around it C close Price what was in this case trading

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Around $ 52,1 160 and Bitcoin exactly traded Around that level once we were entering The Monday so right now if we're looking At Bitcoin we can see that clearly we Are getting ready for another move here Bitcoin has seen significant amounts of Times that it is bounced from with this Earthward sloping support line to be Exact more than four times in a row Already and this stop sign of resistance Exactly got us rejected every single Time like you can see over here like you Can see over here and once again on the Last four hourly candles we also saw Massive rejection from up this level so What I'm expecting as soon as Bitcoin Confirms the break above resistance we Are going to be having that next Continuation towards the upside but I Already hear you guys talking what is Going to be the next Target for Bitcoin It is going to be rent $54,000 if we were to be having a Bullish breakout if we were to be seeing A bearish break down what I'm currently Not expecting and let me explain about Why I'm not expecting that is because Currently we're creating an ascending Triangle and an ascending triangle is a Typical continuation pattern and since The trend has been overly bullish I am Expecting that the continuation is also Going to be upwards but let's say we are

Going to be having a breakdown the price Target for Bitcoin is going to be laying Somewhere around $50,000 and $50,000 is Also around this very very important Horizontal support level that you can Clearly spit right here so these are the Levels I'm currently aiming for and this Is what we're currently looking at I Mean we're expecting another big break Is happening and if today there's going To be once again such a large amount of Bitcoin inflows hitting the market yeah Then most likely indeed we are going to Be seeing this push towards the upside And you have to understand that the data About the Bitcoin sport ETF will always Be available a day after in the morning So all the data about what is going to Come in towards the Bitcoin SP ETF today Will be published tomorrow morning and I Will be publishing this as first on my Twitter page and then I will try to Record a video about it as soon as Possible so if you want to want to be Staying up to date about the Bitcoin ETF Flows make sure to follow me on Twitter Going further in towards the content Right now looking at the Bitcoin Liquidation heat map I have been looking At this and seeing that Bitcoin has Currently piled up more than 1.2 billion US doll in Bitcoin short positions above Us so if Bitcoin breaks above $53,000 us We're going to see a squeeze of 1.3

Billion US dollar worth of bitcoin short Positions so I won't be surprised that We are actually going to be seeing this Push towards the upside and uh let me See the $53,000 is exactly around this Level right here so I think that Bitcoin Is at least going to be pushing towards This level right here I will make it Real quickly the wide line here on the Top side we're at least going to be Pushing towards this level and most Likely we're going to see a continuation Up but maybe we're going to see a fake Out touch liquidity and potentially go Down again here but that is not what I'm Expecting because if we see a squeeze Of$ 1.3 billion US most likely we are Going to see Bitcoin continue even Further on towards the upside a thing That I am worried about is indeed the Funding rates but yeah I mean in Bull Markets funding rates are always Positive and right now once again it Looks to be that everyone is longing Bitcoin I mean on the on the liquidation Heat man we can see that there are some Shorts piling up right here but in General the majority of the Traders are All Trading long and because everyone is Trading long you need to be paying the Other long positions and due to that the Funding rates are extremely high so this Is a signal that indeed we are becoming Maybe a little bit too euphoric but to

Be very clear in Bull markets I have Seen the fing rates be way more Overextended than we're currently are so Currently Bitcoin also confirmed the Weekly candle close and you can clearly See the Bitcoin weekly candle has right Now officially confirmed above the 0.65 And above the 0.618 here and this Basically means here that Bitcoin Literally broke above the Fibonacci Golden pocket resistance of the entire Bull bare market so honestly Historically speaking once this has been Happening Bitcoin has always entered Boom market so can we right now say Bitcoin is in a bull run I mean Technically speaking yes but we are Still preing and yeah that is the thing That I'm a little bit afraid of to be Very clear but still yeah Bitcoin indeed Broke up the Fibonacci and the next Resistance is going to be 57.5k to $ 58,000 so that is Realistically speaking also going to be My next Target to be very clear my next Target is going to be 54,000 to $58,000 and I think then that region Right there there we could potentially Start to see some bigger rejections Getting created for Bitcoin and guys if You want to be trading yourself or join Me with my copy trading account make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video where you can find a link

To decoin where you can right now sign Up and get an account over there and Soon I will be opening up my copy Trading account I'm still preparing so If you want to be joining me with my Copy trading account make sure to join Right now it's only valid if you sign up An account using that link below at the Moment there are also a lot of other Copy traders that are super profitable For me I am still waiting to open up my Next trade and once they see like a 90% Shorty that I think that I am going to Call the right trade I'm going to be Opening it here on my copy trading Because I feel a lot of responsibility For my followers but in the meantime you Could potentially follow some other copy Traders on this platform or you could be Trading yourself on decoin where you can Trade without kyc without VPN anywhere Over the world and since bit is right Now uh having a lot of restrictions for Me as well I'm starting to go over to Deep coin so make sure to consider it Yourself as well but this is definitely A very great Exchange going further in Towards the content um we can currently See that of course the usdt market cap Has also significantly increased and as The usdt market cap increases you can See that the Bitcoin price action Increases and basically these two uh Levels they go in very similar moves

Here why because if there's more Capital Getting injected from tedar it most Likely also means that there's more Capital flowing into Bitcoin and crypto And that means that the prices are of Course going to be going higher so on The Daily time frame you can see that Bitcoin indeed went quite exponential We've seen seeing some consolidation Here on the top side and while we have Been consolidating we've actually Cleared probably a lot of sell orders Because two billion US dollar L week Flew in towards Bitcoin while that has Been happening we have literally seen Bitcoin not really break above $52,000 Maybe we clear two billion US dollars Worth of sell pressure and this week We're going to be having that attempt to Potentially break above it because while Talking about this we can see of course That Bitcoin is right now indeed still In the preing cycle but while we're Talking about it it's eum is already Pushing up to new highs and I've talked About this in so many videos right now Here and I've said that ethereum is a Very big trade that is currently coming Up because the ethereum sport ETF is Coming in approximately 95 days from now On let's say three months and ethereum Is still sleeping because it's still Relatively low compared to bitcoin and I Think it's currently sitting at Major

Support where I think it's going to be Bouncing from and and due to the fact That the spot ETF is coming I think Billions of dollars will be flowing Eventually in towards ethereum as well And since the market cap of ethereum is Way lower it's going to be having an Even more significant effect and right Now you are anticipating it early and I Mean yeah I'm currently talking about it W's already been up but if you've been Following the channel you know that I've Already talked about it right here W was Not even going up already so yeah I've Talked about it many times before here But the ethereum spot ETF is also a Thing that is going to be happening and That is in my opinion maybe one of the Biggest traes I'm currently taking on Spot because I sold a lot of my Bitcoin Yesterday as well for more ethereum and I already hold a lot of ethereum my Portfolio so this is a massive spot Trade I'm currently taking uh if you're Interested make sure to do your own Research about it but I personally think That ethereum is going to be the one That is actually going to be performing A little bit better in the upcoming Months compared to bitcoin so this was It for me in today's update video if you Did learn something from it make sure to Subscribe to the Channel smash that like Button and I'll see you guys back

Tomorrow on another update video peace Out goodbye

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