Bitcoin Hits $138k

Bitcoin hits 138 000 following Institutional support Intel discontinues The a770 16 gigabyte limited edition Dynex demonstrates real world use cases Osprey hints at radiant bitstream and Ice River drops the pricing on the Caspa Asic units welcome to the first episode Of blocks where I covered the latest Crypto mining topics for the day as Quickly as possible let's get into it Foreign ER manufacturer drops the prices on Their units ahead of bit Maine's launch Of their ks3 the kso is now under one Thousand dollars ks1 coming in at 84.99 And the ks2 is down to 15 9999 with the recent price increase of Above two and a half cents for Casper These units are extremely profitable but Only time will tell if they remain that Way with the competition from fit main On the way Dynex a proof of useful work Cryptocurrency minable on gpus Demonstrates it being useful this week By folding the HIV virus RNA in just 46.85 seconds which is faster than the D-wave quantum annealing machine shortly After this news Dynex Rose above 30 Cents in a surprising move Intel has Announced that it will no longer ship Its Arc a770 limited edition gpus However this decision only affects Intel Branded gpus with the limited edition Label and specifically the a770 SKU

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Intel's decision means that the limited Version of the arc a770 gpus will no Longer be shipped this particular model Was notable for offering 16 gigabytes of Vram and now only three remaining models With this configuration will be Available from a specific board Partners Intel's unexpected announcement to Discontinue the arc a770 limited edition Gpus has led to limited availability of This particular model however board Partners designs and the eight gigabyte SKU remain unaffected offering Alternative options for users finally in A surprising turn of events Bitcoin Experienced a temporary surge to 138 Thousand dollars on crypto Exchange this sudden Spike occurred on The Bitcoin tether trading pair that Quickly reverted back to normal level The temporary surge of Bitcoin to 138 Thousand dollars on was an Anomalous event driven by low liquidity And declining Market debt it is crucial To recognize that this price week did Not reflect the actual market value of Bitcoin low liquidity could have been Caused by a plethora of events but the Most likely driver is due to the Institutional interest in Bitcoin Following blackrock's application for a Bitcoin ETF many other institutional Investors followed suit with 1.5 Trillion dollar Global asset firm

Invesco reactivating their ETF Application Germany's largest bank Adopting cryptocurrency and Citadel Charles Schwab and Fidelity digital Assets announcing in exchange this week Finally Jerome Powell himself stated Crypto has staying power let me know in The comment section below do you think Crypto has a staying power in addition To that let me know what miners you pick Picked up if you picked up any of the Caspa or Osprey miners or ice River Miners and let me know what you think About the spike to 138 000 is this Indicative of what we will see in the Next Bull Run after the next having Thanks for watching be sure to hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below and I will see you next Tuesday

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