Right now Bitcoin history is repeating And Bitcoin looks to create a very Similar price structure as of 2019 so in This exact video I will be discussing This a much more important stuff because Right now if I'm looking at the price Section of Bitcoin I am actually Expecting a huge breakout in the coming Five days ahead of ourselves so make Sure to get ready this week will most Likely be volatile so don't forget to Watch this video till the end snap up That like button and get away once again Smash it back up at 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and like we have Been seeing the imminent short term so Far for Bitcoin has not really chosen The direction so far so yeah you can Clearly still see if I remove all the Drawings we are still creating higher Lows and we are still creating lower Highs on the top side this means that Bitcoin is clearly in a price squeeze And usually on these kinds of patterns We tend to see a breakout once it is Reaching at Apex and basically we're Going to see a price break at once we Confirm a break above either and higher High in the market or either if we Confirm a break below the lower low so That is currently what I'm looking at if Bitcoin is going to be breaking out of

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The strength it's going to tell us Probably about where the internet short Term is heading towards for Bitcoin but So far Bitcoin is really not creating Any kinds of a significant move so I'm Still waiting on the sidelines and Actually if I really want to be looking About what the next big Bitcoin move is Going to be I'm going to look at the Four hourly time frame because on the Four early time frame you can clearly See we can clearly see Bitcoin is Creating a huge consolidation phase with Higher lows on the lower side and lower Highs on the top side and basically We're expecting that the Apex is going To get reached within the coming five Days so I will be expecting a breakout Anytime soon here and basically once we Confirm either the break above we're Probably going to see more higher Targets and of course with the break Below we're going to expect lower Targets the downside Target for me is Somewhere around 20 000 US Dollars Towards 20.7 K why is because this is Also the target of the ascending Broadering wedge and if we're going to Be experiencing a breakout I'm going to Be first looking at if we also managed To break above this very important level Of resistance the 23.7 to 23.8k confirm A bullish retest on this level then I am Actually expecting that Bitcoin is going

To be easily seeing another retest of Twenty five thousand dollars so it's Getting to be important to look also if We do break up of the horizontals but Currently if we do want to predict where The trend is heading towards for Bitcoin We just should be looking at these trend Lines and whatever breaking above it or Whether we're breaking below it it's for The aesthetic triangle we are currently Seeing of course that we're bouncing From support so far still and basically This pattern we're really creating has Got a bigger likelihood of actually Breaking bearish I wanted to be pointing This out here but of course as long as We're not breaking below support I'm not Going to be anticipating the lower Targets but as soon as we do break below This key important support line on the Market uh yeah I could be expecting that Bitcoin could be singing retracement Back towards levels of the low 20. so Make sure to keep your eyes wide open on These support lines when once we do Break below it you will be the first one To know on the channel and in my opinion Will also allow us to open up a Potential shorting position so that is Also exactly what I will be doing Currently I'm still my swing trade if we See a breakdown I'm going to close my Swing trade and I'm actually going to be Looking at Short rates so if you are

Also interested in trading don't forget To subscribe to the channel because I Will announce it once I'm opening up my Next right there and on top of that if You want to be trading yourself check Out Bible sign up an account in the link Description where you can set up your Own account where you can also trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and if You sign up using the link in the Description you can claim it 30 000 US Dollars to post a bonus so make sure to Check it out right now in the link in The description furthermore we can Currently see the Bitcoin is creating Somewhat of an historic pattern right Now here because looking back I will Remove my camera for a second so it's Going to be a little bit more clear so You can see it a little bit easier you Can see on the left side this was the Bear Market of 2019 and the recovery run Up towards the upside you can see we had That exponential rally up here after That we saw some more boring sideways Consolidation for very long wow Currently we can see something very Similar happening we had the bear Market We had that exponential run up after That we've been seeing boring Cyrus Consolidation and actually like we were Seeing right here we were creating Somewhat of a losing momentum structure But we were holding up towards the

Uptrend and right now we are doing the Same so what it will be saying here as Long as we're going to hold up towards This uptrend right here everything is Actually looking quite okay here but as Soon as we do break below the trend Right here and we break below the Support line then we should start to Worry but if we see another Bounce from It and we are seeing a similar move like This I wouldn't be surprised to actually See that same and similar run up for Bitcoin so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open on this chart right here it is Looking like a very interesting fractal Because this was literally the 2019 bear Market recovery run up like you can see And if this happens again it will Definitely mean the Bitcoin is literally Doing something very similar as the Previous bear Market recovery run up so Important to point this out but Definitely very interesting fractal to Be looking at right now and if we of Course will ever ever break below this Level you will be the first one to know Here on the channel furthermore we can Currently clearly see that the 25 000 is The level to break so whether this Fractal is breaking up or moving back to Ourself side still the level to break is 25 000 if we break above that level I Will flip at least extremely bullish on The price section of Bitcoin and while

This stuff is all happening in the Meantime I can actually start to see the Bitcoin is creating and hidden bullies Divergence on The Daily time frame we Can clearly see the price action for Bitcoin is forming a higher low on The Daily time frame will affect the RSI is Forming a lower low what means that We're currently forming in Hidden Bullies Divergence on The Daily time Frame for Bitcoin and yeah do bullish Divergences on The Daily time frame are Usually extremely strong so want to be Pointing this out this is honestly Actually looking very good for Bitcoin So that was it for me on today's update Video if you did enjoy don't forget to Slap of the like button and of course Subscribe to the channel right now if You want to be staying up to date about My next trade I'm waiting for the next Direction and I'm waiting for this Fractal to be playing because it looks All so damn interesting so thank you so Much for watching towards amazing new Video and I hope to see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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