Bitcoin history is repeating right now And in this exact video I will talk About the price action of Bitcoin today Here I will talk about these very Similar moves that we're currently Creating in the market but more Importantly I will talk about the Weekend price action about what Currently is going down for Bitcoin and More importantly some insane training Opportunities that are here currently in The market because yesterday I made four Thousand dollars by trading this altcoin With some other YouTubers here in Singapore and I will be explaining about What I'm currently doing and why I think There is a big opportunity to be trading This altcoin right now so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap on the Logarithm back up 400 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the image short term of Bitcoin And since it's raining weekends we're of Course having some weekend price action And I mean to see me Gap is getting Created somewhere around 26.4k so I Remain to be expecting that the Bitcoin Price action is going to be trading Somewhere around the 26.4k so I will be Remaining to be expecting the Bitcoin is Going to be be trading somewhere around 26.4k till the end of this week so I Will remain to expect that Bitcoin is

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Probably going to trade somewhere around 26.4k till the weekend is going to be Ending and of course after that we can Start to see Bitcoin is once again going To be moving I mean if you're looking at The four early time frame we can really Start to see that Bitcoin potentially is Getting ready for another move right so You can clearly see we're creating the Downward sloping resistance we're Creating that small little approach Leveling support line and potentially in The coming few hours so in approximately One day to one so in approximately 24 to Uh 32 hours I am expecting the next move Is going to be happening for Bitcoin and That's very good well mean the Bitcoin Is going to create another lag towards The upside I mean most importantly I Think it's important to look towards the Downward sloping resistance line and Then on the lower side this support Right here and if we manage to break the Resistance we're probably going to fly Much higher and of course if we break Below this support right here we're Probably going to go and visit once Again that 25.6 K level on the lower Side so this is what I'm expecting and This is what I'm currently looking at But Bitcoin is really looking very Decent in my opinion I mean if you're Looking at Bitcoin there's one gigantic Resistance line that I will be aiming

For and that is this downward solving Resist line here from of the highs to The lows and I think really as soon as We're going to be retesting this level It could potentially start to provide Significant resistance for the Bitcoin Price section so still looking at this Level as the most important resistance I Will be approaching as the most Important support in my opinion further On we can see that the price action is Actually very similar towards this Recent move towards the downside Bitcoin Creative Blues Divergence right here and Also right now as well Bitcoin is Creating lower lows on the primary Section and higher lows on the RSI what Means that we're currently creating a Bullish Divergence for the Bitcoin price Action but very well could mean that Bitcoin could start to see a little bit Of a band sword see upside I mean Already on the daily time frame we can Currently see that Bitcoin is bouncing From of this Lower Side of support what Is definitely a very beautiful thing to See here you can clearly see this Previous resistance in the market is Here clearly acting as support so I will Be looking out for this level and I Won't be surprised that Bitcoin is going To be seeing a significant balance from Stuff or onwards so looking forward Towards where Bitcoin is going to be

Handing towards from of this level Further on looking at some trading Opportunities yesterday I've been Trading this coin trb so this coin has Been absolutely going towards the upside I like it pumped towards the upside like Crazy and personally I right now think It's going to be reversing so the reason Why this coin pumped here is because Apparently on binance you could get a 1900 interest if you're going to stake This coin so of course what is happening This isn't Ponzi in creation so um yes People are buying this to stake it but Of course two thousand percent APR is Not sustainable and due to that I think It's going to be collapsing because it's Literally a Ponzi so what currently is Happening is that I personally think it Is at its end stage of the parabolica Because you can clearly see in the 15 Minutes it goes exponential and boom Right now for the first time we're Starting to create a lower high we're Really starting to see that the body Pressure is really running out and I Mean this coin could give you insane Returns because yeah it pumped 400 Towards the upside exactly towards the Previous high in the market as well here But look what happened last time right It dumped like crazy towards the Downside it dumped like over 50 60 here So if you can manage to get a very good

Short position what I yesterday had but I already closed it I'm just looking at Some interesting levels to short it Again here so for me it once it hits 41 Dollars I'm always going to short it so Because I think 41 is that very main Resistance Target to be hitting so I Personally think I could catch like a 50 Move towards dancing on this one because Yeah it's just a Ponzi coin that's Currently pumping and in my opinion it's Not going to stay Um so high for long and I mean if you're Looking at the one second chart for this One it is absolutely super volatile and That is why I absolutely love to trade It so you could make a ton of money with This coin so if you want to betraying This coin go to the link description I've been training it for the for a While right now here um I've not longed It I'm only looking at shorts currently Because I personally think it is going To fall once again another 50 towards The downside so if you want to be Trading this I could leave you guys a Link to the description towards this Trading pair but also if you're Interested in just claiming an insane Deposit bonus you can actually write and Go to the link description of today's Video deposit 100 after signing up using That link and then you can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin long or short

Air drill position straight away here so Super valuable but make sure to check it Out here at the same time the Bitcoin Price section looks to be repeating Itself a little bit here it's once again Also in the pause had this base support Line we broke below it and that was of Course the ultimate fake ad we had once Again similar price action right now Once again Bitcoin once it breaks off That resistance line on the top side I Think it could start to go pretty Exponential and I mean you see it also Here on the email ribbon once we break Above the email ribbon it went very Quickly so potentially right now as well We should be looking at the email ribbon And the loss resistance is around 27 000 US dollars so we'll be definitely Looking out for that one as well really Getting ready for some potential big Moves here also on the two day macd were Currently seeing a bullish crossover What is also definitely a lovely thing To see here it's pretty funny because The last time we had the blue crossover It was also somewhere around this lower Region right here to be exact on this Candle Um this um this candle right here on the 18th of June so pretty interesting to See that one once again we're seeing a Bullish goes over getting initiated on The McD and potentially this could mean

Something far greater on the Bitcoin Price section right now on the three-day Time frame we're still creating and Hidden bullies Divergence all these Signs are indicating that Bitcoin is Getting ready for a massive move here But it is just not reflecting it in the Price section yet so far weekly time Frame for Bitcoin uh is absolutely Insane here we're having this weekly Retest of this very important support Level and of course the download Resistance line that currently is Getting retested so yeah looking out for Where we're going to go towards next Year but currently we are indeed hanging At critical support for Bitcoin and I Mean if you're zooming out on the weekly Time frame we are also creating that cop And handle pattern for Bitcoin so Looking out for uh Bitcoin to be Bouncing from of the lower side right Here but as soon as we do break above The top side or the Lower Side we're Going to see much much more volatility And of course if we break the Lower Side Of support we're going to be moving down Here and we could be moving down to 22 000 and if we break the top side my Price targets are probably like insane Here I mean my first Target here here For the upside is definitely this Liquidity range right here on the market Sitting and hanging around forty six

Thousand US dollars so Bitcoin could be Heading towards forty six thousand Dollars as soon as it breaks the 32k Here so looking out for that here but Bitcoin is about to be creating some Massive moves in the market so that was It for me in today's update video I Truly hope you did enjoy it one last Thing here for all my followers out There my Twitter account got hacked so If something gets promoted on my Twitter Account it's not me it's an hacker and He's probably going to drain your wallet So working very hard in the background To get it back here but anyways guys Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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