Bitcoin history is repeating right now And in this exact video I will talk About what this means for Bitcoin Because yes in the coming weeks we will Be having a gigantic breakout and also In this video I will talk about the bull Flag that we're currently creating this Super important ort sloping trend line And many more historical buying signals That are flashing on the market right Now so without any further Ado don't Forget to watch this video because I've Got so many important sharts prepared For you guys out there can we once again Slap likes back about 400 that will be Absolutely incredible with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin and once looking at the imminent Shortterm for Bitcoin we can clearly see We're creating this significant downward Solving resistance line and every single Time we've been retesting this trend Line we've seen a gigantic rejection Towards the downside and yeah right now We're about to be seeing potentially Another retest of this exact level and I Will be expecting as soon as we do break Up of this level we could start start to See potentially some more bullish Momentum getting generated for Bitcoin And I mean looking at the 4ly time frame Bitcoin is really really clearly getting Rejected by this trend line every single

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Time we retest it and I mean we're Currently literally trading against it And if we can break Above This level it Could definitely mean that Bitcoin is Going to see at least somewhat of a Little bit more positive price action Towards the upside so I'm looking Definitely forward towards Bitcoin Potentially breaking Above This I mean On the 12-hour time frame we're also Clearly looking at the down soing resist Line and so far every single time we've Been retesting this level we got Rejected and potentially right now on The imminent short term we could be Creating a new ursing support line and That could mean that we're potentially Going to be seeing a breakout in the Coming 7 to 10 days ahead of ourselves So if you really want to be looking at Bitcoin at some interesting charts You're really going to be looking at Some higher time frames so first of all The daily time frame we do know that Bitcoin is still creating a down sloping Resist line just like on the 12-hour Time frame the question really remains When are we going to be breaking above It but if we're just going to be zooming Out a little bit here because we're Right now in a bare market and many People are asking me Rover is this the Time to be accumulating and I mean of Course I am not a financial advisor but

I am a guy from a chart and if I'm Looking at the chart I am personally Right now buying quite a lot of Bitcoin Because yes Bitcoin is currently once Again trading below its two-year Multiplier moving average and you can See here back in the bare Market of 2015 Below this 2-year moving average it was A good time to be accumulating and then Back in the 2019 bar Market the moment We were trading below the 2year moving Average was the time to be buying and Then as well in 2023 the moment we've so far traded Below this level is almost the entire Bare market so far and once again we're Still trading below the 2year moving Average and this has been historically Speaking a super good buying opportunity We're currently trading below it so I Don't see a reason why not to be looking At Bitcoin right now and think okay I Think it's a good buying opportunity and Of course we do know all the other Things that are currently playing out in The market what it's going to be Happening at the beginning of 2024 or at The end of 2023 it's probably going to Be happening inevitably I mean yes Yesterday we saw once again some news Hit the market that the secc postponed The decision on arcs investment Bitcoin Spot ETF I mean this was the second Deadline we still got a third deadline

And then the final deadline and that is Expected to be happening somewhere in March 2024 so yes I really think the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to be happening in 2024 And not in 202 3 so don't get fooled by This news we are probably going to see More Bitcoin sport ETFs getting Postponed in the coming weeks ahead of Ourselves in two and a half weeks from Now on we're going to get the second Deadline from the Bitcoin Black Rock Sport ETF and probably that one as well Is going to get postponed and we're Expecting that on the final deadline We're going to get approval on this Bitcoin sport ETF and that is probably Going to be happening somewhere at the Beginning of 2024 so just wait be a little bit Patient that we're expecting it's going To be happening somewhere at the Beginning of 2024 so if you want to be Trading this year I mean currently Bitcoin and its funding rate is Extremely low here what makes it very Interesting to actually trade Bitcoin The majority of the Traders are actually Expecting Bitcoin is going to go down And that makes me very excited on Bitcoin right now I mean over the long Run I don't see a real clear reason to Be panicking about Bitcoin and if you Want to be trading Bitcoin or

Accumulating Bitcoin make sure to go to The link description of today's video Because you can currently claim a free $1,000 Us by only depositing $100 it's a Free $1,000 air drop position and all You need to do here is sign up an Account using the link in the Description below deposit $100 within 7 Days do kyc and you will be eligible to Claim this free $1,000 airw position It's super valuable and it's only valid For another 38 days so make sure to be Very quick here further on we can see That the Bitcoin daily Trend remains to Be going down here we remain to be Creating lower lows and as soon as we're Going to be flipping this Trend back in Towards an uptrend and we break above The previous high in the market you will Be the first one to know on the channel Let me right now get into some very Important charts because back in 2018 to 2020 we created this massive Consolidation phase and right now again Bitcoin is creating this insane pattern And it's about to be entering 2024 Actually but Bitcoin is creating a Gigantic symmetrical triangle and we are Getting ready for a massive breakout Anytime soon on this pattern so make Sure to pay attention towards this Pattern because yes we're expecting a Breakout to be happening the coming 6 Months here because we're expecting to

Be having a breakout in the coming 6 Weeks here and the breakout I'm going to Guarantee you it's going to be massive Because once looking at this pattern we Can currently see that we're creating a 95 we downtrend and a 46 we uptrend and These levels are going to be meeting Each other and that is going to be Meaning a massive breakout and I mean You can see it also over here we had This massive consolidation phase this Massive resistance and this massive Support and the moment yeah we didn't Even met the Apex rear but the moment we Broke outside of this level Bitcoin had A gigantic run up towards the upside and Basically the bullish momentum got Initiated and right now we're sitting on Support and I won't be surprised that We're actually going to be holding Support I mean the biggest support here Is trading around 25.6 G and I remain to Be expecting that this level is actually Going to be holding us up and you can Even extend this support level from the Previous bare Market to here right and Then in the worst case scenario if we Break down of this level we could still Be looking at this massive support right Here that is going to be sitting Somewhere around 23 ,000 so yeah there Is definitely some possibilities for a Potential breakdown and we could still Remain to be holding the trend but still

I'm expecting a big breakout is going to Be happening in the coming five weeks And maybe in worst case scenario it's Going to be happening in the coming 15 Weeks here but anyways we are getting Ready for a massive move for Bitcoin and I mean if you're looking at the weekly Time frame as well you can currently see We're holding the 200 we moving average And also we're creating a bull flag on The weekly time frame I mean we create This lack towards the upside for Bitcoin And now we're consolidating in the Downward soping Channel and we're Creating a perfect buo flag and we're Holding that 200 weekly moving average So yes I'm quite excited about Bitcoin And really the level to break here is That top side around $32,000 if we break Above This level I will become so super Bullish on bitcoin you can't even Imagine and I mean looking at ethereum Ethereum is currently also sitting on Weekly support and every single time We've been retesting this level for the Plus six times we've been bouncing from Off this level so I won't be surprised To once again see another balance from Off this level so this was it for me in Today's update video if you did enjoy Don't forget to slap the like button and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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