Bitcoin history looks to be repeating Right now and while this is happening Volume remains to be dropping lower on The charts and the bullet you bends is Even becoming Tighter and Tighter so so In this video I will talk about the most Important charts for this weekend for Bitcoin and many more important charts We need to discuss right now so don't Forget to snap up that like button on Today's update video can we slash it Back about 400 likes and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term of Today's video for the imminent short Term over the course of this weekend We're once again looking at the CME Gap That got formed around 29.4k so I will be expecting that Bitcoin is going to be trading somewhere Around this region over the course of This weekend and just like the previous Weekends we've been predicting the CME Gaps perfectly and we've been predicting The Bitcoin weekend price action Perfectly as well of course if we will Be training significantly below the C Minigap I will be expecting that on the Sunday or either on the Monday we're Going to see a big bump towards the Upside and of course if we move up big Over the course of the weekends we will Be expecting there's going to be a big Move down over the course of the Sunday

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Or either the Monday if this Sunday is Not going to be moving down at all so Yes this is my weekend prediction and Yes for the last lot of what is it maybe 20 or 30 times we have been predicting The weekend perfectly so yeah it's Probably going to be another boring Weekend looking at the one hour time Frame for Bitcoin we're currently Sitting on very important support you Can clearly see the price section of Bitcoin Bitcoin is also currently coming Together and you can clearly see they Were creating somewhat of a falling Wedge pattern following which pattern is Typical bullish by his parents so we'll Be expecting that this one potentially Could be breaking out and yes if we do See a big move towards the upside Happened over the course of the weekend We're probably going to see a dump on The Monday or even on the Sunday so yes We're creating an interesting pattern But it's not really meaning that much Since it is right now weekend of course I've been talking about this liquidity Range here on the top side I really want To be seeing this novel getting broken And if we do charge this level I think a Lot of stop-loss orders are going to get Hit and that is going to be the Catalyst For Bitcoin to be having a very big move Here so you see it in every single Explanation movement towards the upside

The exponential move usually starts once It breaks above the previous liquidity Range in the market you could also see It over here once we were breaking Above This previous liquidity range where a Lot of stop loss orders were set up you Can see it also over here this was of Course the liquidity range we break Above it and then we see that big green Candle and that happens every single Time so I will be expecting a similar Movement once again here I think Bitcoin Is going to be creating a very big green Candle if we break above the red box Here but if we do break below the green Line right here I think we're going to Create a very big red candle since there Is also a lot of stop-loss orders so be Very high alert since the open interest On the market is currently sitting at The highest not seen since the FDX Collapse there could be some very big Amounts of volatility hitting these Markets talking about the volatility Index Bitcoin is currently getting Squeezed up here on the daily the time Frame and I will be expecting that this Quiz is going to generate a gigantic Move from the prime section of Bitcoin And we can currently see that the Historical bullish events index is Currently at the low not seen since the Beginning of 2023 what was also the Beginning point of a gigantic movement

In the market so we're expecting a big Move here and I remain to be long on my Bitcoin position currently on bitget Approximately 1.4 Bitcoin in profit and Looking at my Bible trades my Bitcoin Trades is a small loss here while my Ethereum trade is also in a small little Profit so yeah I'm really waiting for The next move to really happen but so Far we are still making profits on these Trades here what is of course definitely Very lovely to see so I will remain to Be holding these trades open since I am Still expecting Bitcoin is going to take The turn towards the upside and if I'm Going to talk about a bigger perspective Move here because yeah Bitcoin has not Been really moving at all here we're Right now creating a descending triangle And you can see a very similar pattern Here to Bitcoin in 2019 we rated one and We're currently also creating another Descending triangle so I will be Expecting a gigantic breakdown from off This level as soon as we do confirm and Break below this level you can see also Lost summer ranks while we confirm the Breakdown it happens very quickly and Bitcoin moved down very fast and do be On the high alert on the right side this Chart is the current time on bitcoin but It is an inverted chart here so you can See that we're creating an ascending Triangle and if you invert it it's a

Descending triangle so it's a very Interesting pattern to be looking at and The likelihood that this one is going to Be breaking down or breaking up if we do Invert it backwards is just extremely High since it's a bullish bias pattern If you approach it like this and a Bearish vice pattern if you approach it Like this here so yeah I'm pretty Excited for Bitcoin right here and I Think there's going to be a very big Move happening but just like right here In 2019 it took us a very long period of Boring consolidation before the Big Move Really happens and this is exactly what We're seeing right now as well we are in A very boring period of time of boring Consolidation until we break outside of That region so make sure to be on high Alert Bitcoin remains to be boring until Breaks out of the range and if it breaks Outside of the range where we'll be Seeing massive Market volatility but Absolutely massive Market volatility so Get ready for that Bitcoin is indeed Very boring right now here the volume is Also still dropping with lower highs Here indicating a big move is going to Be happening anytime soon here and we Should be getting ready for that big Move here anytime soon so looking as Well Bitcoin on that bigger perspective We can currently see Bitcoin support and Resistance they're going to be meeting

Each other and this is going to cause a Big spark in the market it's going to be Causing a big reaction in the market Because we either need to be seeing a Break of the uptrend or either a break Of the resistance on the top side so Yeah Bitcoin is about to be making a Massive decision in this market and that Is why I'm super excited about it right Now here currently we can see that on The daily time frame the macd is still Crossing bullish here and we need to be Generating some more momentum towards The upside if we want to be continuing This move here of course on the monthly Time frame we can see that also the McD Cross bullish what is also an historical Signal what is also quite exciting to be Seeing further on we can see that the Daily time frame for Bitcoin still looks Interesting but in my opinion this is The most important chart to be looking At because the daily time frame we need Is just see a breakup of 29.7 K here if We can break above 29.7 k then we are Going to be seeing that continuation Happening towards the upside so keep Your eyes wide open on that level of Course we're creating a continental Pattern as well but for that one to be Breaking out you need to be seeing the Break of the trend line here on the top Side of course looking at Bitcoin on the Weekly time frame we're generating a

Gigantic pattern here and if we really Break above that down solving resist Line sitting around 32 000 US dollars is Going to be probably be a massive move Towards the upside so get ready for that Here I will be looking out towards this Massive move hitting the markets but at The same time I do want to be warning Everyone out there on the channel That We're still creating a bearish Divergence right now here on the weekly Time frame and this could maybe cause Some bearish price actions so there is Still some warning signs happening on The market but at the same time we're Seeing that we're creating a gigantic Pattern that is indicating a big move is Lying ahead of herself either whether It's going to be breaking whether it's Going to be Breaking Upwards or Downwards there's going to be a big move Happening in the coming 25 to 30 days Here so get ready for that but thanks so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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