A Bitcoin historical signal that has Only flashed two times before in history Is about to be flashing again and in This exact video of course I will be Talking about this signal I will talk About the historical low volatility that Has never been so low in the history of Bitcoin and much more importantly only In a short term Bitcoin has been Dropping towards the downside I will Give a brief update on this and my Trades so don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We smash it back up at 500 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the imminent short term For the price action of Bitcoin once Looking at the image short term for Bitcoin we can currently see Bitcoin is All the way back down it started Yesterday and yes yesterday we had a Significant pump towards the downside First creating that week on the lower Side but currently we're just back on The 29 000 US dollar very important Support level so yeah Bitcoin Unfortunately undoing its hard work of Yesterday on the four early time frame We can currently clearly spot Bitcoin is Currently creating a small little down Stopping resistance line and so far Every single time we've been retesting This down or solving resist line we've

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Been getting a rejection and like I've Said in yesterday's video this super Important level is the level we need to Break the 29.7 K is the level to break For Bitcoin I started in yesterday's Video I think we were even still trading Above This level but I warned everyone Out there on the channel that as long as We're not confirming the breakup of 29.7 K this very important level free if you Support that currently flipped into Resistance like you can clearly see Right here is the level to break and as Long as we're not breaking above that Level I remain to be expecting Bitcoin Is going to be in this bearish trend so Yes Bitcoin got a huge rejection from Off this level and so far we can Currently clearly still spot here okay We're creating this downward sloping Versus line and this horizontal level Around 29.7 gain they came together and Provided a huge rejection for Bitcoin What I want to be seeing next year and Case for Bitcoin to be a little bit more Bullish is that we are going to confirm And create that higher low on the price Chart of Bitcoin if we manage to be Printing in higher low right here it Could be a very bullish case for Bitcoin And that could well mean that Bitcoin is Going to see more upside in the coming Periods ahead of ourselves but yes I Mean on the image short term it's very

Hard to predict what's going to be Happening next but currently we can see That Bitcoin is actually retesting this Down stop being resist line you can Clearly see Bitcoin created is falling Much better and after we broke out of This falling watch better in yesterday We are right now seeing the retest of The falling watch so let's see what is Going to be happening right here but if We do break back in towards the support I will definitely start to get worried But as long as we're not breaking back In towards this very important support Level right here I remain to be Expecting Bitcoin could be starting to See a very big advancement of this level And that would also confirm we're going To create a higher low structure Together with higher Highs but would of Course ultimately make the trend look Even more bullish so yes Bitcoin indeed Has seen a very significant drop towards A downside but still on the imminent Short term we can clearly see also if You're looking at the one hour time Frame we are right now creating a higher Height in the previous high in the Market and we are potentially also Creating higher lows so yeah the trend Could start to refer some of this point Onwards yeah if Bitcoin really breaks Below the previous low on the market Probably 28 000 US dollars is going to

Be happening next that big support Target I've been talking about for quite A while right now so looking at my Trades remains to be in my long position On baguette I mean so far not a lot of Have been changed since yesterday and of Course on by bit I'm currently once Again in a small little loss here of About four thousand dollars Um I mean I've been saying it for quite A while if Bitcoin moves down to 28 000 US Dollars I'm going to be massively Scaling up this trade here so let's see If that is going to be happening if you Are interested in trading go to the link Description of today's video because you Can actually claim it deposit bonus up To forty thousand dollars if you sign up And account using the link in Description and without that link is Only 400 so if you're interested in Trading go to the link description Because it's definitely super valuable Then quickly looking of course at the Falling wedge pattern on the 12 hour Time frame currently we can see that Bitcoin is actually retesting that Falling watch pattern here and what I Would love to see here is a small little Bandstop of this level so let's see if That is going to be playing out here as Well and quickly looking at the daily Candles and now it's going to start to Get interesting if I were to be looking

At the daily chemicals of uh last Tuesday you can actually see a very Bullish candle here because this is what I tweeted about it so two days ago the Daily candle closure for Bitcoin was Notably bullish because it was creating A hammer Candle on the daily time frame And also do note the volume was Definitely a lot higher and do also note The volume on that candle was also quite High what means that it was actually a Very strong candle for Bitcoin and Search Kendall and Hammer candle usually Gives us a signal of an end of a Downtrend so that was actually creating And making me believe the Bitcoin was Going to see a trend reversal only this Kindle right here this red candle right Here the daily kind of close of Yesterday was actually making it quite Bearish again here was definitely very Unfortunate to see just like right here Bitcoin just created another bearish Engulfing candle and that is definitely Not a very good sign for the market in General yeah so two days ago the candle Was looking actually quite good here but Yesterday Scandal close looks to be a Bearish engulfing candle and that could Maybe potentially signal that the Downtrend is going to continue so what We're currently seeing is two completely Different candles telling us a Completely different story at a very low

In the market so I find it very hard to Say what is going to be happening next For Bitcoin right now and that is why I Remained to be very neutral in this Market I won't be surprised if Bitcoin Is actually going to see a bench from of This level that I won't be also Surprised to see 28 000 US Dollars Getting touched so so make sure to take It into account I think it's quite risky To rightly necessarily say that Bitcoin Has to go up here or will go up here Because yeah a bearish and golden genlo Could also just signal us right now the Bitcoin is probably going to go lower From all this point so I guess we're Getting mixed feelings about this market Right now and looking further onto Bitcoin and what I really want to see Here is for me to be notably bullish Here is just a break above that Horizontal higher so just like you can See in the 2015 cycle once we broke Outside of this bear Market recovery Phase here so once we broke above this Very important horizontal level that was The point where the exponential really Really started for Bitcoin Percy I see Something very similar in this period Right now in the market of course we've Been seeing this very bearish movement Towards the downside but clearly the Level to break is 32 000 and if we Managed to be breaking about thirty two

Thousand dollars that is of course the Midpoint of this entire market and that Could be the point where we could start To enter the more bullish territoriums And that could be of course a signal That Bitcoin could start to go flying Again here so I've been saying it for Quite a while as soon as we do break off 32 000 it's game on but of course as Long as we're not doing that we should Still be very patient on bitcoin and yes Looking at the daily time frame for Bitcoin we can currently see we're Creating that we're solving support line We can clearly see if there resistance Line here on the top side and basically We're expecting a big squeeze is going To be happening anytime soon here for Bitcoin and I will be expecting it's Going to be happening in the coming 20 To 30 days ahead of ourselves yes there Is going to be a big move of waiting and Of course it's going to be either Signaling a brake load of very important Level support right here or either a Resistance break here on the top side so Yeah Bitcoin is about to be moving big Here and once Bitcoin really moves big Outside of this range it could tell us a Story whether we're going to be breaking Bearish because we're going to be Breaking support or whether we're going To be breaking bullish because we're Breaking above resistance so so there's

A very big move coming but we just have To be a little bit more patient because Yes if we look at the Historical Volatility for Bitcoin we're currently Literally sitting at all time lows Levels we've never seen before in the History of Bitcoin so looking as well at This very important and interesting Signal the 250-day moving average are About to be Crossing and actually they Are riding a crossing here making and Creating a golden cross right now for The Bitcoin time frame last time around We had a bearish course over at death Cross and at that point Bitcoin sold is Significant dumped towards the downside And to be very exact from the point the Death death cross happened Bitcoin done More than 50 towards the downside and if We were to be looking at history what These death crosses and golden crosses Tell us lost them around the Golden Cross was not necessarily indicating Much more upside Bitcoin did sell a Small rally but after that really died Out a little bit here but the death Pros For that previously around marked of Course the beginning of this insane dump Towards the downside but in the previous Cycle the Golden Cross really signaled The beginning of the entire run up here And basically that Golden Cross right There marked and run up for more than Five thousand percent in the following

681 days here and here's well the death Cross took place and that was really the Indication Bitcoin was going to go lower Ultimately so yes we're once again Seeing this signal getting flashed here And it has only flashed two times before In history and basically every single Time before for it has flashed in H3 Bitcoin moved towards the upside and yes In 2019 it's really not moved that big Here but in 2016 it clearly did here so Let's see how it's going to be playing At this time around here but I'm Definitely very excited about this Signal that currently is getting printed However at the same time I still want to Be speaking at some very important words About the classic stock market if you Have been following it the classic stock Market of course has been moving up Quite significantly while Bitcoin has Not really been doing so and there is Still a very big danger here because the Stock market is approximately a few Percent from its automi to be exact six To seven percent here but while this is Happening while the stock market is Moving up to new atomized Global Liquidity is at lows not seen since 2020 So yes be very much aware we are right Now seeing a gigantic Divergence on Available money in the market and the Stock market price is just going whole Higher so there could still be

Ultimately another crash in the stock Market it could still be also ultimately Another crush on bitcoin and could that Mark new lows for Bitcoin that is really The question we need to be answering so Be very much Warren there is still a Possibility that Bitcoin could come down To twenty thousand dollars or the stock Market is going to come down to let's Say 4 000 points again here so get ready For that be prepared for the worst we're Probably going to get a soft Landing Here in the market that's going to be Making things ultimately a little bit More better and of course as well we Yesterday had the lycorn hall thing Successful and and like you can Currently see here I made it up here This is exactly the moment like on Halved and straight away dumped towards The downside so like I've been expecting Litecoin is probably going to be dumping Before the whole thing and the top is Already likely in before the whole thing Really occurred so be on high alert do Not be buying Litecoin right here of Course no Financial advice maybe you're Really excited about Litecoin just make Sure to buy it but I personally do not Really think this is a good asset to be Investing in this point in the market Because if we're looking at history and If history is an indication about what Is going to be happening next for

Litecoin it's probably to believe much Much more in the future of course the Scarcity is going to increase for Litecoin but of course it probably will Not take away it's probably going to be Repeating its course of the loss bear Market so yeah that was it for me in Today's update video very long video I Truly hope you didn't enjoy it and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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