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Foreign 2024 having will be its most important This is coming from an interview with Charles Edwards we're not going to go Into the interview we're going to talk About the premise the Bitcoin Commentator and fund manager reveals why 2023 is the start of the new regime for Bit BTC price action and institutional Involvement Bitcoin stands at the start of a new Regime after its early 2023 price gains And next year will prove pivotal that is The opinion of Charles Edwards founder Of quantitative Bitcoin and digital Asset fund caprioli Investments as Investment Behavior around Bitcoin Recovers and align with network Fundamentals and price action Edwards Perhaps like many other institutional Professionals is gearing up for an Explosive period of growth the jury may Still be out on whether the bottom is in For bitcoin's price but long-term Investors the time to allocate is just The beginning he argues or for long-term Investors in an extensive interview with Cointelegraph Edwards reflects on the Prospects for Bitcoin in the crypto Industry in the coming years and whether The 2023 rebound has legs looking ahead Next year's block subsidy having will be Especially important as Bitcoin becomes In his words the hardest asset in the

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World with certainty now you guys can go Read the entire interview here but They're they're kind of it's a little Misleading as far as kind of marking 2023's rebound is the effectual thing Here as if you read the interview it Really does talk more about The 2020 for having and how much of an Impact that will have as we've seen in For the past 12 years the having a Bitcoin does in fact impact impact the Price it it typically has every single Time cause the price of crypto of Bitcoin and at bringing you know tied High tide brings up All Ships like Fitz Was just saying brings up the rest of The crypto market usually takes about Six months for it to start to really Take off and then for about a year after That you hit the peak usually what I've Been looking at it's every it's it's a Year and a half is where you hit the top Of Bitcoin after ever having but what is Undeniable is that the having has an Impact on the price of Bitcoin it goes Up from wherever its starting point was Right Um and I think the big question really here is How much more adoption does that drive For Bitcoin in this in this next run Right because we're kind of getting to The point to where mainstream is fully Aware of this and a lot of the

Mainstream had their first cycle come to Jesus meeting this past cycle right so What happens when they see oh this Pattern is a thing and it's happening Again how euphoric does it go at that Point Yeah I mean havings are always Interesting events Um the the amazing thing about havings Is that it's super mechanical one day It's uh you're getting 6.25 and after The having you're getting 3.125 so there Is an absolute mechanical thing that Happens with yield so as a minor you Know you're you're essentially getting Half that next day right if you're lock And everything still pans out right so Um It's typically Um What's happened over time and sometimes It starts to front run looking like it's Going to be priced in and then it Usually does dump as people try to you Know shake the market a little bit I look at it right now if Bitcoin like As a minor uh and you look at 24 000 Bitcoin price and we know what the Difficulty is right now and what our Yield is if Bitcoin at the time of the Havings at 50k or you know doubles from Where it's at price wise and let's say Difficulty goes up you know another 15 20

Um You know we might make 15 for 20 less Yield right now when the having happens We're essentially back where we're at Right now like it if price doubles from Where it's at we're essentially making The same you know uh amount by USD but a Lot less yield right Um so why the USD calculation matters Obviously is you're paying your expenses You're you're trying to figure out is Your operation take an impact what's it Have to be so uh from a minor standpoint You're kind of looking at what's it have To be for me to maintain operations to Understand on how we're going to handle It Um and prepare to be able to go a few Months maybe in the negative on the red Um or part you know look at whatever Agreement you have and park it like for Our particular situation we have to Maintain 1.5 megawatts out of five so Our you know lever is what's 1.5 Megawatts need to make you know like in The worst case so you got to build those Out on your risk especially if you have Like a business your business is around It right if your personal you're kind of Looking at like what what could this Really happen with like price and the Way it usually goes up after those and Octo Miner is an international mining Hardware company they manufacture and

Engineer the best mining equipment in The industry and Supply rigs to some of The largest mining farms around the World their GPU mining rigs also Integrate with the top crypto operating Systems like Hive OS minor stat and Simple mining all parts come with an International one-year warranty exciting News they will be adding Asic miners for Sale to their website soon and launching A new product built specifically for Asic home miners please visit or email support for questions You know I think it all comes back down To I like looking at what are the Services what's growing in this space Who's gonna on-ramp uh new Services is Fidelity Capital finally going to Release the fact when I can log into my Fidelity account and I can go from stock Straight to bitcoin infidelity uh Because you have a lot of capital Um I think that's one of the biggest Largest events at least in the the us That are going to occur is the moment That people can take already vested Capital so it's Capital that that's not Coming directly out of your pocket right Now in your earned income but it is Investment Capital that you can easily Swap without moving out of that exchange Out of fidelity or whatever 401K that You're using and you can go I want to do

A five percent allocation in crypto a Market Basket whatever Because now you're taking something That's already there and you're just Changing the mix right right Um so it's a lot easier for people and It's once that word gets out and people Start to see that lift they're like wait A minute here once they start showing That crypto indices versus your market Indices I think things will happen so It's what I'm trying to say with that is The functionality of new Services come On Unbeknownst to everybody else end up Causing that lift has nothing Necessarily to do with the having it Might be tied to the having yeah but the Scarcity of the having create the demand Curve on as more people kind of get in There because now there's less on the Market that's being sold and it's just a Mechanical thing that happens from a Scarcity side but I think the feature Side of being able to have more options In areas that don't require people to Just put more money in directly but Transfer money that is in an institution Of some sort to those markets the Feature of that having that function That functionality I think is going to Be the largest driver that happens to Coincide around the same time as the Having you know when we're out there at

CES this year talking to Fidelity Capital that's there you know they had a Whole booth and it's like they're Working hard Regulatory wise right to try to get that To where you can go into your existing 401k and if you are a person that wants To diversify 5 percent in you can and Like it is still custodial not your keys Not your coins I understand Um but maybe uh that is the trigger that Then gets people more interested and try To acquire not in that way but you know Through can I mine it can I buy it from Another exchange of moving into my own Wallet that kind of thing so I think Those type of events are going to occur Within this cycle before the having and We'll have that run up probably just Before it and then it's just gonna like Oh the having happened and now Bitcoin Went up it's like Online too right in the Agricultural Revolution everybody didn't stop hunting And Gathering right like sure that Eventually phased out more and more Hunters and something became more Dominant but like I look at it the same Way like not he's not your crypto kind Of like not everybody's gonna understand That and and as it gets more adopted and They and the incentive is is there for People to self-custody then they'll then They'll move into that realm right and

So I it's always it's kind of like you Know we're we're just we're in this Weird kind of transitional phase and and It's gonna be like that for a while I Think it's gonna be like that for quite A long time I think like I don't think It's gonna just change overnight there Are some things that can make it change Overnight like a collapse of the US Dollar sure but you know whether or not That happens is out of my control so I'm Not going to worry about it Yeah I mean so those are a lot bigger uh Uh issues um I mean let's put it this Way there's a lot of The U.S government has a lot of Incentive to not have that happen uh and They might get to a point where there's Not much they can do about it that's a Different issue but like Um I think that there's different Triggers that are trying to be used and It all takes into consideration of the Existing economy structure the way it is Now and doesn't take in the fact of Certain elements that that I think over Time are running in parallel paths I Look at like a Gantt chart right and There's certain things that we're all Looking at it's kind of the critical Path like Market's going to crap dollar Could go away all this stuff but there's Other paths that are happening in Parallel Innovation and artificial

Intelligence we still have no I mean we See what GPT is doing but like what Um what other major leap advancements That now change the way things are that Maybe drop costs considerably and just Change the whole dynamic like it's like Overnight I'm not saying it overnight But things could change to a way where It's like a couple companies get major Advancement to where well now our eggs Cost like 10 cents because like we can Have this fully automated and it happens Really quick right so there's things That happen that start to change Dynamics that were kind of left field And we didn't even realize Um and then there's other aspects of Discovery Um Innovation that we didn't even know Occurred uh I mean just I did a read an Article you know not too long ago about Valladium which is uh a um a much more Powerful material to make batteries with Okay and there's if you just look it up It's like there's a lot of research on It but they're just at that kind of Forefront where it's it's not flammable It stores batter you know juice a lot a Lot uh more longer it uh is an easier Process like there's like like where This where was this all our life right So it's like things that overnight could Start to change the dynamic of things And now there's an you know like a

Industrial revolution of Technology Stack that now kind of offsets like we Have a lot of debt but now we can burn It down in a different way I look at the Positive like there's a momentum to try To figure out a better way I think bitcoin's a better way for money I think crypto in general is you know The from the people and the participants Is a better way that's going to be Foundational to structure and like money There's other innovations that I think Are going to help buy down debt Differently Um and then as long as we don't push you Know Pookie or anybody does certain Mucus right I think it's we're in a in a Uh in a Glide path that there's Innovators out there that are just like No I don't accept this year of reality I Want to make a better reality right and I kind of align myself more to those Folks of like yeah I mean I hear the Media and all that I ain't got time for That like I'm moving forward and we're Gonna make a better thing yeah and I Think that always wins over time Um and you know you're either yeah if You're too focused on on the negative You're never gonna find the positive That's I mean that's pretty much how it Goes down as far as that's concerned so I definitely agree with you and I think I think we move I think we move move you

You either go all in on a positive Direction or or what the rest of the World says no and you just whatever You're still at the same point it's not Like anything changed right either Things get better or they just stay Where they were as they were expected uh I don't think that there's much to worry About there thanks for checking out this Clip from the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here or more Crypto content down here also I'd like You to check out my locals page at son Of a where you can Become a member for free or choose to be A five dollar a month supporter that Unlocks additional content

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