Billions of dollars in Bitcoin short Positions are about to get liquidated if Bitcoin pushes a little bit higher so on Today's video I will be discussing this The most important patterns that are Currently getting created on the iment Short term this Bitcoin exponential drop Off and when it will be ending and many More important charts we need to discuss On today's update video so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap that Like button back above 1,000 likes on Today's update video that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let jump straight away in Towards the content because first of all I have been saying this for a very long Time guys that we were going to be Getting this crash and right now finally Bitcoin is becoming at the end stage of The crash in my opinion because if I am Going to be inverting the Bitcoin price Section you can clearly see that we're Currently in somewhat of an exponential Rally towards the upside and of course If we turn it around we can clearly see It's an exponential move towards the Downside and usually the exponential Moves they tend to be stopping once We've seen the most most fasted Correction towards the downside and so Far I believe that this was a pretty Fast move towards the downside and what I would right now say here is that as

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Soon as Bitcoin breaks Above This Resistance right here sitting around $40,000 on the forly time frame when we See a clear break above that level then I would say okay right now the drop off Could be ending and we could start to See that recovery end and what kind of Recovery are we looking at in my opinion It's going to be one like back very Quickly to $42,000 consolidate and then We are going to be seeing what is going To be happening next for Bitcoin so in The imminent short term right now here We can currently see that Bitcoin is Creating somewhat of an inverse Head and Shoulder spattern we can clearly see That we're creating a left shoulder Right here creating a big head here in The middle and potentially right now We're creating that right shoulder so Bitcoin is creating a handed shoulder Spattern and this pattern is clearly Going to be breaking out once we do see That confirmed break about 40.2k so that Is the level we're going to be looking At right now here if Bitcoin breaks Above 40.2k that is the point where I Will be starting to say that then the More exponential move for Bitcoin is Going to be starting and what is the Price target for the inverse hand and Shoulders pattern it is going to be Sitting somewhere around $42,000 what is Of course once again also the target of

That previous high in the market so Honestly I think that $42,000 is quite a Level with a lot of significance and I Will be talking a little bit more about This level later in the video so make Sure to stick in the video because I've Got some very important charts so like I've been saying ever since we were Trading here on $48,000 bitcoin is probably going to be Going down and of course while we were Going down my expectation was that we're Going to be bottoming somewhere around $39,000 I mean so far we've seen a Strong reaction on bitcoin around the $39,000 level but of course I do Understand that of course if we were to Be confirming the bottom right now here We just have to see a little bit more of A bigger push back towards the upside But personally I think that could be a Very likely scenario and why that is is Of course first of all no one is Expecting this because clearly everyone Is shorting this move towards the upside That we're getting this small bounch Back towards the upside and there is a Massive amount of Bitcoin short Liquidations piling up above us again Here and that is generally speaking a Very bullish thing for the market Because yeah if everyone is shorting Bitcoin on the move towards the downside We're probably going to take out the

Liquidity before potentially going lower So I mean honestly I think that Bitcoin Indeed could go lower but first I will Be expecting a move up to $42,000 before potentially having Another move down here and why $42,000 Is because the majority of the liquidity Is laying around $442,000 use so I think We're first going to be seeing a small Little push towards the upside before Potentially going even lower or before Potentially going even higher but for me To say what is going to be happening at That point I will be doing that around But for me to say what is going to be Happening after that will be only at the Point once we're going to be reaching it Because then I can do some new analysis I can see where liquidity is building up Etc etc so I can't tell you yet what is Going to be happening after but that is Why you need to subscribe to the channel To stay up to date about all these Things here on the market so this moved Towards the downside ever since $48,000 Guys I flip bearish and this is Literally the point that I'm starting to Flip bullish again here so don't be Fooled because some people have been Bullish all around here and right now Just started to become bearish so that Is of course not the strategy to go for Of course one of the reasons why we're Seeing this bearish price action is that

Yesterday again we saw a $500 million us Outflow from grayscale it is Significantly less compared to yesterday Today uh and unfortunately we don't have The data of I shares Black Rock but so Far we're seeing like an outflow of an Approximately 240 million dollars worth Of bitcoin every single day and maybe Black Rock has even buy bought some so Total outflow from Bitcoin ETFs is much Lower than the real data is currently Telling us but yeah honestly it's just a Matter of time because at some point gra Skill has to be stopping to sell their Bitcoin because there are no sellers Left here and at that point the prices Once again reflect that because back Black rock is actually accumulating Quite a lot of Bitcoin because they're Currently already owning more than 40,000 Bitcoin what is a might be quite Massive so what are we going to be Looking at for the Bitcoin 12 hour time Frame so I mean honestly we can clearly See that this level right here I just Pointed out here is a big level support For Bitcoin and currently we're trading Below it so what I could be expecting is That potentially we're going to see a Retest of the level and then a rejection Or if we see a retest and we break above It that is going to be a bullish thing Here there just two levels I'm currently Approaching here on the 12-hour time

Frame and that are these two horizontal Levels and the moment we break above These that is the point where we will be Starting to see that exponential move Towards the upside for Bitcoin and Honestly once we're breaking above both Of these levels then I would be really Expecting we're just going to be seeing A larger scale recovery for Bitcoin and Honestly I said it several times before I think that the recovery already has Started and like you see I have been Opening up a trade I'm currently in About what is it 6 $1600 in profit it is Not a lot but I'm just casually waiting Before the profits are going to be Rolling in I've got a strategy you have To have a strategy as well so guys if You want to be trading Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies or whatsoever make sure To go to the link description of today's Video where you can currently sign up an Account to buy bit and if you do so guys You can currently claim a free $1,000 Trade and all you need to do for that is Literally sign up account using that Link below deposit $100 in your first s Days and you could be claiming a free $1,000 trade for only depositing $100 in Your account so this is a massive Opportunity we're currently giving out And this will be ending in 13 days so Make sure to be quick only 13 more days Before this deposit bonus ends here and

Of course if you can't use kyc on buybit You can also check out fmax where you Can trade without kyc and you will get a 10% cash back on everything you're Depositing last month we gave more than $200,000 away and that is your pure just Purely By Di thinging you're getting a 10% cash back so extra 10% where you can Trade with so that's also super valuable If you are interested it's only valid if You sign up an account using the link Below and the rewards will be deposited At the end of the month for your Information further on we are seeing That Bitcoin is about to be having a Bearish crossover here on the daily EMA Ribbon I mean honestly every single time The daily EMA tends to be flipping Bearish it's it is indicating that Something bearish is happening in the Market but usually it doesn't Necessarily has to tell more bearishness Is going to come but the sentiment is Definitely very bearish at that point so We have seen it multiple times in the Past so if we're going to be once again Having a bearish crossover it would in General mean that we're going to be Having some more suppressed price action What is of course a little bit more Bearish and I mean so far on The Daily Time frame we can clearly see that this Level the green line I've been pointing Out has been so far holding us up quite

Well here but of course if this green Line were to be holding us up here the Next big is going to be $38,000 flat and of course we've seen The Bitcoin broke the over soing support Line and ever since that happened and I Called it we have seen this move towards The downside so in 78 days from now on We're going to be having the next Bitcoin Hing so make sure to prepare for That as well because basically I think That after the Bitcoin Hing that is the Point where the big bull run is going to Be starting to be happening so this is Really the time to be preparing yourself And benefiting from the lower prices and That is personally also what I'm Currently doing so if Bitcoin were to be Seeing another gigantic move towards the Downside I would honestly take this as a Gift and not NE neily as a bad thing Here so I mean right now we've seen the Bitcoin is indeed coming down Significantly we're breaking somewhat Outside of the consolidation range we've Been trading in for quite a long time Here uh to be exact for more than 56 Days and honestly it is an opportunity That Bitcoin is going lower again Because you are also able to be buying Bitcoin at a cheaper price here and at The long run you will be benefiting from That so I don't think there's much to Worry about right now in the the market

And I mean maybe it's because I've Already been invested in crypto for Almost 8 years right now or maybe it's Just the fact I just know it's going to Be going higher so uh I mean little bit Of the same for both right so yeah I am Really not very much scared on the Market right now and every dip we're Going to be getting I will be Approaching as an opportunity so this Was it for me in today's update video Thanks so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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