The next move is going to be imminent For ethereum and while this is happening We know that more than 550 000 ethereum already got unstaked since The update and right now another 1 Million ethereum is about to get Unsticked in the coming 10 days ahead of Yourself so make sure to watch this Video till the end to see my price Circus to see the next move for ethereum And more importantly right now it's Weekend for Bitcoin and we're seeing the Next patterns getting created that could Give us a direction where Bitcoin is Heading towards next so don't forget to Watch this video till the end it's going To be a very important one again we once Again slap up the likes backup of 600 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and First of all we do currently know it is Weekend and to see me close happen to be Around 30.6 K and since we're right now Trading on 30.3k work we're trading Significantly below the CME Gap and Usually what happens is that Bitcoin Eater creates a Simi Gap and close it on The Monday or doesn't create a CME Gap At all but if it does decide to create One we will probably experience a small Little pump on the Monday before Potentially making the other move here Of course we still gotta see me get

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Below us on 28 000 and maybe potentially This one still will get filled up but What I have seen over the past few Weekends is that of course last weekend Bitcoin saw a pump here and then of Course the weekend before that Bitcoin Also saw a pump and what is even more Interesting is that the weekend before That we also saw a gigantic pump for Bitcoin so right now we have seen three Weekends in a row where Bitcoin is Pumping significantly and this is the Fourth weekend will Bitcoin once again Experience a significant pump that has Gained to be the question I mean if I Should be looking at the past five weeks Four out of the past five weekends Bitcoin pumps significantly so why Wouldn't it happen yet again so make Sure to pay attention towards that one Bitcoin has seen significant movements Getting created over the course of the Weekend what I've think is going to be Very important to look at right now for Bitcoin is the spiral Channel towards The upside will it be holding the upward Solving support line if so that is going To be a bullish thing for crypto in General and of course we can clearly see The top side is the level to break as Resistance but currently we're just Balancing between this range towards the Upside and once we do break outside of It it's going to give us a clearer

Direction Where Bitcoin is heading Towards next we can currently see in the Four League time frame that Bitcoin is Creating a very weird structure and on The RSI we're coming down very quickly Here we created a bearish Divergence After that we moved down right now we're Moving a little bit sideways I still Will be saying it the big support on the Four hour to look at is below us on 28.9k of course there's also another Very big support Target that I'm Currently looking at and that big Support Target is of course also 28.6 K To 28.8k of course comes together with That previous High here on the four Hourly time frame but also here on the Daily time frame you can see that this Was the level that was really daily Support right here what was really the Daily resistance right here and if we Will see a retest of this level that is Going to be definitely very interesting Level for me to be actually looking at To be potentially opening up gigantic Traits on bitcoin of course so further On we can see that still on the 12 hour Time frame Bitcoin is still creating a Bearish Divergence and yeah the momentum Is still drying up here on this side Here you can clearly see it if I just Remove this chart we of course are Significantly trading in a trend it has Been a beautiful move towards the upside

But the moves are getting less and less Exponential towards the top side so here First this was a very exponential move Towards the upside then we saw of course A less exponential move but still a Strong move towards the upside and this Is another move that is even less Exponential and if you see less and less Exponential moves towards the upside it Is usually information the Bitcoin is Losing so momentum I'm not saying the Bitcoin is going to crash today I'm not Saying Bitcoin is going to crash Tomorrow it's only a warning signal that The momentum looks to be drying up a Little bit for Bitcoin and what I think Is also very important to pay attention Towards is this potential or per solving Resistance line that we currently really Have to be breaking above of because This is the level and that is basically Providing resistance for Bitcoin already For deposit let me say this correctly 86 Days here and if we confirm the break Above This level it's going to be very Good for Bitcoin but as long as we're Not breaking Above This level we're not Breaking the trend right here and we're Not confirming any significant breakout Towards the upside yet so far currently I'm still in a small short position Making 1500 US dollars in profit not a Big one I'm currently hedging my bets Because of course I'm a big crypto

Holder and if the market is going to go Down here I do want to be making some Money towards the downside because if The market goes up I will make a ton of Money for my spot Investments and still I buy more Bitcoin every single day with For my sport wallet because of course in The end of the day I want to be having a Very big sport wallet where I will be Making my fortunes with in the next Bull Run also looking talking about sport Wallets talking about stuff altcoins or Maybe right now the right thing to Invest in because if we're looking at The Bitcoin dominance we can currently See the Bitcoin dominance is running in Towards this very big resistance finally This rejection from of the top side from Of that Bitcoin dominance here so the Bitcoin dominance is getting rejected From the top side and if we move down Here it will of course kick start an Entire altcoin season and this is Definitely a very good thing for all Coins to see right now that this is Currently happening so I want to be Saying this I don't think that buying All coins right now is a bad timing at All I thought buying all coins was a bad Timing at the lower side right here the This is really a good time to be Stepping into all coins of course if Bitcoin confirms the break Above This Level right here we should flip our bias

But currently looks to be that buying All coins is definitely the right thing To be doing right now here so talk about The daily resistance for Bitcoin we are Currently trading in this range right Here which you can clearly see is also Previously Iran provided Support also Right here provider resistance and Currently what I want to be saying here And what I'm actually expecting for Bitcoin is that we're actually probably Going to see a very boring consolidation Phase between 31.8k and 28.6k I think That this is the range to be looking at For Bitcoin I think Bitcoin is going to Be trading in this range for quite a While here and it's going to be a good Thing for Bitcoin because just like we Consolidated right here we probably will Be experiencing some more consolidation And that is going to be a good so as Long as we hold above the 28.6 K I will Remain bullish on a bigger perspective For Bitcoin so I will keep my eyes wide Open on that level right there and if You're actually looking at weekly Support here for Bitcoin the weekly Support was found around 31.7 K also exactly the high of this Level right here so 31.7 K is in my Opinion also ready to level to look at Looking at the monthly candle you can See exactly the monthly candle close Right here exactly on 31.7 K so the 31.7

K is a level of high significance it's a Level that you should really take Seriously and I mean yeah Bitcoin is Breaking both 30k but realistically Speaking what is really the level to be Breaking above for Bitcoin it is 31.7 K If we confirm the break above that level It's going to be blue Market mode back For Bitcoin but currently yes of course I am a little bit more bullish for Bitcoin but still this range right here The weekly resistance it is officially Not cleared yet and yes we could start To get very excited but we could also Stay realistic that this is really the Level to break before we're potentially Going to head higher then a quick update On ethereum ethereum is about to be Generating the breakout here you can see It on the one hour time frame beautiful Consolidation phase for seeing downward Sloping resistance upper sloping support Coming together and we're expecting a Breakout happening later today here Somewhere else in approximately 14 hours From now on but what is very important To take into account is that in the past Approximately what is it 10 to 12 hours We've seen a significant amount of ETR Once again getting withdrawal from the Beacon chain and what we do currently Can see is that more than 1.1 billion US Dollars in staked ethereum already got Withdrawed and only 250k in ethereum got

Deposited so we're seeing a significant Amount of ethereum getting withdrawed From the beacon chain and like I already Informed everyone out there there's a Cue for people to Instinct their Ethereum and it goes in several phases So we're expected that in the coming 14 Days is the last 2.2 billion US dollars In ethereum Stakes will be getting Unstaked and that of course will add an Additional 2.2 billion US dollars in Potential sale pressure for ethereum so Be alerted be aware this is Approximately one percent of the total Supply that could potentially are going To be selling their ethereum of course It's also likely that they're just not Going to sell their ethereum at all Because there are some big institutions Like Kraken that also have to unstick Their ethereum but this is very Important to pay attention towards right Now here there is an approximately 1 Million ethereum that is looking to get In staked right now and that is from a Number of 460 000 validators what is quite Significantly if you would ask me Further on if I just do my analysis on The ethereum of course I see many people Becoming very excited about ethereum yes For the long term I'm extremely excited About ethereum especially since writing And we can see that the next update is

Going to be the update for the Roll-Ups And that is going to be definitely the Update that I am been waiting for and That update probably will Kickstart an Entire Bull Run for optimism and Arbitrary room and maybe also medic so Keep your eyes out on those coins as Well here I will be talking more about That if you want to hear more about it So let me know in the comment section Down below but currently we can see that This was the low this was the high and We're currently retesting it so if we Break Above This level I will be so Extremely bullish for ethereum I will be So extremely bullish if we can confirm The break Above This level but currently The fact of the matter is we have not Confirmed Above This level yet so far so I will be waiting patiently till we Confirm the break Above This level if we Confirm the break Above This level then Definitely I will become extremely Excited and we'll be expecting further Continuation towards the upside and what It will be doing is along this major Level of support if we see a rejection What is my target to be actually opening Up a gigantic loan for ethereum it is Going to be this level right here if I'm Going to be looking down to Approximately 1700 US Dollars you can See that 1700 US dollars big support in The past big resistance right here big

Resistance big resistance and big Support 4. so if I will have the Opportunity to loan or buy more ATM Around 1700 US dollars I will be more Certain to do so I will be a little bit More patient I will take it very slow It's currently weekend so this these are My outlooks and if you want to be buying Trading or whatsoever you can do so on Vibrate and if you sign up account in The link description right now you can Claim the post bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars so make sure to check It out right now here but yeah that was It for me on today's of this video if You did enjoy don't forget to slap up That like button subscribe to the Channel and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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