Right now Bitcoin is breaking down and In this exact updates video I will be Talking about the importance of this Exact breakdown here on the one hour Time frame I will talk about the most Important support targets the most Important price targets of Bitcoin and Much more important things here so don't Forget to watch this video till the end It's going to be an extremely important One so don't forget to once again slap On the like button can we smash it back About 400 likes it will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away towards this Very quick emergency update video like You can see Bitcoin got yet again Rejected by the top side of this Consolidation range what is around the 21.5 K like we have been talking about Every single day yet so far you can see That every single time we touch it we Get rejected and now we got rejected and We moved all the way down towards this Lower Side of support and like you can See we're also bouncing from this exact Support Target because Bitcoin has been Retesting the 20.5 K region and right Now we're seeing a bounce run so Officially yeah we broke down of the Rising wedge however Bitcoin is silver Still holding on towards this important Horizontal support line here on the Lower time frames looking them at the

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Rising wedge we can see that we had a Price target of an approximately Breakdown somewhere around the 20.3k and Like you can see on the exact breakdown It looks to be that the potential price Target already has been met for Bitcoin So this is very interesting to see Potentially we reached the price Target And we already start to Wick towards the Upside so Bitcoin is having a minor Retracement however it looks to be the Potentially the price target of this Rising wedge already is met in the case We are going to see an even further Movement towards the downside what is The level to look at like you can see The email ribbon on the four early time Frame is jumping in towards the portal For Bitcoin right now here and like you Can see the 21.5k level previously Ryan Providing resistance yet again the most Important resistance level on the price Chart of Bitcoin right now and if we're Looking at important support we can look At this Orange Box right here that Previously Iran providers Forever song Support also resistance and if I'm going To be looking at this level if we are Having a retest of it it's most likely Going to provide support so if Bitcoin Really is going to see in continuation Towards the downside of this Rising Watch my price Target is going to be Around 19.8k to 20 000 and if we reach

19.8 K I am going to add more margin Towards my Bitcoin trade because Currently I am longing Bitcoin and I've Been waiting for this retracement in the Price chart because once Bitcoin reached 19.8k I'm going to double down my Bitcoin long position because that is The region where I want to add more Margin towards my trade so that is also Exactly what I will do here if you're Interested in trading yourself you can Check out the links in the description Right now here many many people are Currently shorting the market and we can The defending rate even jumping negative Right now what is definitely an Interesting signal for the Bulls as of For for the Bears because negative Fitting rates basically get created once The majority of Traders are trading Short and that is currently apparently What is happening so make sure to pay Attention towards us right now however I Will add more margin on the 20 000 Target if you're interested in trading You can also trade on buy with or bitget And if you sign up using the link in the Description you can write a claim a Thirty thousand dollars the postal bonus If you sign up using the link in the Description right now here furthermore Talking then about Bitcoin you can Currently see that we got exactly Rejected from the level we've been

Talking about that 20.5 K as long as We're not breaking above it with a four Hourly candle close we are not Confirming the break above it and then We're not going to see the continuation If we do break above it the next Target Is 23 000 and whenever we never seen it So we shouldn't be anticipating it as Well here then the loss update is also The daily time frame if I am looking at The daily time frame and if I'm going to Be realistic where's the big level of Support for Bitcoin it's all all the way Down on eighteen thousand dollars so Technically speaking we could move down To eighteen thousand dollars and we Still are going to be bullish but I want To be pointing this out I don't think It's likely that Bitcoin is going to Move down to eighteen thousand dollars However it there is a possibility and if We move down to eighteen thousand Dollars that is going to be the level Where I will even add more than more Margin towards my trade so this was a Very short update video if you did enjoy It don't forget to slap of the like Button subscribe to the channel and We'll see everyone on the next one peace Out goodbye

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