Bitcoin is moving towards the for Bitcoin I have right now closed my short Position and I'm actually looking to be Opening up a new trade right here so in This exact video I will be explaining About what I'm currently doing how I'm Going to be entering my trade so make Sure to watch this video very quickly Because Bitcoin is literally dropping While I am recording this video so Bitcoin is currently dropping towards The 40,000 41,000 region and I have been Expecting this for quite a while I mean I've said this in this tomorrow in Tomorrow's update video and I tweeted About a couple time Bitcoin was creating This consolidation phase and right now Is moving towards the lower side but Where is it going to be ending I expect The Bitcoin is going to be finding Significant support somewhere around This region right here around 40.7 to 39.7k this is the region why let me Quickly explain this so if you're Looking about where the drop off point For Bitcoin started so let me go to this Chart you can see Bitcoin is right now Seeing a significant correction and it's Always important and you have to Understand how you can find these Support levels you want to be looking at The previous price section and this is a Level I've been paying very close Attention towards this is the 39.7k

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Level this point we saw of course a Significant rejection and from of that Rejection Bitcoin had a massive dump Towards the downside so this will be an Important level where big players are Going going to be looking at and Honestly I expect biton is going to be Bouncing either from this level or Either from the level laying below it But I think that is a level that's a Little bit too far away from Now 37 . 6K So these are the two levels I'm looking At for the imminent short-term in dep Perspective but there are also some Other levels I'm currently looking at That's probably going to be providing Support it's going to be that Wick here On the lower side so these are three Levels I'm currently looking at and this Level right here is where I set my Orders why is because I just want to Minimize my risk and I want to be having A high likelihood that I'm actually Going to be profitable on this straight Here and actually going to be making a Significant amount of profit I mean you Can see also last time around Bitcoin Broke Above This level it had that Significant run run up and this is the Pivotal point where Bitcoin probably is Going to be finding some significant Support don't get me wrong Bitcoin could Already bounce a little bit earlier as Well but this is just the main level

Where I'm currently looking at also Quickly going towards coin glass and Looking at the liquidation heat map we Can actually see if we're going to be Looking at the monthly time frame that The majority of the liquidity is Currently laying below us and of course It's not necessarily quite a significant Amount of liquidity but still the Majority of the liquidity is SC laying Below us but the reason why I think we Are still going down here is that the Funding rates are still positive and the Funding rates are positive what Basically means the majority of the Traders are still Trading long and that Makes it extremely risky right now for Me to necessarily say we're going to be Bouncing from of this level don't get me Wrong Bitcoin could already bounce here Especially since we're creating quite a Significant bullish Divergence but I Just personally think it's going to go a Little bit lower than this and everyone Out there if you are interested in Trading make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because you Can currently claim an insane free trade Worth $1,000 us all you need to do is go To the link description of today's video Sign up an account using that link below Complete kyc deposit $100 in your first Seven days and you could claim a free $1,000 use position so Bitcoin is

Currently dropping so I'm going to Finish the video right now upload it Straight away on YouTube so thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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