Guys today we've got something very Important to talk about because right Now Bitcoin is creating a new Consolidation phase but more importantly A lot of people are about to get wrecked Because they are not seeing what kind of A pattern and what kind of a structure Bitcoin is creating next so make sure to Watch this video till the end it will be Extremely important I will discuss the Market structure I will discuss the big Move that is going to be imminent for Bitcoin and of course next week we will Have another fomc meeting what will Spike a lot of volatility back in Towards the market so make sure to get Ready for this important update video Don't forget to slap up the like button Let's special back above 600 likes and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so First of all only one hour time frame For Bitcoin we can currently see that We're creating that downward sloping Trend line and that upward sloping trend Line and we can clearly see that these Two trend lines are about to meet each Other once again and we're expecting That these two trend lines are actually Going to come together within the coming 2 12 hours ahead of herself so within 12 Hours from now on we will be seeing Whether we're going to be breaking Bullish or whether we're going to be

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Breaking bearish of this significant Better if we do experience a bullish Breakout we will probably see more Continuations towards the upside what Will be very crucial for me to see Whether it's going to be a bullish or Bearish breakout is whatever going to be Confirming a break above the previous High in the market or whether we're Going to be confirming a break below the Previous low in the market so I will Keep my eyes wide open on these two Levels right now here it's going to be The 29.8k and the 28.8k if we break Below support we're expecting further Continuations towards the downside and If we break above resistance we're Expecting further continuations towards The upside be aware it's currently Weekend so yes if we do are going to Create this big move here over the Course of the weekend we will be also Creating a huge CME Gap what will Probably also once again have a lot of Effects in towards the next week of Bitcoin so yes I would still be very Careful with trading this but we're About to be experiencing a huge move Potentially but if I will be looking Back at history we do know that every Single time Bitcoin comes at this red Line what is the Federal Reserve fomc Meeting we do know there's usually not a Lot of volatility before this meeting

Happens so maybe it's going to be more Likely that we're going to experience Sideways price action rather than a big Move up or down anyways if I will be Looking at the big pattern and a big Consolidation for Bitcoin I want to be Looking at this four hourly time frame Right we're creating a gigantic damage Stopping trend line a gigantic Over-solving support line and basically Bitcoin is consolidating in this very Important range right here and we're Expecting to see a big big breakout Happening anytime soon within the coming Two weeks for Bitcoin the bullish Breakout will get confirmed of course if Bitcoin breaks above the downward Sloping trend line and the bearish Breakdown will get confirmed if we break Below the support and how I will be Trading this is basically on the retest Not on the breakout but if we do get a Retest of the level I want to be longing Or if we break down and we get a retest I want to be shorting it so this is a Very important trendline going to be Looking at and you can clearly see we've Been trading in an uptrend ever since The beginning of March and we've also Traded in a small downtrend ever since The midpoint of April so right now we're Coming closer and closer towards an end Point where Bitcoin is really going to Make a decision but for now on we just

Have to be a little bit more patient to Wait and see where Bitcoin is really Heading towards next year you can see on The four hour support there's still big Support below us on 28.7 K just like That level right here 28.7 K on the Market right that is the previous range Low on the market together with the four Hour support so that is why we'll be Looking at that level if we confirm the Break below this level right there I'm Really expecting we're going to go lower But of course it's more than likely that We're actually still going to hold on Towards that level rather than really Fall below it furthermore we can Actually see the same pattern getting Created on a 12 hour time frame Bitcoin Is just right now creating another Consolidation phase and you can see it On the bigger picture as well Bitcoin Has been going up and moving through This range very quickly and right now We're creating one of the most gigantic Consolidation faces for quite a while Right now and the question really is Which direction are we going to be Breaking towards and this is a pattern You should definitely be watching Because yeah it's on search a big time Frame and that is why probably the Consequences of the breakout will be Also significantly tradable and that is Why I would recommend for anyone who

Wants to be trading it to check out Bible is a trading exchange where you Can trade Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and All coins and basically if you sign up Account right now with using the link in The description you can actually claim It deposit bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars so make sure to check it out Because without this link it's only four Thousand dollars so definitely a very Nice place to be trading your Cryptocurrencies right now here Furthermore we can actually see that Right now on the daily time frame for Bitcoin there's still a low volume range Below us I've been saying this for quite A while so yeah that's why I will be Saying here if Bitcoin does crash and Break below 27 000 I still think twenty Five thousand dollars to twenty four Thousand dollars is a very likely Target To be reaching for Bitcoin currently We're running in towards someone of Volume resistance actually again here You can clearly see the 30 000 towards Twenty nine thousand dollars has been a Clear big level of resistance in terms Of the volume and we're retesting it Right now so that makes it actually Quite interesting to see that we're Currently retesting this level but right Now we are really waiting to see where Bitcoin is going to be breaking out Towards next but it looks to be that we

Just have to be a little bit more Patient before we're going to see the Next move happening for Bitcoin Furthermore we can see in the daily time Frame Bitcoin still looks to be going Parabolic and the question really is When are we going to be breaking the Parabolic trends or when are we going to See a more exponential rally for Bitcoin I've been saying it for quite a while The first ready was exponential second One was less exponential the third one Even weaker what it's currently Suggesting that we're in a losing Momentum structure what means that Currently we could be potentially at the End stage of the parabolica however if We've worse once again create a more Exponential rally towards the upside Things could be shifting around very Quickly again be aware Bitcoin is Creating a losing momentum structure Still on the price section on The Daily Time frame yes we're seeing a small Little bands here happening but still on The bigger perspective we are not Necessarily that bullish for Bitcoin Right now here in terms of the trend on The Daily Time the point is really if we Do break the parabolic that is the point Where we should start to worry and not The point where we are still holding up Towards it so yeah once we do break it I Will notify everyone out there so don't

Forget to subscribe to the channel right Now here next week on Wednesday we're Going to have the fomc meeting the fomc Meeting will generate a lot of Volatility on the market and like we do Know always from the fomc meetings There's just a huge volatility Spike Either it's going to be up or down but One thing's for sure we're going to get A huge volatile Spike here the last two Times the FMC meeting happened we Actually saw a red candle and let's see How it's going to be this time around But usually Bitcoin tends to create a Lot of volatility so make sure to get Ready for next week because also exactly A week later after the fomc meeting We're also actually going to get the CPI Data what will of course make up even More volatility on the price chart of Bitcoin make sure to get ready for it I'm extremely excited and yes we will be Watching this dative coming all together This Wednesday because I will be live Streaming the f4mc meeting furthermore We can currently see that the Bitcoin Dominance is about to be breaking out at 1 once the Bitcoin dominance breaks out Here my next price Target is going to be 52 here for the Bitcoin dominance what Means that we will be probably seeing a Significant search in Bitcoin dominance And all coins are probably not going to Perform as strong as Bitcoin is doing

Right now here so make sure to get ready For this here this is very important to Pay attention towards right now and yeah I will be just keep on monitoring the Bitcoin price action and of course as Soon as we confirm the breakout here on The weekly time frame I think that Bitcoin is probably going to seem even Further continuation towards the upside So make sure to get ready for that and Once the Bitcoin dominance is going to Be approaching 52 that is really the Point where I want to be starting to Scale in towards all coins again so make Sure to get ready for that one but Anyways this is it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It if you did learn anything from it Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Share this video with your friends and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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