Don't get trapped on Bitcoin now because Yes while we indeed have seen more than $500 million Us dolls worth of gptc Outflows the Bitcoin price action is Still creating a massive consolidation Phase and is about to be breaking out Once again of this price compression and While this is happening the OTC desks Are running out of Bitcoin which means That black Rook needs to buy their Bitcoin from the spot market so on Today's update video I'm going to give a Big update on that large outflow we saw Yesterday on that sport Bitcoin ETF and Many more important charts will be Getting discussed to know what is going To be the next move on bitcoin so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slum that like button once again back Above 900 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so due to the fact that it is Currently weekend and we also created a New Bitcoin C MEAP which is very Important because literally in this most Recent push towards the upside Bitcoin Created this seei Futures Gap it exactly Pushed towards the upside filled up the Gap and created this massive rally Towards the upside so don't get fooled By the importance of a Bitcoin CM Gap Because we are once again creating one Right now so Bitcoin is indeed TR new

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Trading in weekends and usually we tend To see a lot of fake outs over the Course of the weekend so this price Compression I would rather see it Consolidate a little bit more sideways Just like Bitcoin did over here in that Approximately 12 Day stage of Accumulation in a downward sloping flag And honestly right now we are indeed Also creating the first lower high in This move towards the upside and we're Also still creating higher lows so big Coin is still compressing the price Action but like I said in yesterday's Video if we were to be getting a new Flag pattern getting created on bitcoin Or Bitcoin consolidating just between an Range High and a range low it would Actually be an extremely bullish thing Here because that would be allowing us To once again create such a significant Move on the price section of Bitcoin and In the end of the day that is going to Be only a more bullish thing for the Market so currently we're still Consolidating sideways and we're about To be breaking outside of this Compression pattern so looking at the Spot ETF data of course we saw that once Again Black Rock more than $200 million But gbtc sold over $500 million us worth Of Bitcoins and that is of course a very Interesting signal and the total net Flow was about $40 million Us in the

Negative I mean this is the first Negative day in approximately six s days Here but what is very important to Understand right now here is that the Data is suggesting that the Bitcoin Price is about to go parabolic due to The fact that there is no Bitcoin Available on the OTC desks anymore and That is why you are seeing these Bitcoin Pumps happening every single time and That is also giving us the reason why Bitcoin is pumping so exponentially Because Black Rock they still want to be Buying millions and millions worth of Bitcoin every single day to be exact They're buying an approximately 10,000 Bitcoins every single day but there is Not enough supply for them to buy from The OTC desk so what is happening They're literally buying from the market And that is generating these massive Pmps towards the upside and honestly Even though we saw a negative flow Yesterday I am not expecting the Bitcoin Spot ETF inflow is going to slow down Anytime soon and that most likely we're Going to see even more accumulation Happening and due to the fact that There's almost no Bitcoin available on These OTC desks I think we are indeed Going to be having that parabolic Continuation towards the offside so I do Believe that it is stupid to be barish Right now two days ago it actually

Created more volume than the entire First week of the spot Bitcoin ETF and You have to understand that the fact That a spot Bitcoin ETF doesn't grow Overnight it takes months and sometime Even it takes months and sometimes even Years years of accumulation before it's Going to be let's say a 30 plus billion Dollars under management and currently It is still looking extremely bullish For Bitcoin since the black rock is not Showing any signs of slowing down and With no Supply available on the these OTC desks it is just stupid to say that You are right now bearish because most Likely we're just going to get another Continuation towards the upside so what We're right now doing is just looking For that next move that next breakout That is going to give us the indication That Bitcoin is going to create another Move here and it's just a matter of time Before before we're going to be having That next L towards the upside and Honestly later in the video I'm going to Talk about what my price targets are if Bitcoin creates that next L towards the Upside but those are quite insane also Still the funding rates remain to be High but like I said in previous videos As well High funding rates is a normal Thing in Bull markets and I don't think That's a reason to worry about the Market right now so if you want to be

Trading this guys make sure to go to the Link description of today's video where You can find a link to decoin where you Can right now trade yourself or Potentially even copy trade these Traders that are doing massive amounts Of profits they're doing more than 200% In the last 30 days realizing over $100,000 and you could be joining them If you write an assignment account using The link below which will give you Access to copy trade me or any other Copy Trader out there on the platform so Make sure to check it out in the link Description of today's video so yeah Bitcoin is right now going sideways and Honestly this is maybe one of the most Bullish things that could be happening For Bitcoin if it were to be Consolidating sideways just like we saw Last time around because the last time We Consolidated sideways it was an Opportunity to accumulate and also an Opportunity to prepare your positions so Once again if we would create another Flag pattern it would only be another Bullish thing for Bitcoin and honestly If we're breaking out of the flag Pattern this time around I will be Expecting Bitcoin is most likely going To go towards $69,000 it's alumn high so Like I said several times before once We're breaking above $60,000 we're Basically sitting in price Discovery and

We're about to be closing the uh weekly Candle as well above the 60k which would Be very extremely bullish for Bitcoin But you have to understand that once Bitcoin does break above its ultim high Most likely the $100,000 is going to be Reached within 4 weeks after breaking Above that ultim high why is because That is literally what the data is Telling us from the previous Cycles also What the data is currently telling us if We're going to be looking at the Fibonacci extension and how Bitcoin Behaved in the last three bull runs the Moment we broke above the 0.786 which is This white line right here which we Already have broken above this time Around and which we are about to be Confirming with the weekly candle close We usually tend to take four weeks Towards the AUM high and then it takes Another four weeks towards reaching that First extension level the 1.618 which is Going to be providing significant Support in the next big Bitcoin Bull Run So right now according to data it should Take an approximately four weeks to be Reaching that new ultimative Bitcoin but Honestly it could be happening faster But this is just historical indications Maybe we're going to go sideways for Four weeks and then touch it who knows What is going to be happening but Anyways I am expecting it's going to be

Happening whether it's going to be next Week or whether it's going to be in 3 Weeks I don't think it's going to be Taking long anymore and once we do break Up the altimi the time Horizon is in Approximately 4 weeks before Bitcoin Reaching that 100K Target which we all Want to be seeing here since yeah I have Bought loads and loads of Bitcoin on the Bare Market bottom while we were in the Bare Market I decided to be buying $3,000 of Bitcoin every single day Currently I stopped my DCA since Bitcoin Is so closely towards the AUM high and I've accumulated already enough so Things are looking great for Bitcoin but How is it looking for ethereum and Altcoins because ethereum is indeed Exploding and if we're looking at coin Gecko we can see that all a lot of Altcoins especially altcoins and AI are Exploding as well so later today I will Make a video dedicated towards some AI Coins which I believe are going to be Exploding in the next Bitcoin Bull Run I Mean honestly I managed to cash out a 3ix on fetch AI within a matter of one Month which is absolutely insane I made A ton of money from it and I believe That there's a lot of money to make with Altcoins so I'm going to make a video About that on my second Channel called Altcoin Rover so make sure to subscribe To that channel I will be uploading the

Video a little bit later today so this This was it for me on today's update Video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys back on tomorrow's Update video peace out goodbye

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