BITCOIN: DON’T GET FOOLED NOW!!! [extreme warning]

Bitcoin is breaking down right now and In this exact video I will be talking About my price targets and more Importantly right now Bitcoin has Officially broken below a key level of Support on the one hour time frame I Will be going over this and much more Important charts on this video right now So make sure to watch this video till The end it's going to be extremely Important to watch right now and can we Step up these likes back above 400 that Will be absolutely amazing and with that Of being said let me jump straight away In towards the content and once looking At the image short term of Bitcoin I've Been talking about basically how the one Hour time frame basically has me forming Higher lows and actually every single Time we touch that demand Zone here on The one hour horizontal level we tend to Be bouncing towards the upside if we Tend to be of course go below it Historically speaking we of course are Confirming a bearish trend here and Basically it's going to be signaling us That we could potentially go in with a Shorting position and right now Bitcoin Is breaking down of this very important Box of support right here you can Clearly see this level previously right Has been providing significant amounts Of support and currently we have been Falling below it and we are currently

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Seeing a benzo name in the short term And if we do touch it it is extremely Likely that we're going to be seeing a Continuation towards the downside so This is actually a shorting opportunity That we're currently spotting on the Market of Bitcoin I'm going to be Looking at the 22.7 K as a potential Entry and of course if we do manage to Be pushing back Above This level it's Going to be allowing me to of course hit My stop loss and of course be bullish Again on bitcoin but still only in the Short term we can see that we're forming Lower loads and lower highs and also That we broke below this most important Level support and basically we have Formed a low not seen since January the 25th so basically how it will be Approaching this is that it will be Using a one percent stop loss here and The price Target is pretty crazy because The price Target is somewhere around 21.3 K and that is of course a Significant setup with a risk to a road Ratio of six so that is what I'm Currently looking for I am going to be Entering this trade if I do see the 22.7 K is going to be hit here that is Exactly how we'll be trading it because I also see on different time frames also Other confirmations that on the 4A time Frame we are currently confirming the Breakdown of the right of the

Cylindrical triangle and yeah the Symmetrical triangle price Target is Also coming in at this previous high on The market what is somewhere around the 21.3k so that's also pretty interesting To see so you can see this previous Resistance zone is probably likely going To be profounding support if we ever Going to be touching it and I want to be Pointing out in case Bitcoin hits my Stop loss and in case Bitcoin moves back Above This level here confirms a push Back towards the upside and especially What I want to be seeing here is an uh Yeah a higher high than this previous High right here we could even see a Bullish continuation for sure that could Be happening also if Bitcoin breaks back In towards the support box maybe this Was a fake ad we all can be seeing this So make sure to pay attention towards The market very closely but right now The momentum is just not looking that Strong and that is why I'm currently Opening up these trades on the market What I still think here is that on the Fortnite time frame the support is still Getting held on here Bitcoin is still Trading on support on the support box There if I'm looking at the one hour we Already broke below support but on the Four hour We're still trading on the Support box what is actually very Interesting to see so far we're still

Hoping around of it and of course if we Do manage to still see a bench from here On it's going to be amazing it's going To be beautiful to see because in the End of the day I'm going to be hedging My bets if I'm going to be shorting Bitcoin since I'm already in a long Position so for me it makes sense to be Shorting the resistance because then I'm Hedging my bets here so for me this is My strategy how I will be trading Bitcoin for you it could be different so Make sure to make your own strategy Right now to create a Bitcoin trading Strange also the broad ring wedge has Been breaking below support I've been Seeing many many charges of mine Breaking right now below that key level Of support what I just don't like to see Here of course many people will maybe Argue no but we will be rebounding but This is of course an imminent short-term Balance we're getting banned on the Bigger picture we're basically breaking Below key support I also still want to Be pointing out here is that on the one Hour time frame only one hour time frame We are seeing still a CME Gap trading Around 19.9 K towards 20.4k that CME Gap Is still yet to be filled here if we do Have to dump to 21.3k it could be maybe Worth it to close only 50 of your trade To potentially anticipate also the fill Up of the CME Gap so that is also a

Thing that I will be doing right now Here if the CME gets filled around Twenty thousand dollars then really we Could start to see a real big Continuation happening from that point Onwards I'm talking about my trade but Uh yeah swing trade here on bitcoin I'm Going to add more margin on 21.1 K I'm Going to add an approximately 20 000 US Dollars towards the straight and of Course I'm going to use literally the Funds that I'm making shorting Bitcoin To add towards this right right here Because this is of course my legendary Trade that I want to be keep on focused On of course so yeah if you're Interested in trading yourself as well You could do so if you sign up an Account using the link in the Description right now you can claim a 30 000 US dollars to post a bonus only if You sign up an account using the link Description if you're not using any Links at all you only get like four Thousand years dollars so it's Definitely worth it to sign up and Account using the link description if You're living in the US you can check Out bid guide bigot allows you to trade From the US without VPN without KFC so That's absolutely amazing of course Looking at the four-league time frame For Bitcoin and looking purely at the Momentum we're currently creating I

Still think there is a sign of worry Right so I've been talking about how we Were creating basically basically a Losing momentum structure where we were Creating of course less exponential Highs here and basically the RSI was Coming very down very quickly I have Been talking about this less exponential High structure for quite a while right Now and you can see that the momentum is Really drying up for Bitcoin right now Bitcoin is creating insane bearish Divergences and what is actually very Interesting to see is that the foreign Is already trading so low so there's a Lot of potential movement towards the Upside that also could happen right now Because Bitcoin is already a little bit Low in momentum and low in oversold Conditions for Bitcoin and low in the Four hourly RSI for Bitcoin so yeah Definitely it could definitely turn Around here it could definitely move Towards the opposite from here I'm not Saying that because I like I told you The four early time frame we're still Trading on the support box of course we Broke below the symmetrical triangle but We're still trading on the support box And writing on the one hour time frame We broke below key support but it could Still mean that we can see a fake cut For sure it definitely can happen only The odds are likely that we're going to

Be moving down here and if you're Trading you're usually trading with us Of course on the 12 hour time frame we Are also forming this over solving Support line we are about to um Potentially see if we're going to hold On towards it or if we're in to be Breaking below it so it's going to be Important to look at the 1200 time frame How it's going to be playing out here I Will definitely update everyone if we do Also confirm the 12 hour candle below it And of course was actually very funny to See here is that on the daily time frame We confirmed the Golden Cross and ever Since that happened Bitcoin dumped and That historically always happens if you Look back at the last times Bitcoin had A golden cross here we had the Golden Cross and what happened afterwards we Dumped and then we pumped towards the Upside so I think we could see a similar Wave here I think still in the macro I Think we are looking pretty bullish Because Jerome Powell basically gave Green light for the Marcus to pump in q1 Q2 2023 so what I'm expecting maybe a Small movement down here and then of Course the record read back towards the Upside even faster so it's going to be Healthy for the market if we do not have This correction it's going to be only Signaling that there's not a lot of cell Pressure and that is of course

Absolutely amazing but this is basically How I am currently trading Bitcoin and The cryptocurrency industry and also Weigh how I am training crypto is using The cryptoc bot ever since cryptoc has Been live for the past six months it has Outperformed Bitcoin by 20 and made you 20 pure profit while Bitcoin in fact is Made you a zero sorry two percent lost Ever since it uh since cryptoc launched So we outperformed Bitcoin by 22 and Approximately so make sure to check it Out here because it's been absolutely Pretty epic here how we have been able To trade Bitcoin right here if you are Interested in it don't forget to go to and you can check it out You can read more information about it You can go to the pricing where you can Get your algorithm yourself create an Account Etc it is absolutely crazy this Is just the beginning of cryptoc we Outperform Bitcoin and you can check it Out right now on but anyways This is it for me on today's of this Video if you did enjoy this video don't Forget to slap up that like button and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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