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Bitcoin is bumping towards the upside But the real question is will the Bitcoin falling wedge be breaking out Anytime soon and I will give an exact Update on the Bitcoin legendary support Line I will give an update on the most Important trend lines to be watching Right here I will talk about the Bitcoin CME Futures and much more important Stuff because currently my trade is Making more than 10 000 US dollars in Profit right now and I will give a brief Update on my trade I will talk about What I will be doing with the straight As Time continues and much more Important stuff so don't forget to slap Up that like button on today's update Video we will discuss the most important Chart and can we once again smash it Back of a 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content first of all once looking at Bitcoin on the one hour time frame you Can clearly see Bitcoin previously Around creating this gigantic downward Sloping resist line and ever since Bitcoin has been breaking back Above This level we've seen a significant Continuation towards the upside so Basically big coin has been able to be Breaking the one hour downtrend and that Is most certainly a very bullish sign For the markets in general furthermore

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We can see that this previous level that Previously around was providing support In the market that in this case was Providing resistance also got broken and Straight away after Bitcoin broke above That level we saw a significant Continuation towards the upside you Could also have seen that Bitcoin was Creating this very important down Stopping resist Line This previous Support line and we had no problems with Breaking back above these levels and Right now Bitcoin is continuing towards The upside and basically having a very Strong bouncer what is important to be Paying attention towards and instead This already yesterday is that we could Be creating a CME Gap and actually we Are right now creating a CME Gap because The Bitcoin Futures price closed on 26.4 K so if Bitcoin were to go higher from Here on we could be creating a gigantic CME Gap so I would love to see that Bitcoin is just going to be a little bit Boring over the course of the weekend And just is going to be training some Sideways Prime section but of course if It does decide to continue towards the Upside we could be creating a gigantic CME Gap and usually see me gaps tend to Get filled up so that could be something To be watching we can also rightly see That the four hourly falling much better Broke bullish and basically what is very

Important to be watching right now is That the downtrend for Bitcoin got Broken and right now we're finally Seeing some bullish momentum getting Generated for Bitcoin what is of course Lovely to be seeing at the same time Right now Bitcoin is retesting the RSI Downtrend and on the RSI downtrend we Can see that Bitcoin has been getting Rejected twice and if we were to be Breaking Above This level right here it Could definitely cause some more bullish Momentum getting initiated on The Daily Time frame and that could cause Bitcoin To even increase further on you can see Further if I'm looking at the daily time Frame the big one is still in fact Trading in a small little downtrend but Right now we are approaching this Important downtrend levels here over Here on the top side you can clearly see Bitcoin is literally about to be Retesting this most important Trend Lane Towards the downside and if we manage to Be breaking above this novel it could Cause massive volatility easy towards The upside and it could cause a massive Market reversal and be aware if you're Zooming out here on this chart you can Clearly see Bitcoin has been trading in An uptrend than a bearish momentum swing Uptrend bearish momentum swing is this Time going to be any different that is The real question we should be answering

And I personally do expect that this Trend can still continue and if you're Looking actually at the daily time frame And you're drawing the super sloping Support line right here you can clearly See that we exactly but exactly Bounce From of this support line we were Watching I've talked about it while we Were literally training on this novel And I literally added an approximately 80 000 US Dollars towards my Bitcoin Loan position once Bitcoin was sitting Around that position and currently I am Along with 230 000 US Dollars on bitcoin And due to the reason that I long Bitcoin on that exact low right there I've managed to right now make an Extremely a good entry price my entry Price got rolled down significantly and Currently I'm in an approximately 22 Profit on my 230 000 users dollar Bitcoin trades so I'm making already More than ten thousand US dollars in Profit and I'm expecting to make much More money in the future with this trade Because this is a swing trade I am not Expecting to take any big profits today Or tomorrow I'm expecting to take big Profits As Time continues and as the Bitcoin Trend reverses because I am Expecting this game to be a bigger Reversal and that is why I'm trading This right now I've been completely Transparent I've showed you once I

Wasn't a loss I have showed you once I've been in a profit I showed you Exactly where I was buying more Bitcoin And I will still tell you if Bitcoin Still goes down below twenty four Thousand dollars I am still going to Still be buying more Bitcoin towards This position so if you're interested in Following me on this trade don't forget To subscribe to the channel right now if You're interested in trading don't Forget to go to the links in description Because you can write new claim deposit Bonuses if you sign up at account using Bitget in the link description you can Claim fifty thousand dollars twenty Percent discount on your trading fees For the first four weeks and you can get A free fifteen dollars and you have to Know these the postal bonuses are only Valid if you sign up an account using The link in description so go to the Link in description and if you're Interested in swing trading trading Without with lower fees by signing my Account using the link description is Definitely worth it because in the end Of the day you will make way more Profits due to that furthermore we can Currently see that Bitcoin is Significantly bouncing from of that Legendary trend line right like I just Told you that line we've been looking at Bitcoin is bouncing from it and right

Now we can also see Bitcoin is literally Trading against the most important trend Line I've been at least looking at and If we can manage to be breaking Above This level it's going to be super Bullish for Bitcoin I can guarantee you That already and you can clearly see Also I've talked about this literally in My videos the Lower Side Bitcoin was of Course trading towards the downside here In this trend and basically every single Time Bitcoin retested this trend line And while we were trading on these lows Here between 24 and 25 000 I said this To everyone out there and yeah we Exactly had another bands from of this Novel so Bitcoin about to be breaking Out I've been saying this for quite a While I at least expect if we're not Going to be breaking it today within two Weeks from now on we will be Experiencing the breakout and I can tell You already it's going to be a massive Move it's going to be a massive move due To the fact that this is going to be a Pattern that we've been trading in and Consolidating in for an approximately Three months now and if we do break out We're going to see a big big move Happening for Bitcoin you can see also On the Bowflex scenario Bitcoin exactly Bouncing from the bullflex support and Also bouncing from the overport sloping Support line and here you can clearly

See this ball Bitcoin is just bouncing Towards the upside but in order to Really break that top side of resistance We do maybe need to wait a little bit Longer here since it's running training On twenty seven thousand dollars I mean Bitcoin is already moving up so quickly So maybe it's going to even hit it today But be aware there's still some Resistance training above us and what is Actually one of the most interesting Things to see here is that basically Every single time once there is stable Coin five Bitcoin tends to be bottoming So so you can see after the FCX collapse The UCT price was one percent below its Pack and they basically that marked the Bottom ultimately because there was a Huge amount of fat here and then here in March we do know that UC lost its back And that basically also marked the exact Bottom with the banking collapse and Then just a few days ago here uzt also Depacked it was less than 0.1 percent Here but it was a d-pack and there was a Lot of fun also due to the fact that Binus was getting sued and coinbase was Getting sued together we used the T D Packing there was a lot of fun in the Market and ultimately once there is so Much fun in the market it marks the Bottom that's at least what we've seen In the past few times here in this bear Market so once again a lot of fun in the

Market and it marked the bottom so that Is super interesting to be seeing Furthermore we can see that the cup and Handle pattern for Bitcoin is literally About to be breaking and once this Pattern breaks here I've been saying This for quite a while there's an insane Price target of 53 000 US Dollars on the Top side and you can clearly see there Is still a big level of resistance above It so much rating on 32 to 31 000 if we Break above that level as well there is Literally actually no one stopping us And Bitcoin is probably going to see a Big big move and big swing towards the Upside so get ready for that Bitcoin is Looking super bullish it's still holding On towards the support it's still Trading against the same resistance and Yeah you can clearly see it right now The cup and handle is literally training Against its resistance and if we manage To be breaking out right here we're Going to see a massive but a massive Market movement so get ready for that Pay attention towards this better and Keep your eyes wide open and right now We can also see that the Bitcoin weekly Had his shoulders is once again finding Support exactly like we've been Predicting Bitcoin Consolidated for such A long time around this region I talked About the honey shoulders pattern I've Talked about the neckline how important

This level is here I've been saying it For so many times on the channel also Once Bitcoin is training on the heist Bitcoin between 23 and 25 000 is Ultimately the best buying opportunity That you will probably ever get here and This is a very good region you can see The big one is reacting from of this Region you can see that there are a lot Of buyers in this region and I Personally continue to expect that this Is going to be the region that is really Going to hold us up here so yeah that Was it for me in today's update video it Was a shorter update video I truly hope You did like it I mean congratulations If you did join me with my swing trade Because I talked about it in every Single video so far ever since I opened It and right now we're making more than 22 profit what is quite significant due To the fact that we're adding so much Margin in towards the straight and I'm Planning to even do more in the future So yeah thanks so much for watching guys See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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