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Bitcoin is currently still hanging at This crucial support where the question Remains are we still going to be holding On on this super important support line Or are we going to be breaking below it And test the legendary support line that Bitcoin has already been trading about For over seven years so in this exact Video I will be talking about this and Of course I will talk about the most Important charts the most important Things that are currently going on in The world of crypto and many more Important stuff so don't forget to stop Up the line with on today's update video Can we smash a backup of 400 that will Be absolutely incredible and with the Data being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and of Course I will be kicking off the video With talking about the imminent short Term of Bitcoin so looking at Bitcoin And looking at the CMU Futures price we Can currently see that we have not Created any CME Gap whatsoever what is Definitely a very positive to take from The market right now here you can just Clearly see how boring and how low Volume there has been on Bitcoin in the Past few days days especially the past Few weeks on bitcoin so you can see Basically after a dump towards the Downside happens two and a half weeks Ago Bitcoin has still traded around that

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Same price and it's just extremely Stable and the volume has never been Lower than it currently is in the market To make it very clear right now here the Global Google search interest for Cryptocurrencies is hitting a five-year Low on the market and you can really see It reflected on the price action on Bitcoin but you have to understand while The majority of the people is actually Quite bearish or just not paying Attention towards Bitcoin these big Companies are filing for Bitcoin spot ETFs and some people are doubting the Impact of a sport ETF on the price but But here you can see the gold price and This is the point where the first gold ETF got introduced it was back into Arts 2002 and after that gold went on a Massive rally towards the upside but you Have to understand a bitcoin's multi ATF Would lead towards billions flowing in Towards the market and here is why it's Crucial to understand that an ETF will Offer significant tax advantages and Also it will be giving you the ability To borrow against it therefore buying Bitcoin sport ETFs could be more Appealing especially for Pension funds And they have got tons and tons of money Numerous institutions are waiting for This Bitcoin sport ETF and once it hits The market it is going to be leading Towards billions flowing in towards the

Market further on looking at Bitcoin the 24.8k if we're going to be touching that Level I will be a massive buyer and Basically I think that level's going to Be hit if Bitcoin breaks below that 25.6k this is basically the most Important resistance support in this Entire Trend and I expected and I expect If we do hit this level we're probably Going to see a big week and Bitcoin is Probably going to be fighting back very Quickly back towards the upside and I Personally think since there is a lot of Liquidity in this market it ranked at 24.8k I personally do really think we're Going to be testing it before once again Bouncing back towards the upside further On we can also currently see that Bitcoin is hanging on critical support I Rent that 26 000 US Dollars you can see In the past we've been bouncing from This level numerous times here and once Again we are currently retesting this Very important daily approach shopping Support line so if you want to be buying Bitcoin if you want to be trading it Don't forget to go to the link Description of today's video because if You really want to be buying or trading Crypto you can actually claim a free one Thousand dollars if you sign up with Accounts on buybid deposit 100 and you Can basically get a free 1 000 so it's a Super big deposit bonus that currently

Is available for you and you can also Claim it on xrp or Bitcoin but you have To understand it's a limited time offer So go to the link description of today's Video very quickly to claim this insane Deposit bonus then quickly answering the Question Bitcoin is currently hanging on Critical support right at twenty five Thousand dollars but if we break below It my next Target is going to be a Retest of that legendary support line And you can clearly see that legendary Support line is currently hanging Somewhere around 22 to 23 000 US Dollars And if Bitcoin were to be retesting this Level I will be expecting that Bitcoin Probably is going to see a very big Bounce on the market and that is of Course a gigantic thing I'm looking Forward towards so keep your eyes wide Open on that legendary support line Because if Bitcoin retest that level It's going to be giving you a very good Buying opportunity to accumulate more And if you're looking at the bigger Things of it all we can currently see That we're creating a very similar Pattern back to 2020 where Bitcoin had a Massive run up towards the opposite from Accurately I just think it's come before In the storm the bitcoin's multi DDF is Inevitable to be coming and once it Comes it's going to change the market For good further on we can also

Currently see the Bitcoin is creating a Bullish Divergence on a three-day time Frame and if we do play out this bullish Divergence what which we actually just Confirmed since we created a bullish Candle right here on the market we could Start to see potentially the dance Getting created on the price action of Bitcoin and really looking at the most Important support on resistance for Bitcoin we can currently see here that We're basically retesting the 25 000 Numerous time in the past we've been Seeing this level act as resistance and Support and as long as we're holding Above that level I think it's okay if we Break below it my next Target is going To be 20 000 US Dollars and that is Going to be a big level of support that We're going to keep our eyes wide open On but if Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking South 22 000 is that big Support here first of all of course it's That legendary support line I've talked About but also is this major support From this previous resistance in the Past so that was it for me in today's Update video was once again a very short Video I truly hope you did enjoy it if You did like it don't forget to slap the Like button and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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