Bitcoin is currently on the verge of Having an insane breakout and in this Exact video I will talk about the price Targets of this breakout I will talk About my trades that have currently got Open on bitcoin I will give you guys a Huge update on the breakout on the image Your term to see me Gap and many more Important charts we need to discuss Right now so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video Can we smash it back about 500 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term for Bitcoin and once looking At that imminent short term I've once Again been right over my weekend Predictions the Bitcoin see me again was Trading around 29.5 K and after we Create the CME Gap at the point the Monday started at the beginning of the Monday dick went straight away pumped up Towards the upside to fill up the CME Gap and after that we move down a little Bit so exactly like I've been expecting To see me gap of Bitcoin got filled up Once again and right now we should be Looking what is going to be happening Next for Bitcoin so looking at the one Hour time frame for a Bitcoin I mean There are two or three very important Levels to look at that is of course this Middle range right here that previously

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Iran provided support and this time Around is providing resistance of course As well the Lower Side here is the most Important support to be looking at and As soon as we do break about this level Right here in the market we probably Will be seeing a massive continuation Towards the downside and that is the Point where I should start to Pivot and Potentially start to flip bearish if we Break below this range low in the market However if we manage to be breaking Bullish again and we can also break Above the 30.4k that is the point where I will become super bullish on this Market so yes for now on bitcoin remains To be consolidating in this super boring Range here and to be very clear Bitcoin Has been already once again Consolidating sideways between an Approximately let me say this correctly Six hundred dollars for the past seven Days so volatility has once again been Super low and hopefully this week could Become a little bit more exciting and I Mean looking at the two hour time frame We can currently seeing a Bitcoin crate This downward solving resist line where It got rejected for for more than four Times in a row and right now actually We're breaking above it and we're seeing A retest of this level so that is Actually quite a bullish thing here that Bitcoin is breaking Above This range and

Also like you can see if you're just Removing these downward sloping Resistance lines you can see that Bitcoin is also breaking Above This Horizontal previous high in the market And currently is retesting this high so This is of course looking quite strong For a Bitcoin on the image short term And hopefully we could start to see that Continuation towards the upside but Really what I think is that we're Currently training against the most Important resistance in this entire Trend so you can see clearly Bitcoin is Creating a downward solving resist line And every single time Bitcoin has been Retesting this level it has seen a Rejection and right now the question Remains when are we going to be breaking Above This level and once we do break Above This level I've got a price Target All the way to the top side of this Falling wedge what is going to be Somewhere around at 31.6 K what is of Course an absolutely insane price Target To the upside so yes Bitcoin if it does Manage to be breaking this down so we Resist line has got a super huge pump Waiting for itself and it could be Meaning the Bitcoin is going to be Searching by eight percent towards the Upside and I can already tell you if This move is going to be happening it is Going to be happening fast lost on my

Mind we also create the falling wedge The falling wedge is a pattern that Tends to be breaking towards the offside Eighty percent of the times and in case We are going to be having a breakdown of This falling right here I will be Expecting Bitcoin is going to come down To 28 000 US dollars because 28 000 US Dollars is of course that big level of Support trading below us you can see not Only this horizontal support is very Important for the 28 000 but also this Legendary support line that we have been Looking at is also trading around 28 000 So if Bitcoin does decide to be breaking Down here we still got another big price Target towards the downside we have Still got another big level support on The lower side but of course like you Can see from last time around while we Broke outside of the falling wedge Pattern we had a move towards the Opposite very quickly and we reached our Price Target from the point of the Breakout within exactly five days so That is absolutely incredible and I Won't be expecting something different This time around so looking at my trades I remain to be long on bitcoin with my Bit get trade still long on bitcoin Making more than 1.12 Bitcoin currently In profit if Bitcoin were to be coming Down here and if it were to be falling Down towards new lows here I will still

Add more margin towards this right here And of course for my buy bit rate I'm Currently in a small little loss here Often about three thousand dollars on my Bitcoin long position but if Bitcoin Were to be breaking below 29 000 I'm Going to be exiting this straight here And I've got new order set up around 28 000 US dollars so that is my trading Stranger for Bitcoin right now but Currently still for another 16 hours you Can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin lower Shore position and all you Need to do here is go to the link Description of today's video sign up a New account using the link above deposit 100 within seven days and enjoy or your Free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp Loan your short position be on high Alert it's going to be expiring in Exactly 16 hours from now on so make Sure to be quick this is the last Opportunity you've got to claim a free 1 000 US Dollars long or short position on Buy bid then just two hours ago we got Some news out and that is that the SSC Told coinbase that they need to delist Every other asset than Bitcoin because That is said we believe every asset Other than Bitcoin is a security but of Course we do know in the lawsuit against Xrp that xrp is not a secured so Probably other cryptocurrencies are also Not going to turn out to be Securities

And it's going to be actually quite Interesting what is going to be Happening here but the SEC is in my Opinion really losing this case since Xrp is already not a security and Probably all these other coins are also Going to turn out do be not be a secure Yes this news came out it's with the Market didn't react towards it because Yes basically the SEC is just suing Everyone out there in the cryptocurrency The industry but of course they're Probably going to lose the majority of The lawsuits so looking at Bitcoin at The bigger perspective the resistance Rate Still Remains to be thirty thousand Dollars if you're zooming out to that Three-day time frame you can currently See Bitcoin is creating a beautiful Consolidation phase we are currently Really waiting for the next move to Happen here for the market but of course The resistance to break remains to be This basically this box right here this White box that you can look at if we Break above 30 to 32 000 Bitcoin just is Going to be clearing all the major Resistance and we could see of course Big momentum getting created towards the Upside at the same time I've been saying This as well for the last three videos Bitcoin historical volatility is Currently at an all-time low but this is Super important to pay attention towards

Yes the volatility could stable maybe so Low for another two or three weeks here The take in account a big move is also Going to be happening anytime soon here So get ready for that I mean right now The volatility is low but probably it Won't stay so low for long and of course In exactly two days from now on the Litecoin whole thing is going to be Happening and for everyone who's looking At Litecoin I personally would not be Buying it because if you look at the Last whole thing the Litecoin basically Top down before the whole thing really Happens and we could be seeing once Again something very similar right here I am not really expecting that Litecoin Is going to be so strong right here Especially since it has not been Performing strong over the course of the Last bear market and also since it has Not been performing so strong in the Last whole thing cycle so be aware Litecoin is about to be having his whole Thing but I personally do not really Expect something very incredible is Going to be happening and I mean a loss Update on the market we can currently See that funding is actually negative What is of course quite a bullish thing Here for the markets because once Funding is negative it means that there Are more weighted short positions in the Market than Longs and of course if there

Are more shorts on the market their Chance of that shorts are going to get Close is higher what means that the Bitcoin price section could be going Higher and of course the chance on the Short squeeze is also most certainly a Lot higher so yes Bitcoin Still Remains To be super boring for the imminent Short term here we just have to wait to See what the next move is going to be as Soon as we do break this resistance so We could start to fly once again and the Volatility can start to pick up again Here so make sure to pay attention but Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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