Bitcoin is about to have another Gigantic move and in this exact video I Will talk about the next Bitcoin move I Will talk about my new trade here on Bitcoin right now I will talk about this Most important rejection we're currently Seeing in the price section of Bitcoin And of course I will talk about the CME Gap and much more important stuff that Currently is playing at so don't forget To watch this video till the end it's Going to be a short but important update Video today so don't forget to slap up The like button on today's update video Can we smash it once again back above The 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content once looking at the image short Term for Bitcoin I do clearly see there Is still a CME Gap trading below us and While this is happening so far we have Not filled up the CME Gap and we can Currently see that the Simi Gap is Trading between 26.8 K to 26.5 K so far We've not filled it up but I am still Expecting we're going to probably fill Up the CME Gap in the coming hours slash Days ahead of ourselves before the end Of the week be aware see me gaps they Tend to get filled up 9 out of the 10 Times of creation so probably this one Is going to get filled up yet again Looking at the one hour time frame you

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Can clearly see that we right now are Creating a very important support line Here towards the upside together with a Very important downward sloping Resistance line towards the downside What is currently suggesting that we're Going to be seeing a breakout somewhere In the coming 16 to 20 hours ahead of Ourselves so I am expecting that in the Coming 20 hours we're going to be seeing A breakout happening for Bitcoin you can See also this exact pattern getting Created here on the 4la time frame and Basically it is suggesting that Bitcoin Volatility is going to be hitting the Markets anytime soon again and if I will Be measuring a price Target it isn't Necessarily going to be a gigantic move Here it's either going to be a move Towards the downside somewhere towards 26 000 US dollars or it's going to be Moved towards the upside somewhere back Up towards 28 000. so I'm going to keep My eyes wide open on this chart right Here and whenever I see a breakout of The downtrend or whether I see a Breakdown of the already small uptrend We're creating right here I could also Open up a new trade or of course close My current trade that I got open on Bitcoin already so that is what I will Be doing here on the image short term For Bitcoin we do still know that we're Currently seeing a gigantic rejection

Here on the 12 hour time frame after This amazing big level of previous Support provided support at us it is Currently flipping into resistance like You can see right here and due to that Reason I am currently extremely cautious About what I will be doing next with Bitcoin of course I did open up a short Position exactly once we were bouncing Here towards the upside basically once We were retesting the hand and shoulders Pattern for Bitcoin you can currently See that that short position is making Me about already 1200 US dollars in Profit and currently I'm going to keep My eyes wide open what this is going to Be doing next for Bitcoin and since We're Rhino creating a lower high Structure together with lower lows I Think it's likely to actually see this Trend continue towards the downside so Let's see where it is really going to be Heading towards but of course we're Currently seeing an important rejection And I personally think there is still a Possibility for some lower targets for Bitcoin we can see also the hand and Shoulders breakdown and the re-test and Of course like I said on the exact Retest I opened this training position That is right now more than 1200 US Dollars in profit already if you want to Be trading this don't forget to check Out the links in description because if

You sign up an account using the links In description you can actually claim an Extra deposit bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars so make sure to benefit From that right now by signing up an Account using the link in the Description furthermore the price cycle Of the Anna shoulders pattern is still a Significant Target towards the downside Here and like you can see the target is Going to come in somewhere around twenty Four thousand dollars so that is also Exactly where I will keep my eyes wide Open on and we can still see that the 12 Hours of medical triangle also saw the Breakdown down God rejected so this will Probably also lead towards more bearish Price action for Bitcoin further on we Can also see that on the daily time Frame we're seeing a rejection from the 27 000 US Dollars and of course if we Really see a move down here we are going To be entering a very low volume stage Here what could mean that Bitcoin is Going to see a lot of volatility for This move and I mean it makes a lot of Sense because if I'm looking at the Bullet events and the bullet events with We do know that volatility is likely Going to be imminent for Bitcoin because The bullish bands is becoming so narrow So yeah due to this I'm expecting There's probably going to be a lot of Volatility whether it's going to be up

Or down we can see that there is Probably going to be a lot of volatility Either direction happening anytime soon For Bitcoin if it will be downwards Volatility my price Target is going to Be 24 to 25 000 but of course this Previous big level of resistance was That right now I am expecting to flip Into support and yeah if you're really Looking at Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame you can also really clearly see This is a very important level all Previous resistance and dead levels Coming in around 24 to 25 000 and that Level will probably right now act as Extremely big support for Bitcoin this Was it for me on today's update video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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