Bitcoin is going exponential right now Here but while this is happening we're Entering a very pivotal point for Bitcoin because yes we are right now Consolidating and creating new patterns So I will be exactly talking about this How Bitcoin filled up the CME Gap the Most important charts out there in the Market right now the data that we can Currently see of this entire market and Many more important stuff that we need To discuss right now here because yes Bitcoin closed the weekly candle and it Is looking quite interesting right now So without any we do don't forget to Slap the like button on today's update Video can we once again smash it back up 600 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away towards the Content for Bitcoin so right now once Again for the past period there has not Been a lot of happening and I mean Actually if we're looking at Bitcoin we Can just see that it is actually Starting to go exponential after it Already went exponential and this is What I talked about in yesterday's video You have like three different faces in This market you first got that slow Consol consolidation phase towards the Upside then you've got the little bit More exponential phase and then you've Got the very exponential phase in the

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Market and you can see it happening on These moves every single time you can Also see this moves for example you had This slow phas right here then a little Bit more of the exponential phase right Here and then the last phase was Basically parabolic towards the upside So you can see this movement tends to be Happening many times for Bitcoin also Vice versa once we're going down here so Here you see Bitcoin is going down a Little bit here then it goes down even Faster and then boom it goes down Exponentially so this is basically the Behavior Bitcoin tends to be having Every single time once it creates these Movements so right now Bitcoin is the be In the beginning of the next exponential Move towards the upside and right now it Looks to be that we're in phase two Maybe phase two is going to be extending A little bit here or maybe it's already Going to go exponential and of course if We break that trend line towards the Upside we could be already seeing Bitcoin going down a little bit here and Maybe create a new new trend Direction So that is what I'm looking at for Bitcoin right now here it could go very Fast towards the upside also towards the Downside and that is why I will be Looking at this next consolidation phase Because here you can see a very Important level for Bitcoin that

Previously around acted as resistance Here acted as support and you can Clearly see once Bitcoin is going to be Retesting this level it's going to be an Important level for Bitcoin to hold on Towards because if we break below this Level we could see Bitcoin potentially Fall back towards this region around $35,000 us and that will be of course Quite unfortunate but at the same time It would also mean a new buying Opportunity for everyone out there on The market so Bitcoin is currently Creating a down sling resist line uper Sling support line and this is going to Be breaking at anytime soon here and yes Over the course of last weekend we Created the CME Gap but yes on the Monday morning straight away we pumped Towards the upside to fill up that CME Gap what is actually very interesting to Be seeing and just purely looking at Bitcoin we are right now on the daily Time frame quite in an overextended Period of the market and honestly I Wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin is Really going to come down a little bit Here we are in fact still creating Higher highs on the price action well in Fact on the RSI we're creating lower Highs so we are in fact creating a Bearish Divergence right now here so am I really worried about it not Necessarily because I really think the

Market is getting moved by news and Honestly I think the market is really Going to be moved by the fact of the Bitcoin spot ETF and it's going to be Happening within 63 days here some People are saying it's going to get Accepted today for already four or five Weeks right but I've been saying this Every single time in the videos guys the Bitcoin SP TF is going to be launched Within 63 days whether it's going to be Tomorrow or the day after they could be Possible but probably it's going to be Within 63 days here so this is what I'm Predicting and of course as time Continues it is going to only come Closing closer so the market could also Potentially start to be pricing in it a Little bit more if you are interested in Trading this move or trading any move Right now in crypto make sure to go to The link description of today's video Where you can sign up account on buy bit And guys one thing you need to know here Is that the market is quite overextended Right now here there are a lot of people Longing Bitcoin to be honest everyone is Longing Bitcoin and that is making it Actually quite dangerous for me right Now to actually go long on bitcoin Because everyone is longing and I'm not Saying that you necessarily have to Short Bitcoin or it's going to be going Down but usually once everyone is long

And everyone thinks it's going to go One Direction it could go vice versa but Guys we've got an insane deposit bonus Running right now here and that is one Once again the $1,000 air position and We have right now got a $1,000 air Position on Pepe and guys all you need To do here is sign up an account using That link below here click on that Pepe Deposit bonus deposit $100 within 7 Days Complete KC and you can actually claim This insane deposit bonus worth $1,000 For only making a deposit of $100 so so You can claim this deposit bonus on Bitcoin ethereum and pepe and you can Check it out all in the link description Of today's video further on we can see The Bitcoin of course is breaking out Right now of this very important level And you can see in the past this is a Very important level for Bitcoin and Basically since we broken above it we Went quite exponential and Bitcoin also Went debt in 2020 so that is of course a Nice thing to see here here we've got The chart with basically the stable coin Market cap overlaid on it and you can Currently see here is that basically for The first time ever in this year the Stable coin market cap has been seeing An increasement and that is basically Showing us that liquidity is returning In towards the cryptocurrency market and One thing that we have learned from this

Is basically every single time once There's more tedar market cap coming in Towards this Market Bitcoin tends to go More exponentially you can see right now For the first time in a very long period Of time deer has been seeing more Inflows and that is of course making it Very good for the market in general and That is making it very good for Bitcoin Because this could also once again Increase the buing pressure on bitcoin And that is going a bit of long term and For the long term that could mean very Very good thing for too so also for Bitcoin on the weekly time frame we are Actually right now breaking above the 36.5k this is the weekly resistance on Uh the weekly time frame for Bitcoin Since this was the previous weekly low On the market we right now confirmed the Break above that level so Bitcoin is Breaking Above This level with a weekly Candle close confirmed that is really Getting myself super excited and Honestly this really looks like it's Going to be extending even further on Here so indeed we're right now trading At the resistance box of this previous Weekly low here for Bitcoin but right Now it looks to be they were trading and Confirming that break above it so Bitcoin looks quite strong right here I For 36.5k is going to be providing a Massive rejection for Bitcoin but

Honestly we broke above it straight away In one go we saw some minor rejections But honestly right now the next main Resistance for the weekly time frame is Going to be $43,000 the previous low right here big Resistance right here so I'm going to Look towards this level very closely so Bitcoin of course breaks out above the Weekly resistance the whole thing is Only 157 days away while in fact the Sport ETF is only less than 63 days away Guys we're going to have some big big Supply shocks and it looks to be that The coming 150 to 160 days are going to Be very good for Bitcoin so in in in the Bigger perspective with of it all I Honestly think that this trend that We're currently in is going to continue Of course it doesn't mean that we can't Go a little bit lower but I think the Mean of the trend is going to be going Up here for the coming six months for Bitcoin so I'm super excited about that And of of course guys yes we can see That basically history is once again Repeating Bitcoin is once again breaking Above this very important level of Resistance and honestly I am not that Surprised right now of course we're Creating that c and handle pattern we're Breaking towards the upside and we can See that our price Target is sitting Around 60,000 what is an insane price

Soer towards the upside and once again Pointing this out here I I'm trying to Point this out almost every single video Guys we are right now in overbought Conditions on the weekly time frame and While some people are saying oh this is A bad thing here but actually every Single time once Bitcoin goes overbought On the weekly time frame it is Indicating that we're in an expansion Phase and we could go quite exponential Because there's so much interest getting Spiked in the market and people are Maybe having fomo or whatsoever due to The fact that the ETF is coming or it Doesn't really matter right so uh big Big things here and honestly it is Indicating that Bitcoin could even Expend further on towards the upside how Far we don't exactly know so this was it For me in today's update video thanks so Much for watching towards this amazing New update video and I hope to see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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