Bitcoin is breaking critical resistance Right now and while this is happening I Will give a very quick update on my very Important Bitcoin trade about some new Patterns we're currently looking at and Much more important stuff so don't Forget to watch this video till the end Because right now Bitcoin is retesting Maybe arguably the most important level In this entire track so make sure to Watch this video till the end don't Forget to slap up that like button can We smash it back about 400 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and we can clearly See that we've been continued to form Higher lows while in fact right now as Well we're seeing a small little higher High getting created but while this is Happening it is very important to know That Bitcoin is currently still trading Against this very important level of Gigantic previous support that right now Flipped into resistance and you can see The last two times we retested this Level we have seen a significant and Severe rejection towards the downside so So yes Bitcoin is right now on the Imminent short term creating a higher High but on the bigger perspective we Still do know that this is a very Important level of resistance and that Is why I will be very cautious right now

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And for me to say the downtrend of is Officially getting broken we need to see A confirmed one hour candle close above 26.7 K if we do see a confirmed break Above that level we are expecting much More upside is going to be coming for us Towards the upside for Bitcoin you can See that the four hourly time frame Broke this very important downtrend and Also on the four early time frame we can Currently see the most important level Is a 27.5 k you can clearly see Previously around it provided support Here as well provided support as well Right here and then here it provided Resistance so if we manage to confirm The break Above This level it's going to Be very bullish for Bitcoin but as long As we're not doing so I wouldn't be all Too excited just wait for confirm break About 27.5 K so be on the lookout for That and don't get fooled by this Potential breakout we're currently Seeing on the aim in the short term but It could still turn out to be a Significant fake out on the market of Course on the 12 hour time frame we can Still see that the level to break is Indeed 27.5 K you can clearly see in This entire Trend this was previously Ranked very big support and currently is Just flipping him to resistance so it's Going to be important to break above 27.5 K if we confirm the break above

That level I will definitely turn Bullish on bitcoin but as long as we're Not doing so I will remain to be a Little bit more cautious slash bearish Because if you're looking at the Breakdown of the Hannah Schulz pattern So far we've not already seen a Significant move towards the downside But we still are in this bearish Momentum phase if we have to believe This bigger time Horizons so due to that I will still remain to be very cautious You can also see that on the 12 hour Time frame we're creating someone of a Falling wedge here falling wedge is a Typical bullies by his reversal better For Bitcoin for me it's not the most Perfect falling much better I've been Looking at however I do like the support Line on the lower side I do not really Like the resistance line so yeah I'm Taking this pattern with a grain of salt Here but yeah a falling wedge is a Typical bullish bias reversal pattern if You break above resistance you tend to At least see a further continuation Towards the upside if Bitcoin also Manages to break above the 27.5 K the Love I've been talking about we're Probably expecting even bigger Continuations towards the upside and That would also mean that I will trigger My stop loss here and exit my short Position on bitcoin and I'm probably

Going to be looking either for a new Bitcoin long position or I'm just going To wait on the sideline still I can't Open up my legendary Bitcoin long Position often about 1 million US Dollars because yes I am still looking To open up a gigantic Bitcoin long Position worth more than 1 billion US Dollars and of course subscribe to the Channel if you want to stay up to date About that when I'm planning to open up This trade around 24 to 25 000 if Bitcoin reaches that level if Bitcoin Does not reach those levels it will be Unfortunate but then I will be looking At new opportunities like if we are Going to be breaking back above 31 000 US dollars so make sure to stay up to Date on the channel I've already Deposited more than 180 000 US Dollars On my account here and I'm looking to Take this massive trade anytime soon so Make sure to stay up to date on the Channel so don't forget to subscribe to The channel right now to exactly find Out what my next trade is going to be on Bitcoin furthermore we can currently see That on the daily time frame for Bitcoin We are right now running in towards also This very critical level of resistance Previously around it provided support And right now is acting as resistance so Yes we are pushing a little bit towards The upside and yes we are indeed

Breaking the four hourly downtrend but Still the level to look at is 27.5 K the Level we're literally trading against Right now so that was really a thing That I wanted to be saying here and of Course the 27.5 K also comes together With the eBay ribbon here that is Actually crossing bearish right now and That is actually providing resistance in Real time right here so yeah also Important to know the email ribbon cross Parish for the first time ever in an Approximately 140 days here so that is Definitely very interesting to see here And currently we can see that the email Ribbon is actually providing some small Resistance on the image shorter the Daily time frame for Bitcoin still broke Down here and of course it's still Trading below very important support and On the BLX chart we can currently see That the macd on the weekly time frame Is about to be having a bearish course Confirmed and historically speaking once The McD crosses bearish it tends to Indicate a larger momentum shift in the Market so make sure to pay attention for That here of course if I'm looking at The weekly time frame we had a Significant rally towards the upside and Maybe right now we could see a small Little reversal before potentially Coming back up towards the upside again And for the weekly time frame for me to

Really say right now we're entering a Bull market again it's really the stage Once we do break Above This middle line Right here the 31 000 if we break above That level I will definitely turn out to Be very bullish so that was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoy it if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap on the like button Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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