Don't be fooled by this most recent Bitcoin dump we had on the price action On bitcoin because I believe that there Is something far greater about to be Happening to bitcoin and I will be Exactly explaining that on today's Update video I will talk about this Massive compression we're currently Seeing around Autumn highs and what this Will mean for the Bitcoin price action Right now and what it historically has Meant for the Bitcoin price action Previously around so I will be talking About this many more important charts And indicators that are telling us Something about what is about to be Happening next for Bitcoin so without Any further Ado don't forget to once Again slab that like button back above 1 10,000 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Price section of Bitcoin because right Now on the imminent short term indeed Bitcoin has seen a massive correction Towards the downside from $70,000 used All the way down to an approximately 67,000 US Dollars which was an about a 4% correction towards the downside and Like I discussed on yesterday today's Video we were creating the Bitcoin C Me Gap and like I said yesterday numerous Times before it is very likely that most Likely at the end of the weekend or at

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The beginning of the Monday we are going To be filling up the Bitcoin C Me Gap And that was in my opinion also the Exact reason why Bitcoin indeed came Back towards the downside we created That c Me Gap and we wanted to fill it Up and right now after of course the C Me Gap is filled up a new week has Started and this I believe is going to Be a massive week for Bitcoin so now the CME Gap is filled up and Bitcoin is Still consolidating around Alm high and While we had that correction towards the Downside you can see here on the Imminent shortterm and also on this 4A Time frame right here it got eaten up Very quickly and while this is happening We're creating higher low after higher Low after higher low after higher low And the lows are becoming exponentially Higher and while this is happening we're Actually also creating an higher high Structure on the Bitcoin price action And basically what we can currently see Is that the Bitcoin price action is Getting squeezed in towards a massive Breakout and all this is happening while We are indeed consolidating below Alltime high so I mean honestly the most Bullish thing that you can see here is Consolidation R Tim highs I mean all We're doing right now is clearing the Cell all we're doing right now is Clearing the sell ORD so Bitcoin is

Going to be having an exponential Breakout and what happened last time Around once Bitcoin clearly broke up off The Tim high with all the conviction it Pumped over 21% in just a matter of 24 Hours so I'm expecting something similar Is going to be happening with Bitcoin Again here what it's going to be today Or what is going to be happening at the End of this week or potentially even Next week I mean last time around it Took us an approximately 16 days of Consolidation below automite before Absolutely exploding right now we've Been consolidating sideways for 6 days And like I said in many videos before Honestly the longer the consolidation is Going to be the more explosive the Breakout is going to be eventually but You have to understand that last time Around it took 16 days and I think it's Going to be a little bit sooner so I am Expecting it's going to be happening This week and indeed while Bitcoin is Still creating these higher highs and Higher lows I believe that breakout is Going to be happening anytime soon Because today is Monday again and today Is the first possibility we are going to Be seeing that breakout above altime High because the last time Bitcoin had a Significant pump towards the upside was Also on a Monday and what is very Interesting a Monday is a day where

Black row can once again buy more Bitcoin and like we know on average There is an approximately 10,000 Bitcoins getting bought every single day By the nine new Spa Bitcoin ETFs and That is just going to be having a Massive influence on the price action on Bitcoin and I do really expect that this Trend is going to be continuing and that Is why I think that you should not get Fooled by these minor Corrections Towards the downside that happened over The course of the weekend but you should Look for the bigger perspective and yes Like I said many times before Bitcoin Has always historically broke with much Much more conviction above its ultim High and right now we're just playing With that Tim we're just playing with it Touching it going down a little bit here Clearing some sell orders but the moment We're breaking clearly above it is the Point where Bitcoin is going to be Pushing up to $80,000 very quickly and yeah more and More people are actually not looking to Sell their Bitcoin anytime soon because They know that we're in the beginning of The bull run so most likely Bitcoin is Going to just would run way way higher From off this point and of course if You've been watching my videos you do Know my price target for this upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run it's going to be

Somewhere around $170,000 use dollars so If you are looking to trade Bitcoin or Any other altcoin which are right now Down quite significantly you could write A sign up account using the link below Because if you're r a sign up account Using that link below you could get an Insane deposit bonus to decoin and it's An exchange where you can trade without Kyc without VPN and you could copy trade You could trade yourself and it's all With low fees and without any Restrictions so if you're interested in Trading go to decoin in link description Of today's video sign up an account Claim the deposit bonus and start Trading today day and as we're looking At the daily time frame we can see that Bitcoin indeed increased quite Significantly in very rapid Pace towards The upside and right now for the first Time is really running in towards the Resistance and of course but it is of Course also due to the fact that it is Indeed the Bitcoin ultimi but I do Believe that eventually we're going to Be breaking this level and the next Resistance for Bitcoin is going to be $100,000 if we're going to be looking at The realistic price Target so make sure To get ready for that and if you're Ready make sure to stop all the like Button on today's upd video because I am Definitely ready for it and I know it's

Going to be happening anytime soon and On the weekly time frame you could be Approaching it like this Bitcoin indeed Touching and kissing with that autom ey And the moment we're breaking above it That is the point we're going to be Going exponential and like we've seen in The previous cycle and in previous Cycles before that always once Bitcoin Breaks above its timite it only takes an Approximately 20 to 21 days before it's Going to be reaching its first Exponential Target which is the 1.618 And in this case that is going to be $100,000 and yes yet again it sounds Quite ridiculous that Bitcoin is indeed Going to be hitting $1,000 but you have To understand that there are many events That could be even pushing up Bitcoin Higher in the coming days since in 38 Days from now on we're going to have the Bitcoin Hing and this will literally be Not a sell the news event which a lot of People are saying I believe it's going To be a Biden news event because this is Going to be happening in the middle of The bull market and with still large Amounts of ETF buice is only going to be Making Bitcoin more scarce and of course Eventually that is going to be pushing Up the Bitcoin price action even higher From of this point onward so 38 days It's going to be another big Catalyst to Send Bitcoin up even higher in my

Opinion well many people are saying it's Going to be a sell the news event I Actually think it is not necessarily Going to be a sell the news event Because historically speaking only once Really it has been a sell the news event It was over here uh back in 2017 sorry 2016 it was a slight sell the news event But at the end of the day it doesn't Really matter if like we're right now Four weeks out before the Bitcoin Hing Is going to be there so that's going to Be approximately over here and then Still you had that massive run towards The upside and if you're going to be Comparing it towards 2012 four weeks before it was right here And boom you had that massive move Towards the upside and if you're going To be looking at 2020 uh of course if You bought it two weeks before it was Four weeks before it was over here boom We had that massive rally towards the Upside and right now it is indeed Clearly different this time around Because in the previous Cycles Bitcoin Has not broken above a new aite before Hing and now we're already at aumn highs And Bitcoin is going to be having that Hing and most likely boom that is going To can to pull Bitcoin even up higher so I don't believe it's going to be a sell The news event and honestly I am just Not going to be all too bearish right

Now on this Market because we are in a Bull market and the last thing you want To be doing is shorting Bitcoin in a Freaking bull market and not only Talking about Bitcoin guys you know that I've sold a lot of my Bitcoin to buy Ethereum and in 72 days from now on We're going to actually have a spot Ethereum ETF coming like we know what Happened to the Bitcoin ETF it's going To be happening the same to ethereum Only e eum has not exploded yet here Compared to the Bitcoin valuation and I Do believe this is going to be happening Once this ETF is going to come and once There's going to be more spotlights on Ethereum and I believe retails also Going to be taking this trade but They're just going to be a little bit Slower because this is happening in May And I'm right now anticipating this Already in March so if you're want to be Anticipating a next big news event make Sure to be early towards these big Trends here at least that is what I am Doing I'm trying to anticipate that next Big move here in the market and that is Why I decided to load up on ethereum Because I do believe it's going to be Exploding and yes guys I'm also holding A ton of altcoins I yesterday made a Tweet about it about all the altcoins I'm holding if you want to be learning More about altcoins make sure to follow

Me on Twitter and also guys I'm going to Be doing a small little giveaway later Here on Twitter because I H 700,000 Followers on X so if you want to be Joining that giveaway make sure to go to My most recent tweet where you can Basically drop your Bitcoin address Below and it will be making a deposit to One lucky follower later today so make Sure to check it out but anyways this Was it for me in today's update video I Truly hope you did enjoy the video if You did so make sure to like this video Subscribe to the channel and thank you So much for watching Once Again towards This update video and I see you guys Back tomorrow on another one peace out Goodbye

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