Bitcoin is pumping towards the upside And in this exact video I will explain What I'm seeing why Bitcoin is going up Right now here I will also talk about The most important liquidity levels in This market about why Bitcoin has been Pumping towards the upside I will talk About the biggest news that currently Playing out in the market and many more Important stuff so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up the like Button back up at 500 likes on today's Update video with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Content so before diving in towards the Charts yesterday we got the news that The # Bitcoin spal ETF decision got Delayed what right now also means that Potentially the window for Bitcoin SP Ttf acceptance got closed but I've Already said it before really I am Expecting that the Bitcoin SP ETF is Just going to get accepted somewhere Within the coming 62 days here so Bitcoin bounc back towards the upside of First of all squeezing out all the long Positions yesterday exactly like we've Been predicting and then Bitcoin bounced Back towards the opposite exactly from Of our support Target from that move Towards the downside so I mean honestly We've been predicting this move Perfectly and if you traded this Congratulations you have made a lot of

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Money but what are we seeing in terms of Open interest Behavior so first of all We sell $400 million Us doll getting Squeezed out in Long positions and then The short positions got squeezed out and Even more uh open interest got added in Towards the market so basically what we Saw is that Bitcoin was chasing for Liquidity so we can see it here on the Liquidation heat map the level 37.2k was A level where like more than $200 Million us worth of short liquid ation We're laying at so Bitcoin pumped Towards that level and then straight Away shoot up even higher and now once Again we're consolidating around this Region and we're just looking to see What the next move is going to be for Bitcoin I don't want to be the bear or Whatsoever I'm totally not bearish on Bitcoin on the bigger perspective but For the imminent short term Bitcoin and Ethereum open interest is massively Overweight right now we are seeing that The funding rates are massively uh Positive what means that the majority of The people are actually longing Bitcoin Right now here and due to that they have To pay a premium and due to that they is A little bit of a bigger risk on longing Bitcoin right now and honestly if you're Longing Bitcoin right now on this exact Level right here you're longing Bitcoin On the exact yearly high and I'm not

Saying that Bitcoin g go higher because I am almost 99% spot long on bitcoin Right now here but in terms of trading Bitcoin I should be a little bit more Careful with trading Bitcoin long right Now so first of all we bounce exactly From of our support Target we talked About many times before on the channel But at the same time right now Bitcoin Is again creating some bearish momentum It is creating an higher high on the 4ly Time frame but clearly a lower high on The RSI so we are right now creating Some bearish divergences here on the 4ly Time frame and this is definitely a sign To be worrying for Bitcoin so uh yes we Are seeing some imminent short-term Signals where we could maybe think about Okay Bitcoin could potentially go a Little bit lower honestly Bitcoin has Been very bullish lately the sentiment Have been very strong so I won't be Surprised if Bitcoin is actually going To be pushing even higher than this so We also managed to be breaking Above This previous high on the 4ly time frame This was really the resistance where we Were looking at and currently we're Holding up this level so what I will say If Bitcoin breaks below this box right Here so I'm going to be putting up this Green box and I'm going to be removing The white line so if Bitcoin breaks with A 4H hourly candle below the green box

Then I will be expecting we could be Going a little bit lower again here then I will be expecting potentially Bitcoin Can create another higher low maybe come Back towards the upper sloping support Line again that we've been creating come Back towards the region right here but If we don't break below this level I Will at least expect we're going to hold Hold to up towards it and potentially Even move higher to flip this level into Support and then of course continue the Way higher again and for the ones that Have been following the channel this Move happened on a Wednesday and what Have I been saying on the channel for Such a long period of time Bitcoin Usually moves big on a Wednesday and Once again this was a Wednesday Bitcoin Moved absolutely hard and also for Everyone who is watching right now here You have to understand that you are Super early in this market and this is Just the beginning phase of the bull run So on the longer per term perspective I Am super bullish on bitcoin and I've Always been bullish on bitcoin if you Have been following the channel because Right now if we're going to be looking At new YouTube views you have to Understand this we are just at the Beginning phase of this massive massive Phase in the market so looking at Bitcoin right now here also yeah guys

We're still pushing further on here on The daily time frame Bitcoin is looking Very strong but I am just questioning For how long long can we remain this Momentum towards the upside right Because you have to understand um Bitcoin these moves they come and they Go they don't always stay so strong for Such a long period of time and honestly Right now we are in the overextended Period of this uh of this move right so I won't be surprised honestly if we're Going to see somewhat of a cooldown Phase maybe it's not going to be Happening if the SPF gets accepted but You have to understand that right now The daily momentum is losing momentum While the price action is still going up So we are seeing some divergences that Are indicating right now on the daily Time frame okay Bitcoin is losing some Momentum right here do we need to be Worrying about it potentially so guys if You but guys if you want to be trading These moves here make sure to go to buy With in the link description because you Can get right now A 40,000 use dollar Deposit bonus and without this link in Description is only 400 actually we're Also running an insane other deposit Bonus where you can claim a free $1,000 Use long or short position for only Depositing $100 so it's a big big Deposit bonus you can find find it in

The link description of today's video And all you need to do here is guys is Go to the link description of today's Video sign up an account using that link Below complete kyc and deposit $100 and You can claim this insane deposit bonus So make sure to claim it it's only valid For another 70 days and yeah you can Claim it on Pepe you can claim it on Bitcoin you can claim it on ethereum and Maybe it's smart to do it on Pepe since There's more volatility over there so You could make a ton of money from just An initial $100 deposit so going further Into towards Bitcoin we can see that We're creating somewhat of a resistance Line here on the top side for Bitcoin And we're getting rejected by this level Every single time we touch it so this is Really the trend we want to be breaking But I already discussed the momentum That we're currently seeing so maybe it Sounds that I'm a little bit negative But you have to understand here on the Daily on the weekly time frame Bitcoin Broke above my level 36.5k and actually this level was the Weekly low of Bitcoin of course has Right now be flopping into support so This is a super super bullish thing for Bitcoin and you have to understand that This in the bigger time frames is only Going to indicate us is that we're Literally breaking towards this new

Region and actually confirming this new Region as support so honestly the next Targets in this region are around 47 to $44,000 us what is of course an insane Price Target if you just heard me Talking about these levels right now so You have to understand that also this Break of the market this break of $30,000 is uh familiar and similar like The break of 10 or 12,000 in the Previous bare Market honestly this is The phase where Bitcoin could go very Exponential very quickly and maybe the Law of charting is not going to be Mattering at all maybe the momentum Doesn't really matter at all anymore and I mean at least that happens in these Bull markets so that's why it's Important to also look at the hype in The market and I've been saying it for Quite a while guys honestly I think we Are going to be probably going up here For the coming four to six months from Now on because we're going to get the Bitcoin Hing we're going to get the Bitcoin sport ETF and it's going to be a Big big driver of demand in the market And honestly right now it looks to me That Bitcoin is about to get overbought Here exponentially overbought on the Weekly time frame and these are the Periods in the market where Bitcoin Usually grows the most so it's a very Typical situation that Bitcoin

Potentially could even grow further on So sometimes we just have to not look at The iment short-term because the iment Shortterm could potentially look a Little bit weak but I'm going to keep on Doing my analysis guys shareing the most Important levels with you guys out there On the channel I think there is some Risk here on the imature term but still I am 99% exposed to spot Bitcoin so it's It's a strategy you want to be doing and For me trading I want to be looking at Longs because we're looking so so strong Here especially at altcoins trading Altcoins right now is maybe the most Profitable situation and honestly Trading altcoins is maybe the best thing To do right now since there's so much Volatility over there right here so at a SW the twoe time frame the Bitcoin eay Ribon is crossing bullish and a thing That you have to understand guys is that Right now if you want to be making a lot Of money in this market you need to Understand what is going to be the next Big trend for the next Bull Run right And I think I've spotted the next Trend Here so I think that nfts will die and Ordinals will flourish why is because Nfts are literally set on a centralized Server while ordinals are on the Bitcoin Blockchain so I've been talking about Bitcoin punks it's no promotion or Whatsoever guys but I do hold 10 of them

And I'm planning to buy another 10 of These Bitcoin puns anytime soon and Maybe I'm pumping my own bags by tell Talking about this but honestly I think We can make so much money from this I Think we can make so much much money From this and I've tweeted about it Literally while Bitcoin punks were Around $300 on this lower side right Here and the price or the market didn't Move at all but honestly Bitcoin punks Just like I said they are on the Bitcoin Blockchain and nfds they are on Centralized servers and Bitcoin punks Are the first of the collections from The ordinal but honestly I think I can Make a ton of money from it and uh I Think next Bull Run I will be making so Much money because I'm so good prepared This time Ren in the bare market and the Bare Market is meant for Preparation so Make sure to get all the things you are In interested in make sure to get into The things you believe in and um I Currently hold 10 Bitcoin punks and I'm Planning to be buying even 10 more later Today so uh yeah definitely very Interesting but this was it for me on Today's update video guys honestly guys If you want me to do a video about Ordinals let me know in the comments Section down below but anyways this was For me in today's update video thanks so Much for watching and I'll see you guys

On the next one peace out goodbye

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