BITCOIN: DO NOT GET FOOLED! [my new $1,000,000 trade]

Bitcoin is breaking bearish right now Exactly like I've been predicting but Right now I am going to start opening up My 1 million US dollar Bitcoin loan Position so make sure to watch this Video till the end to know more about This position to know what I'm currently Doing and much more important charts That we need to discuss right now here For the prime section of Bitcoin so Don't forget to slap off the like button On today's update video then we once Again smash it back about 500 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That have being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Like we can see we created the rising Wedge and after we broke down of the Rising wedge we saw that significant Continuation towards the downside and Basically I have been bearish on bitcoin Ever since we hit 31 000 US Dollars I've Been bearish all the way down here I've Been bearish on the tops right side Right here I've been bearish on these Highs right here I've been bearish on These highs I've been bearish yesterday And the entire week already and right Now once again Bitcoin has seen a move To towards the downside however my bias Is going to be swapping around anytime Soon here so make sure to pay attention Because I will be exactly explained to You why my bias is going to shift around

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Right now first of all we can see on the Four hour support for Bitcoin we once Again broke below that level we saw the Rejection and that really initiated the Move towards the downside like I've been Saying as well and if you're looking at The 12 hour time frame we actually broke Down of this very important key Consolidation phase and that is why We're right now also seeing that Continuation towards the sunset Happening because you could have been Looking at this pattern on the four Early time frame and I've been saying it Ever since we broke down here on this Candle right here we've seen basically a Significant candle towards the downside Happening after that candle broke Towards the downside for Bitcoin so Bitcoin is running the training around 25.7 K and personally I think there is Still more downside potential for Bitcoin to come however the downside Potential right now is significantly Lower than the the potential upside we Could generate from of this level so let Me quickly give my arguments so if I'm Looking at this consolidation phase I Still think Bitcoin can go a little bit Lower the price target for me is around 25 to 24.5 k for the breakdown so far We've not reached it but I am not going To short it anymore because one I will Be looking at right now here is a zoomed

Out view on bitcoin and if I zoom out on Bitcoin and let me go to the Daily time Frame we can see that we're approaching My very important box of support because In the Luna crash we came down towards This level right here and basically we Found significant support around 25.3 K And once we broke below it after we Basically went down again we saw that This level right here at 25.4 K flipped Into resistance once again we had that Created that cop and handle scenario we Retested that level we saw significant Resistance and right now you can also Approach it differently we created a Left shoulder we created a hat we Created a right shoulder we are creating An inverse handy shoulders for back coin And this is literally the retest of the Neckline so Bitcoin is creating the Gigantic retest I've been calling for Bitcoin is creating that retest I've Been preaching for and I've been saying It for such a long time that Bitcoin is Probably going to retest this level and Like we can currently see we literally Retested the level to clarify I still Think Bitcoin can come down all the way To 24.5 K and my bias will be exactly The same and that is why I will be Opening up a new long position of Bitcoin and I'm currently starting to do So and this is not a long position that I'm going to open right here and see

Where it goes no this is going to be a Swing trade it's going to be a legendary Swing trade just like I've been swing Trading Bitcoin towards the downside Right here I am going to start open up a New Bitcoin long position and maybe I'm Going to be the loss for this position For a very long time but the strategy is To get a very good average entry price Around the 25 000 US dollar barrier Right so currently I'm going to start Opening up this trade my goal is to open Up a 1 million US dollar Bitcoin trade And currently like you can see my Initial trade open is worth one hundred Thousand US dollars so I need to deploy 10 times more Capital to reach that one Million US dollar I will only reach 1 Million US dollars in the straight if Bitcoin comes down here because it's a 5x leverage trade here so it's extremely Low risk here because the Leverage is Low and what it will be doing here is Basically add more margin as Bitcoin Comes down because yes there could be a Possibility that Bitcoin the bottom is Already in and it's going to bounce from Here on but like I said I won't be Surprised if Bitcoin comes down to Twenty four thousand dollars as well so That is why if Bitcoin comes down to Twenty four thousand dollars I'm going To add even more margin towards my trade What would make it an even better entry

And what would make it even more margin Why I could make more money in the Future as well with this trade so that Is what I will be doing I'm going to Open up my legendary loan position right Now and if you're interested in trading Yourself as well you can trade a little Bit get bitget allows you to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies completely Without kyc so if you're interested in Trading go to Big Cat you can find the Link in today's videos description and You can also claim a deposit bonus up to 50 000 US Dollars and this swing trade I Will be taking on bit get purely because The fitting rate looks to be a little Bit better on Big Cat and also I like That I do not need to do kyc on the big Ad exchange and you do have to do that Right now on buybid of course if you Like to do but okay we'll see you can Still go to buy bit open up an account Over there trade over there but Currently I'm going to do it on bitget Because firstly it really suits my Preference furthermore if I will be Looking at the price chart of Bitcoin Here on the daily time frame we can see This big level of support here is found Around 24 to 25 000 but there's also a Very important airport solving support Line that over sloping support line is Going to get found somewhere around 24.5 K so let's see if we're going to retest

That level personally I think there's a Very big likelihood that we are actually Going to retest it here you can still See on the daily time frame where Finding support on that lower side down Sloping support line we could also still Approach it as a potential falling wedge Structure and right now we're also at Critical support so let's see if we're Going to be holding on towards it I've Been saying yesterday if if Bitcoin is Going to come down I personally think It's first going to go down to 25.7 6K Then have a small little bands towards The upside so we're currently trading Around that level and that is why we'll Be opening up my initial position do be Aware I'm very very much aware Bitcoin Can go much lower and that's why you Already can see I've set up multiple Orders here on the lower side so if Bitcoin comes down I'm going to bring Down my average entry price to be Looking at my position currently it is 5X leverage I used approximately 96 000 US Dollars and that that is currently The trade I am not making any profit yet So far because the literally Bitcoin is Trading at my entry price but it will Keep you guys every single day up to Date about this trade what it will be Doing with it if it will add more margin And basically I will be completely Transparent with it also important to

Know here we cross bearish on that Weekly macd here like I discussed Yesterday like I've been talking about For quite a while here right now we can See Bitcoin is also actually coming down Here so it is over once again telling us A very interesting story at the same Time Bitcoin retesting the weekly email Ribbon important to pay attention Towards and Bitcoin is also currently Falling below the 200 weekly moving Average so that is definitely an Important thing to see here definitely Interesting thing to see but like I just Said as well here about that had his Shoulders better if you're going to be Looking at the weekly time frame for Bitcoin we are actually creating one Gigantic pattern right we're creating That left shoulder that hat that right Shoulder we're creating an Inverse-handed shoulders and what was The level and what was clearly the level That we couldn't break it was that Neckline right here right the neckline Is trading around 25 to 24 000 the level We couldn't break here and right now We're about to see a retest of this Level you can also approach it Completely differently we are right now Maybe creating a cop and Handler Scenario you could also say it like that So Bitcoin is creating a gigantic Bullish scenario still on the bigger

Perspective and right now we're seeing It retest I've been waiting for I've Been bullish on bitcoin ever since the Lows right here I've been bearish on Bitcoin ever since we hit the highs and Right now exactly right here twenty five Thousand dollars I am turning bullish Again and this is exactly what it will Be doing I'm a swing Trader I've been Going through these Cycles I've been Seeing it many times before many people Are starting to become bearish again Here while I've been bearish from the Top side and right now I'm starting to Get bullish again I'm aware Bitcoin can Probably go a little bit more lower but This is just how the game works you Never will be exactly catch the bottom And you probably will never exactly Catch the top however we've done that a Couple times in the past you always are Going to be wrong a little bit here and That is why I'm going to Dollar cause Averaging towards my training positions So that was it for me in today's update Video if you did like it don't forget to Slap out the like button on today's Video subscribe to the channel and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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