Bitcoin is about to be flashing death Gross and in this exact video I will Talk about what this means for Bitcoin Of course I will talk about the imminent Short term I will talk about Bitcoin and The most important levels and resistance And many more important charts that we Need to discuss right here so don't Forget to slap up the like button back Above 300 on today's update video if we Could do that that would be absolutely Amazing and with that of being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term of Bitcoin and one Straight away diving in towards the Imminent short term yesterday I've Talked about this very important Downward sloping resistance line and yet Again today it has been providing Significant resistance for Bitcoin again Here so this is the resistance line we Should be looking at and of course if We're going to be approaching Bitcoin we Really want to be holding the 25.6 K as Soon as we do lose that level what we in This case have not been doing I Personally think we're going to come Down to 24.8k and if we come down to 24.8k that is exactly my buy range but If Bitcoin can start to be breaking Towards the upside and break above the Downward sloping trend line right here My targets could be all the way to the Top side of the range sitting around

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27.8k and and since the range is quite Big here that would already mean a 3.3% Move what is of course quite a big of a Move if you would ask me here so that is Definitely a thing that I'm looking out For and if we can really break Above This level here I personally really Think 27.8k is going to be next and that Is of course that Range High in the Market right here Sitting and if we break above that level Then of course we're probably get to be Retesting this range right here the Previous lows on the market right 28.8k But of course I will be talking about Those targets if we really break towards The upside as well at the same time Bitcoin at as well at the same time for The past few days and weeks actually Bitcoin has just been super boring to be Exact for the past 21 days here but if We're going to be looking at the holders Cheat sheet we can currently see that We're in the stage of stagnation and It's pretty funny because the Bitcoin Price right now is also really Stagnating at this point point so so Maybe it's got something to do with this But definitely very interesting to be Looking at here at the same time as well Bitcoin is still creating a bullish Divergence on The Daily time frame also On the 12 early time frame and the Question really remains when is it going

To be playing out and once it does Decide to be playing out Bitcoin could Start to see a very sharp move here Because yes we're clearly creating a Bullish Divergence and until it plays Out it's already too late here so I am Paying attention towards the market Right now here and I won't be surprised To see a balance towards the upside Maybe first we're going to see a little Bit more of a dip here but in the end of The day I personally think we're going To be getting a bounce towards the Upside like I said in the beginning of The video if we can really come down to 24.8k I will be a massive buyer and I'm Also going to be opening up new long Positions on bitcoin if we retest that Exact level further on we can currently See here if we're looking at Bitcoin is That we're about to be having a death Cross here what is quite a dangerous Signal that currently is flashing here The def cross basically means here that The 250 moving average are going to be Crossing each other and that would mean That the trend is going going to be Shifting around earlier this year we had A bullish crossover and that caused of Course Bitcoin to go even higher we saw Also that retest of the 200 weekly we Saw also the retest of the 200 day Average and we bounced perfectly from it And this time around it is actually

Acting as resistance and if we're even Looking further on in towards the History of this and if we're going to be Even looking further in the history of This indicator of the death cross and The Golden Cross back in towards January 20122 the beginning of that gigantic Bare Market in rally towards the Downside we had a Dev cross Bitcoin move Down here back in October we've got a de Cross and then here in February 2020 We've got a golden cross but after that The pandemic Crush happen so yes these Crosses may not say necessarily exactly What is going to be happening but only What it is currently telling us is that The trend direction is going to shift Around here and yeah that would also Mean that we're going to be having a Little bit more of a bearish bias in This market so the question really Remains here are we going to be holding Above the $25,000 because in my opinion This is the most important level to be Looking at we could be looking at the Death row or whatsoever but as long as We're holding above $25,000 I don't see A reason to panic but as soon as soon as We do break below this level then I Would start to panic here and then I Would definitely start to be loading up For shorting positions so yeah I'm going To keep my eyes wide open on this level And if we break below it you will be the

First one to know here on the channel I Know right now there's not a lot of Stuff happening for me it's also very Hard to talk about new stuff in the Market and to search for new stuff in The market but currently there's just Not a lot of stuff happening so if you Want to be buying or trading or do Anything with crypto though go to buy it In the link description because you can Actually currently claim a free deposit Bonus up to $1,000 and how you can claim That free $1,000 is just by signing up An account using that link in Description depositing $100 within 7 Days and you can already claim that free $1,000 so it's super valuable you could Claim it on xrp or on bitcoin it's Completely free and also you only need To deposit $100 so it's a very big Opportunity for everyone out there who's Interested in trading but yeah if you're Interested go to the link description of Today's video further on on the weekly Time frame I just mentioned it already That $225,000 as long as we're holding Above it I don't see a reason to panic Here and we can also start to see here That Bitcoin before created in hand and Shoulders spattern and basically what We're currently seeing here is the Breakout of the hand and shoulders and Right now the retest of the hand and Shoulders and I've said this as well in

Yesterday's video if you're just purely Looking at Bitcoin you could be also Approaching it as a double bottom either Right now that we're creating or either As a potential W pattern with a double Bottom and if we're then going to be Retesting that previous high in the Market and we break above it we're Probably going to see a gigantic move For Bitcoin and I mean look at the Current environment for crypto there are So many things happening here first of All Graco has coined the for the Approval of their Bitcoin sport ETF and Due to sailor actions they have brought A pronoun shift enabling companies to Include Bitcoin in their financial Statements making basically Bitcoin more Widely adopted for large institutions Also Visa has partnered up with salana Metam musk partnered up with PayPal to Create an option to sell your crypto What makes it even more convenient for Users and yesterday as well Arc Investments has felt for a spot ETF on Ethereum and probably more are coming And that is gigantic news here in my Opinion and like nothing is happening With the price only thing what we're Seeing is more sideways price action and Also more rejections you can see it here On the weekly time frame Bitcoin is Trading below the eme ribbon we're Getting positive news left and right the

Bitcoin is just not reacting but you Have to understand there are some large Institutions and big players in the back CR currently accumulating Bitcoin Because we do know the Bitcoin Historical interest on Google is at a 5year low but at the same time black Rock is aping into Bitcoin so what does It mean the smart money is currently Stepping in towards the market so should You of course there is no Financial Advice but this is personally what I am Doing I am following the smart money and Since they're currently aping in towards The market I am doing the exact same Because that is how I'm going to be Winning you can see also in the weekly Time frame for Bitcoin massive downtrend Currently retesting it I personally Think also makes it set up to be a very Good buying opportunity and to be exact Within 220 days the next Bitcoin Hing Will be there and that would also cause A more scarcity shock in the price Action of Bitcoin and also if you just See on which part of the cycle we're Currently in here we're not in the part Of the cycle where we're going to be Crashing 50 to 80% there no we've Already had that this is the time and The part of the cycle where we're going To accumulate and where we're going to Be rebuilding the next bullrun and the Foundation for the next Bull Run so get

Ready for that here I am not losing my Attention right now here these large Institutions are ready to jump in on the Bitcoin market and that is going to Cause massive inflows of money the SP SPO ETF for Bitcoin is going to cost Massive inflows of money so pay Attention towards the market right now Here but that was it for me on today's Update video thank you so much for Watching towards amazing new update Video and I hope to see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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