BITCOIN CRASHING NOW!!! [important update]

Bitcoin is dumping right now and this is Happening while Bitcoin is trading in The weekend so we're creating one Gigantic CME Gap as well I will be Talking about the price section of Bitcoin I will talk about the big levels Of support below us the big important Patterns we're currently creating and We'll give an update on my very Important trade because I will be adding More margin and in this exact video I Will show you my strategy how I will be Doing that and much more important stuff Because next week we're going to have a Very important week because we will have These CPI data we will have the fomc Meeting and if we're looking about where The inflation is going to come in at it Looks to be it's going to come in Somewhere around four percent so that Will be a drop by 0.8 percent and after That we will have the fomc meeting and In that Fab meeting we will probably see The first pass of the FED since the rate Hikes started so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be very Important can we once again snap up the Likes back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that have Been said let me jump straight away in Towards the content so what we can Currently see here only in the short Term Bitcoin is dumping towards the Downside quite significantly and this

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Move towards the downside basically Started somewhere in the weekend and That means that we're currently creating A CME Gap a Bitcoin see me close while Somewhere around 26.5 K also really Depends where Bitcoin is going to close The weekend of course but we could be Generating a gigantic CME Gap right here Of course usually once Bitcoin dumps Over the course of the weekend we either Tends to see a pump on the Monday or in The Tuesday or Wednesday so make sure to Get ready for that that is also what I'm Preparing for of course Bitcoin could Dump most certainly very much lower but If we're looking across all markets we Can actually see that Bitcoin is doing Quite well here because Bitcoin is down 3.6 percent ethereum down five percent BNB down 10 and cardeno then 24 and so So there are already more than four or Five coins down over 20 in just the top 20 of crypto so it's a big red day today So yeah that's why it's always very Important especially in bear Market Recovery faces to have the main money in Bitcoin and ethereum and as soon as Bitcoin and ethereum approach new Autumn Highs that is the point where I would Really start to scale in towards all Coins so be aware just like Bitcoin Altcoins could also still suffer more Towards the downside if I'm looking at Bitcoin right now here on the internet

Short term it looks to be that we're Continuing the downtrend we continue to Set lower highs and also we are Continuing the lower Trend as well so Far of course we've not created a lower Low the what we can currently see here Is that the tops from the highs are Getting more explanation towards the Downside while the lows are getting less Exponential what means that we're Creating somewhat of a falling wedge Pattern here you can clearly see it here On the 4la time frame Bitcoin is Currently once again approaching this Very important support line you can see It as well in the daily time frame I've Been talking about this pattern for Quite a while right now here this is Definitely still a bullish bias pattern But we are currently of course retesting Very important support and there's Always a chance we're of course going to Be breaking down and if we do break down What are the big levels of support below Us I've been saying it for quite a while Right now 25.6k the level that we're Currently trading on is big support but You can clearly see this range right Here below us that we have not tested so Far here and let me make it a little bit More clear this range between 24.5 K and 25.5 K is a very important range of Support and if Bitcoin is going to be Approaching this level I am expecting

There's going to be a lot of support Found around this level of course Bitcoin can fall all the way down to 24 000 and I will continue to stay long Here because I've said this for quite a While already currently I'm in a two Percent loss of my trade no big deal at All because what my strategy is here is To add more margin as Bitcoin continues To go down and I have said it several Times before I am still expecting Bitcoin could come down to twenty four Thousand dollars and I will personally Keep continuing to add more margin Towards this trade as Bitcoin goes down Of course if Bitcoin goes down below 23 000 I'm going to start worrying but as Long as we are above 24 000 I just see It as a perfect retest of this entire Range right here what I think is a very Good opportunity to Long Bitcoin so I Will keep continuing to add more margin Towards my trade so if you're interested In following my journey and for me to be Building up my 1 million US dollar Bitcoin position don't forget to Subscribe to the channel currently it's A 136k position and I am planning to be Building up a million US dollar position But of course I'm only going to be Adding more margin if Bitcoin goes lower I am really waiting for some targas 24.8k 25.2k and if Bitcoin is going to Start hitting these levels I'm going to

Start adding significantly more margin But will also make my trade bigger and My average entry price lower so if You're interested in following this Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Because I will keep you guys exactly up To date what I will be doing with my Trade here I will give you guys a brief Update every single video so you can Follow my journey and you can follow my Approach on how I swing trade the market And if you're interested in trading Yourself don't forget to go to bitget in The links description because bitget Allows you to trade without VPN without Kyc and you can get actually a free 15 By signing up an account and if you are Are interested in trading with large Romance you can also claim the post Bonus up to fifty thousand dollars so That is only valid if you sign up an Account using link in description so go To the link in description if you're Interested in trading go to bitget and Set up your account right now Furthermore if we are looking at the Price section of Bitcoin we can see that We're still creating a daily bull flag I Never so far still holding on towards That support at the same time I've been Talking about this level for quite a Long time right now here you can see the Upper sloping support line that's going To come in somewhere around twenty five

Thousand dollars and the horizontal Level that's also going to come in Around 25 000 so there's still a massive Amount of support below us and that is Definitely a thing I'm not worried about If I'm looking through the economic Calendar events we can currently see That next week is going to be a very Busy week here because next week we will First have the CPI data come out on the Market that will probably spice up the Volatility already and just the day After we are going to have the fomc Meeting what is also going to be very Important because always on the fomc Meeting Bitcoin and just Assets in General are extremely volatile so the Market is actually expecting thing that We're going to see a rate pause that's a 70 likelihood of course this could Change depending on where the inflation Is going to come in at so it looks to be That we're probably going to see a pause In a rate hikes for the FED it's also Going to be very important what Jerome Paul is going to say on that Wednesday Meeting so just stay up to date I will Be live streaming it so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and if I will Be looking at the inflation data that's Literally going to get released in three Days from now on we do see that the Consensus and the forecasts are around 4.1 to 4.3 percent what means that

Inflation is going to drop by Approximately 0.6 to 0.8 percent what is The significant decrease in inflation And actually for the next month of July We're expecting also that inflation is Going to jump back towards three percent And I am actually expecting that the FED Could start to cut the rates since the Banking pressure is becoming so high and Inflation is dropping so quickly they Could start to drop their rates again Here and if we're looking at the Forecast when this is going to be Happening it's probably going to be Somewhere at the end of this year so We're going to be waiting for that but That's going to be very interesting so Next week is going to be a very volatile Week here I will be live streaming both Inflation data and the fomc meeting so Subscribe to the channel to stay up to Date about that because in those streams I will also do some live trading Furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is Still creating that carpet handle Pattern I mean nothing is really Changing here Bitcoin is still in a Valid cop and handle pattern and once it Breaks out here the price Target is Absolutely shocking towards 53 000 US Dollars if I am looking at the Bitcoin Dominance we are exactly breaking Bullish like we've been saying in Yesterday's video here we are right now

Breaking about at 48.5 regen this top Side right here and we're actually Sitting on 49.2 here and and my expected Target for the Bitcoin dominance is 52 So this is what I will be aiming for we Can see that all coins are really soft And I am actually continuing to expect That this is going to be the meta for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general That all coins are just going to not do So well and you can see already Bitcoin Season is here Bitcoin dominance has Been moving up crazy ever since September 2022 and I'm actually Expecting it's going to continue so be Ready for that I am also a Bitcoin buyer Now not necessarily an altcoin buyer Right here you can see here as well the Bitcoin price action is creating a very Important daily uptrend and we're about To retest it we are once again Re-testing the horizontal neckline but Also trading below the 200 weekly moving Average so it's going to be important to See where the weekly candle is going to Close for Bitcoin because if we break Below the 200 weekly moving average it Could be of course a very bearish signal For Bitcoin and crypto in general and Also if I'm looking at the email ribbon We are right now at critical support so I truly hope we're going to hold on Towards the email ribbon because this is Very important support for Bitcoin so

That was it for me on today's update Video a lot of information to take in Here next week is going to be extremely Volatile well we are already seeing Volatility right now here while we're Creating a gigantic CME Gap so get ready For this here guys it's going to be an Exciting week next week so get ready for This it's going to be an exciting week Next week here and of course keep your Eyes wide open on the upcoming see me Again that we're currently going to Create I'm expecting more volatility Since the weekend already started with a Lot of volatility I will be expecting to See of course a big bounce if this is Going to be where Bitcoin is going to Consolidate over the course of the Weekend so stay up to date on the Channel for deadline I will continue I Will continue to add more margin towards My trades here if Bitcoin keeps Continuing to go down here so thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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