Bitcoin is creating a bear flick right Now and within five hours Bitcoin will Be moving big for sure because right now Today the CPI data and the core Inflation data will come out and I will Be exactly discussing this on today's Update video so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be a Very important one I'm going to give an Update on my trade I'm going to give an Update about where I think Bitcoin is Heading towards next so make sure to Watch this video till the end I also Will give a brief update on what Currently is going down with ethereum so Don't forget to watch this video till The end and can we once again slap up The likes back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin so after we've seen this Significant movement towards the Downside we're right now starting to Create a Bear Flag for Bitcoin and all Through a writing creating this Bear Flag as soon as we do break below this Very important level of support we could See a bigger continuation happening for Bitcoin towards the downside and of Course due to the fact that the CPI data Data and core inflation data will come Out today we will be seeing more Volatility happening as soon as this

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Data comes out and it will come out Exactly on 12 30 GMT and that is an Approximately four to five hours after This video is live so yes currently if We're looking at the inflation we're Expecting it's going to drop by 0.1 Percent but it remains to be a little Bit sticky and it's going to be very Important to look at the food inflation And core inflation and if we will be Looking at that we can see that actually The core inflation is going to stay at The same level probably somewhere around 5.6 percent what means that the core Inflation remains to be sticky and that Is also probably a reason why we could Potentially see a bigger dump happening Today on the price chart of Bitcoin and Potentially some classic stocks as well Because Bitcoin usually is the most Volatile once the CPI data comes out Here so make sure to keep your eyes wide Open on it right now if I'm looking at The 40 time frame Bitcoin indeed broke Below very important support and right Now we're seeing that small continuation Towards the downside happening and ever Since we broke towards the downside I Did open up a small short position Currently this shorting position is About 2.7 K in profit it's a very small One I will continue to have this Straight open because it is a very big Likelihood that we're going to break

Down of the Bear Flag and if that Happens Bitcoin is probably going to see Continuation lower and of course to be Very clear as soon as Bitcoin breaks Below this very important support box Around 27 000 US Dollars we're going to See a bigger dump happening for Bitcoin So once Bitcoin does break below this Level the price targets for me are going To be somewhere around 24 000 because if You're looking at the head and shoulders Pattern for Bitcoin you can currently See as soon as we do break below the Neckline the price target of this Pattern right here is going to be Somewhere around 24 to 24 and a half and That is why we'll be targeting these Levels and that is why we'll be trying To continue to ride my trade towards the Downside at the meantime I am still Willing to be opening up a gigantic Bitcoin long position and I will be Starting to be opening up this long Position as soon as Bitcoin comes down To twenty four thousand US dollars so I'm going to keep my eyes wide open on That level if Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking down I am expecting a bigger Continuation down is going to be Happening and the levels where I would Really start to be buying more in Towards Bitcoin is really around the 24 000 US dollar barrier right so just like I said like you can see right here as

Soon as we do break below this very Important support maybe we're going to Be bouncing from it due to the fact that The CPI data is going to come in a Little bit more favorable that if we do Break below this level then I am Expecting the next big support is going To be 24 to 25 000 and like you can see The twenty seven thousand dollars is a Very interesting and good level of Support but between that there's just Not a lot of support and resistance and There's just not a lot of volume traded In that range so due to that I am Expecting there's going to be an Extremely big move initiated for Bitcoin So that's why we'll be looking at for That one right now and basically once we Do confirm the break below this level You will be the first one to know here On my channel so don't forget to Subscribe right now here and and just Like I said once we come back towards This very important box of support right Here it is of course previous resistance On the market but it is also very big Volume support I'm going to be opening Up a gigantic Bitcoin long position Again so keep your eyes wide open on That one I will be deploying more than 200 000 US Dollars on this next Bitcoin Trade so make sure to subscribe to the Channel to stay exactly up to date about My next legendary Bitcoin trade here of

Course we can see on the daily time Frame that we're so far holding up to Support and we're basically still Consolidating in this very important Range right here and once we break out Of it either up or down we could really Start to see which direction Bitcoin is Really heading towards so stay up to Date for that one as well and basically Once looking at Bitcoin we can see that There's a lot of momentum indicators Currently telling us that we're about to Have a reversal and for me I will be Just very patiently wait to see if we do Break below that support if we confirm The break below 27 000 then it's Confirmed I think we're going to move Down to twenty four thousand dollars as Long as we're holding up towards that Level I think we could still ban us back Towards the upside of course for Bitcoin The most important resistance is trading Around 31 000 US Dollars and due to that Reason I will be very careful with Trading Bitcoin long on the very Important resistance I will be just Waiting to see if we do break above it Then I'm going to be of course initiate Bigger long positions for Bitcoin but as Long as we're just getting rejected by This level it doesn't make any sense for Me to be opening up a long position Exactly in resistance so that is why I'm Willing to wait for the potential retest

Also of the inverse on his shoulders Because on the weekly timeframe we Create the left shoulder the head the Right shoulder and if we will be Re-testing this level right here it's Going to grant us a very big buying Opportunity to be very clear this level Is going to come in somewhere around Twenty four thousand US dollars of Course once we do drop I will make an Emergency update or either job live on The channel to show you exactly what it Will be doing with my trades and will be A massive trade for sure at the same Time ethereum has been extremely Deflationary we can see that actually The last week on ethereum the supply Decreased by more than 63 000 ethereum What is actually quite significantly and On this space we're going to see Deflation of about minus 2.7 for Ethereum so that is actually very Bullish for ethereum but on the 12-hour Time frame we're still trading on very Important support if we do break below This support yeah it's going to be very Bearish but of course it's going to come In at what Bitcoin is going to do if Bitcoin is going to drop ethereum is Probably going to follow but of course On the weekly time frame also for Ethereum the level to really break above Here is 2100 US dollars so let's see What is going to be happening over there

But as soon as we do break Above This Level right here I'm definitely going to Be very bullish on ethereum but yeah for Me um since ethereum is so deflationary And of course it's going to stay Deflationary over the time I will be Adding more ethereum to Mark towards my Huddleback so that is what it will be Doing right now here but anyways this Was it for me in today's update video Make sure to keep your eyes wide open Where the CPI date is going to come in At and of course that would maybe Potentially give us a direction whether The Bitcoin support on 27 000 this level Right here is going to hold or whether It's going to fail so make sure to keep Your eyes wide open on it I will be Opening up a big trade on twenty four Thousand dollars and of course I will be Opening up this trade with more than two Hundred thousand dollars already I Deposited more than one hundred and Sixty thousand US dollars in towards my Buy account so if you're interested in Trading yourself don't forget to go to The link description right now sign in For the account on buybid or bitget and Actually if you use this link in Description right now you can claim an Additional deposit bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars so make sure to go to The link description right now of Today's video and sign up at account and

We'll see you guys there thank you so Much for watching guys and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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