This week is going to be massive for Bitcoin and starting today we are going To probably hear something about the six Bitcoin spot ETFs filings that are Either going to get postponed denied or Approved so this will be happening today Or in the coming days of this week here And I will be exactly talk what this Means for Bitcoin what we're currently Expecting I will talk about the imminent Short term the things that are going on Or better said the things that are not Going on right now here and I will of Course discuss the most important charts In crypto right now here so don't forget To stop up that like button on today's Update video can we smash it back up at 500 that will be absolutely incredible With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term of the price section of Bitcoin so looking at Bitcoin we can Currently see Bitcoin is just going Sideways consolidating between the high Of 26.8k and the low of 25.6 K Bitcoin Is basically consolidating between this Region and we're not really expecting Bitcoin is going to create a big move Until the news is going to hit the Market whether the spot ETFs are going To get denied approved or postponed and Most likely they're just going to get Once again postponed and they're going To be setting it towards the second

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Deadline for the spot DF so what we know Here is that on the first the second and The third the deadlines are there for The Black Rock Spot ETF the bitwise spot ETF the fun I spot ETF and three others As well so what we will be expecting That over the course of this weekend We're going to get this final hearing About whether they're going to approve Or deny it but what is very important to Know here is that yesterday we had some Banking holiday and today is Tuesday and Usually if you look back at previous ETFs approvals they always tend to let You know on either Tuesdays or either on Fridays so I am expecting that either Today we're going to get a decision or Either this Friday we're going to get a Decision so if it's not going to be Happening today it's probably going to Be happening Friday and what is very Likely to expect is that they're going To postpone it and that will probably Potentially mean that the market is Going to take another dump towards the Downside because yes if the spot ETF is Going to get postponed again we're Probably going to see a lag towards the Down because people and you should be on The lookout for what the SEC is exactly Saying because if they're just Postponing it it's not going to get Denied because they can still approve it In the future and if the headlines are

Saying Bitcoin SPF denied make sure to Do your research correctly and there Could be a situation where you're going To get fooled where the Bitcoin SPF is Not even denied at all but it's just Postponed and you're just exactly Selling on the bottom since yes a lot of Indicators are right now pointing Towards a good buying opportunity for Bitcoin because if you're looking at the Onchain data we can currently see that There's almost no onchain selling going On here and the real reason why Bitcoin Dropped so significantly towards the Downside was due to the fact that the Open interest significantly dropped in The market more than 40% of the entire Open interest in the entire Bitcoin Market got dropped out here and this Means that Bitcoin of course suffered a Lot of sell pressure and due to that the Market moved down here but in the end of The day I think it's a very good thing Here since there's been a big Del Leveraging in the market we right have a Bigger opportunity to accumulating more Cheaper Bitcoin with lower open interest If you are interested in buying bit Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies go to The link description of today's video Because if you sign up an account on Buyit right now here you can actually Claim a free $1,000 Bitcoin or xrp long Or short position and all you need to do

Here is go to the link description of Today's video sign up an account using That link deposit $100 within 7 days and You can claim a free $1,000 used Bitcoin Or xrp long or short position so if You're really interested in buying Bitcoin and crypto make sure to do it on Buybit because then you can also claim An extra $1,000 us fur on we can Currently see here looking at Bitcoin on The 12-hour time frame there's just not A lot of stuff happening Bitcoin is once Again consolidating sideways looking at The RSI we've been shooting back towards The upside backing towards neutral Territorium and if Bitcoin really is Going to be creating a move towards the Downside we will probably most likely Create a bullish Divergence on that RSI So I'm quite excited about Bitcoin right Now here there's just not a lot of stuff Happening and we're just waiting before The news is really going to hit the Markets you can see 24 to $225,000 is Still the major support below us you Have to be on high alert here the Bitcoin price action has actually been Dropping below the 200 weekly moving Average and even though 71,000 Bitcoins Were withdrawn from exchanges over the Past month Bitcoin is still sitting at a Low and don't you think that the elites Are manipulating or buying a rent these Levels I personally think yes because

Why are we because why are we right now Seeing such a massive decrease of Bitcoin balance and exchanges it's Probably because some people are buying Bitcoin over OTC and you have to Understand if black rock is going to be Buying Bitcoin the market is probably Not going to show strength because they Are acquiring their Bitcoin through Miners exchanges and governments all Through OTC dues what means that they Are not directly influencing the price Of Bitcoin so make sure to take this in Account and once it comes out and once The sport ETF is going to get approved We're probably going to also likely see A big jump not only in the Bitcoin price Section but also on the Bitcoin Dominance because I personally think if We're going to get that Bitcoin SP ETF That altcoins are going to suffer a Little bit more here before are going to Take take back their territorium so the People that are currently saying that You have to go all into all coins I Think that's a little bit of a big risk In the market right now here so what I'm Currently expecting is that actually the Bitcoin dominance is going to continue The increasement even if Bitcoin is Going to dump towards the downside Altcoins are probably going to suffer More so be on high alert if you're going To be buying and trading altcoins

Looking at the funding rates it's Starting to neutralize what means that Some shorting positions are going out of The market right now here and if I'm Looking at the 200 we EMA here we can Currently see that Bitcoin is finding Support on the 200 we EMA and if you're Looking back here you can see it acted As resistance but back in 2015 we also Found very significant strength around This level so I won't be surprised to Once again see a very big bounom of this Level just like we saw in 2015 so Bitcoin is actually at a very Interesting level in my opinion Bitcoin Is really a long-term investment it's Not a short-term investment so I am Extremely excited about the future of Bitcoin but I am very high alert that Bitcoin can potentially once again drop Another 50% at the end of the day I'm Here for the long run and not for the Short term and I am very convinced that In two years from now on there's going To be a new Bull Run and I'm going to be Making a ton a ton of money so thank you So much for watching to watch Amazing New update video there's not a lot of Stuff happening maybe it's going to be Happening later today if we're going to Get an approval or a denial of a Bitcoin Sport ETF but uh you have to keep your Eyes wide open on my Twitter page at Rover CRC if you want to be staying up

To date about that so thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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