Bitcoin City: Financial freedom other advantages in El Salvador

In Bitcoin City there's not going to be Any payroll tax no wealth tax there's no Inheritance tax when you're ready to Pass your wealth On to the Next Generation it goes straight through what You have is basically an idea of Government in Bitcoin city that is Funded solely on a value-added tax it's Really going to be revolutionary and I Think that it's going to be interesting Thing to watch I happen to think it's Going to be successful but I also know That it's going to need a lot of work if It's going to be successful any Entrepreneurial Spirits out there come To El Salvador and help us build this Thing you have every opportunity to just Set up a corporate organization in El Salvador that can take advantage of all Of these Financial benefits and it's not Just no taxation on on foreign sourced Income we don't have any property tax in El Salvador you buy a piece of property And then you have Freehold title that Lasts forever and you don't have to pay Any property tax on it that's a pretty Big benefit if you're thinking in long Term

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