BITCOIN: CALM BEFORE THE STORM… [price targets revealed!]

Bitcoin is coming closer and closer Towards his next potential breakout and In his exact video I will be talking About the price targets of this exact Breakout and more importantly I will Talk about my next trade my current Ongoing trade and the current movement For Bitcoin on the imminent short term So don't forget to watch this video till The end it's going to be a very Important one and can we once again Smash it back above 500 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and look we can see Here on the imminent short term Bitcoin Is so far still creating this lower high Structure on that one hour time frame While at the same time we are forming Higher lows as well so we can clearly See we are currently spotting a small Little uptrend right here well we also Have a larger trend downtrend for Bitcoin so that is why I will currently Look at two very important levels for The image short term on the one hour Time frame we can currently see that Literally we're hitting resistance for Bitcoin around the 29.2 K Target and I Currently expect as soon as we do break Above that level we're probably going to See a more significant Spike towards the Upside also looking at the Lower Side we Can clearly see that this level right

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Here that's currently trading around 28.2 K approximately will be the big Support for Bitcoin on the lower side as You can see also on the one hour time Frame that we actually brought bullish Of the ascending triangle and Realistically speaking the next price Target that we could be reaching for Bitcoin and to be very honest we're Officially not breaking necessarily Bullish at that point is the 29.8k so Let's see if we can reach that level for Me as well the real resistance and Support to be looking at is on the four Hourly time frame on the four hourly Time frame we can clearly see Bitcoin so Far is still trading in this gigantic Consolidation phase where we have been Sold for trading in for already over 20 Days and the point that this pattern Will be breaking out we will be seeing Massive Market volatility and of course If we're going to be breaking bullish we Need to be breaking off the top side of Resistance and if we do break bullish we Will be seeing a bullish continuation Towards the upside to 32 000 US Dollars On the top side so that is of course a Significant Target that I will be Looking for if we do break bearish my Price Target on the lower side is going To be 25 000 but of course yet again we Will only anticipate these targets where We're going to be breaking below support

Or whether we're going to be breaking Above resistance so so far we just have To wait a little bit here and this is Exactly also where we'll be opening up My next bigger trade yesterday I took a Very small trade here on bitcoin on my Live stream I made only like 300 Approximately but there was also only a Trade of two thousand dollars so once we Do see the breakout of this pattern Right here I will be opening a far Larger trade here to make far larger Profits and I will just wait to see Whenever we confirm the breakout for me To be opening up that trading position For Bitcoin you can see also on the 12 Hour time frame you can even extend Level of support on the lower side but We are clearly trading in a gigantic Consolidation phase and this is Basically like I've been saying for Quite a while already the first real big Consolidation phase for Bitcoin after we Had this one right here for a Bitcoin Consolidating towards the downside and Eventually breaking down before faking Up and breaking up back towards the Upside but basically this is yet again Another gigantic consolidation phase That will be breaking out and just like The previous ones we usually see very Big moves from of these breakouts so if You are interested in trading these Breakouts don't forget to check out buy

Bit or big get in the link in Description they're both offering you Insane deposit bonuses and without this Link it's only 4 000 with the link it's A thirty thousand US Dollars proposal Bonus so make sure to check it out in The link in the description right now if You're interested in training Bitcoin or Altcoins in general looking further in Towards it we can currently see that of Course we are currently training in a Decent volume range here but if we Really break below 27 000 like I've said Almost for every single video we are in Big problems because we're going to Enter the low volume range so make sure To be look at the big support below us Right now is currently 27.2 K if we Break below it we're going to be in big Problems but but as long as we do hold On towards it I think everything will be Looking just fine for Bitcoin of course If I do look at the momentum currently We can see that the momentum is Currently still looking a little bit Dangerously on the bigger perspective we Can see on the three-day time frame We're of course creating those higher Highs will all the momentum indicators Are creating lower highs what is of Course a big dangerous signal for me so I am still very careful right now for Bitcoin of course I do know that on the Limited short term we're pushing back

Towards the upside but on the bigger Perspective things actually still look Quite dangerous for Bitcoin and that is Why I'm also taking this in account Yesterday we also had the fomc meeting First we had a small little drop and Then we push back towards the upside There wasn't really a lot of volatility Because Jerome Paul didn't say Necessarily something very unexpectedly What is very interesting is that Currently for the next meeting in July 2023 we're seeing that an interest rate Cut is currently getting priced in what Means that people are expecting Jerome Paul is going to cut the race by 25 Basis points so let's see if it's going To be happening when I was listening to Yesterday's meeting it didn't really Sound like he was going to cut the rates Next meeting but yeah if it does decide To happen it's going to be of course Very bullish for markets and of course It's also going to signal that the Federal Reserve is going to be pivoting So we have to be waiting for the next Meeting to see what's going to be Playing out right there but indeed it's Going to be very interesting where it is Going to come down at and yes of course The Federal Reserve will have a massive Impact on the markets we can all see in The weekly timeframe for Bitcoin that Bitcoin is currently pushing back in

Towards the weekly resistance for Bitcoin right here I'm very curious if We can do break above it if we do break Above this region it's going to be Definitely very significant and I will Keep my eyes wide open because if we do Break Above This weekly resistance it's Going to be very bullish for Bitcoin so I'm going to keep all my eyes wide open Right now here the once we do break Above This level you will be the first One to know here on the channel but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video it was once again a short One there's not a lot of stuff happening Right now here we're just waiting to see When Bitcoin is going to break out once It breaks out we're going to see this Volatility hit the market so thank you So much for watching towards amazing new Update video and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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