This Bitcoin bu flag pattern is about to Be breaking out and on today's update Video I'm going to talk about my price Targets I'm going to of course talk About ethereum that has seen a Significant pump towards the upside I Will be explaining what currently is Happening why ethereum is moving upwards And what are my price targets for this Exact ethereum breakout we're currently Getting so this and many more important Charts about Bitcoin will'll be getting Discussed on today's update video so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap that like button back again above 800 likes will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so Right now it is Monday again here and That means that today we're going to Have new spot Bitcoin ETF flows and also The C Futures chart is once again opened And we've got a small little Gap here Above us so if I go to the C me future Chart on bitcoin you can clearly see That currently there's a slight little Gap here in the market and this is most Likely going to get filled up eventually And this Gap is of course currently Sitting between 51,000 200 towards 51,4 so make sure to be on high alert And I won't be surprised that we are Actually going to be filling up this gap Before having another move upwards or

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Potentially another move downwards Because literally 99% of all the Bitcoin C me gaps they tend to get filled up Within 2 days after creation So Currently Bitcoin is still in this Consolidation phase we're still trading Sideways we have still not clearly Decided which direction we're heading Towards and to be very clear we have Right now been consolidating sideways For over 11 days right now here and it Is really starting to get quite boring Out there and honestly I totally Understand but while this is happening We can literally see that Bitcoin is About to be having another gigantic move Here because because while we've been Consolidating sideways we have not Really decided which move is going to be Next yet the volume is actually quite Significantly dropping altcoins are Exploding but but I will be talking About that a little bit more later in Today's video but you can clearly see That these are all the signals that we Are about to actually have another big Squeeze here in the market and then if I Were to be looking at the bullet B we Can also see that the bullet B is Actually getting quite tight out there And once the bullish B is quite tight Usually that is going to be the signal That we're going to be having that next Move from Bitcoin so yes we have still

Not seen that next move here I mean we Have been clearly seeing a breakout of That falling wge pattern but just like I Said yesterday as well it happened over The course of the weekend so I'm not Super convinced about this move and Since we're creating a c me Futures Gap We could still fill it up on the lower Side but indeed we did broke the Downward soping resistance line but I Mean honestly as long as we're not Seeing a clear breakout outside of the Region as long as that is not happening I'm not expecting any significant moves On bitcoin I mean right now we are Creating a larger consolidation phase And that is still that bull flag pattern You could be approaching it on the 12-hour time frame you could be Approaching it on the 4H hourly time Frame but basically what we're seeing is That Bitcoin is creating a massive bull Flag pattern with a price Target sitting Around $62,000 what is actually quite massive Because yeah how you calculate these Moves on bitcoin bu flag is that you of Course first calculate the first Impulsive move then you're going to be Calculating that move towards the low of The bull flick pattern and then towards The breakout Target and that is going to Be around $62,000 in this case around so As soon as Bitcoin does design to be

Breaking that downward sling resistance Line we're creating here on the top side That is the point where we are breaking Out of that bull flag pattern and you Can see already that we've got more than Two three four five rejections in a row From the top side of resistance and more Than one two three four supports from The Lower Side so this is a clear Significant pattern in the market that I Will be expecting to be playing out once We do see a breakout above either Resistance or support on the lower side But while this is playing out here and While I'm keeping my attention towards This pattern I want you guys to know That currently open interest on bitcoin Exchanges is literally sitting at Alltime highs and while this is Happening funding rates are actually not That overheated yet at this moment but They are are overheated but they could Get way more overheated for sure so Indeed there are some signals that People are all longing the market and Due to that and yes funding rates are High I mean honestly I've seen funding Rates being way higher in bull runs so I Think is this overextended I mean it's a Little bit overextended but it is not so Overextended that we can't go higher but Make sure to pay attention towards it And more importantly if I'm currently Looking at the liquidation heat map

Actually I'm seeing that the liquidity Is being built up above us right now Here around $52,000 200 if we touch that level we're going To squeeze out an approximately billion Used dollars in Bitcoin short positions So I will be expecting that most likely Today or tomorrow we are first going to Be seeing potentially that semi Futures Gap going to get filled up and then We're going to be pushing up to 52,000 Us again or we're straight away pushing Up to $52,000 to of course grab out that Liquidity in the market that currently Is being built up because like I've Always said several times before on the Channel Bitcoin always goes where the Liquidity gets created and currently Liquidity is being built up above us so Most likely Bitcoin is going to be Seeing that push towards the upside to Take out that topside liquidity if you Want to be trading Bitcoin on any of These breakouts on the liquidation heat Map or any other pattern guys make sure To go to deep coin where you can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also You could be joining me on copy trading Or join any other successful copy Trader That has been doing more than $70,000 in Profits in the last 30 days you could All copy them copy trading will be only Available if you actually sign up an

Account using that link below because It's still a new thing to decoin and Only a certain amount of members can Check it out here and it's only valid if You sign up an account using that link Below so make sure to check it out right Now here there are many profitable Traders that actually are doing Significant amounts of profit and you Could be joining them as well and on top Of that if you sign up an account using That link below you will also get an Additional deposit bonus worth $200 Further on we can currently see that Bitcoin actually confirmed the weekly Bearish Divergence on that Weekly time Frame we have been creating a lower high Here on the RSI and a higher high in the Price action and since Bitcoin Clos that Weekly candle in the red we are right Now confirming a weekly bearish Divergence is this a bad thing I mean Honestly uh it is not good for the Weekly time frame it's not looking good For Bitcoin but things could still Change if the imature term does have That bullish breakout if we do clearly See the bearish breakdown from of this Level I could be expecting a bigger Correction is going to be happening for Bitcoin but as long as that is not Happening I don't really see a big Reason to be worrying about it but I do Want to be pointing it out because how

The last big run-ups on bitcoin ended Was all on the Divergence on the weekly Time frame so let's take for example the High right here so Bitcoin create an Higher high on the price chart lower High on the RSI we created a massive Bearish Divergence and that was of Course marking the exact top for Bitcoin Then also the reversal at the bottom and Here also I got a lot of hate because People were denying it thought oh no why Are you calling this this is stupid but On the exact bare Market low on bitcoin We created a bullish Divergence and that Was the exact local bottom for Bitcoin So these things are very important to be Paying attention towards and every Single time we create them they tend to Indicate somewhat of a trend to shift on Bitcoin I mean so this could once again Mark a big Trend reversal on the price Action of Bitcoin once again here so Never in the history of Bitcoin and Bears Divergence has really been fooling Us I mean honestly we could of course Still deny the Bears Divergence how Would that be happening if let's say Bitcoin bumps up even higher and creates A higher high on the RSI then it will Get invalidated for for now on we are Confirming a bearish Divergence on the Bitcoin weekly time frame and I want you To be paying attention towards it Because it is quite significant and you

Need to pay attention towards these Things here so I am not saying that I'm Necessarily bearish right here but like I said in several videos before I mean The main scenario is Bitcoin to go Higher I'm currently not opening up a Long position because I still think that Is a little bit too risky since of Course open interest is sitting at Altime highs funding rates are running High and Bitcoin has seen already a Significant surge towards the upside so My strategy is preferably to wait for a Correction and then open up my big big Positions on bitcoin but maybe this Bearish Divergence will get invalidated Because this time it is indeed different With those spot Bitcoin ETFs here so Right now Bitcoin of course trading Around 52.2k here the main resistance I'm currently approaching and once we Break Above This level that is going to Be the confirmation Bitcoin is probably Going to be seeing $60,000 next right Now as well only 48 days out before We're going to be having that next big Coin Hing and like we do know from the Hing historically speaking Bitcoin has Never formed a new atime high before Hing that has never happened before and Right now we are on the way to be Potentially do that but what Historically speaking has been happening Is that just one or two weeks before the

Bitcoin Hing we tend to be topping out And we tend to see a slight little Correction for a couple weeks here and Then the big bit Bitcoin Bull Run Starts Here It Happened Here in 2016 it Happened in towards 201 13 and it Happened also in 2020 so why would we deny that something Similar could be happening again Bitcoin Pushes up sees in the last week SL two Weeks before the Hing a slight little Drop and then boom the boom Market got Initiated I mean that would actually Make a lot of sense in my opinion and That would also give us some more time To actually prepare for that big Bitcoin Bull run right now here so um yeah I am Still preparing myself for this big Bitcoin Bull Run indeed it's going to Come but right now we're still in a very Early stage so you could definitely Still prepare yourself accordingly right Now for the next Bitcoin Bull Run also Guys the reason why ethereum is right Now being pumping so significantly most Likely due to the fact that the spot Ethereum ETF deadline is in 87 days from Now on and it's going to be happening Anytime soon here and I've been talking About this many times before as well but Etherum is going to have a spot ETF and This is going to be massive for the Market ethereum is currently breaking Out massively pushing up higher against

The Bitcoin bear I have saying this I've Been saying this well we've been trading At the exact low and I know for a fact That I've seen many many other crypto YouTubers talking about ethereum very Negatively saying that ethereum was Going to be having a large breakdown is Going to be losing a lot of value but I Will say this again and again I believe That this is the best time for ethereum And I think that ethereum is going to be Having a massive reversal against Bitcoin up towards these highs towards 0.085 why is because those that ethereum ETF the ethereum EP 4844 Improvement Proposal is going to also come through And this is going to be massive for Ethereum and the ecosystem liquidity is Going to be flowing there I've stated my Price Target is most likely towards that 0.65 to 0.618 sitting around $3,300 to $3,500 is in my opinion also quite a Realistic price Target but I believe That of course once we're going to come Closer towards that spot ETF um approval For ethereum there's going to be more Hype um there's going to be more hype And that is going to cause of course Course even more liquidity to flow in Towards ethereum because people know What it did with the Bitcoin support ETF So they want to get in on ethereum quite Early right now and if you're buying Ethereum right now you're literally

Buying ethereum before black rock is Even having the possibility to be buying That as well so this was it for me on Today's update video I super bullish on Ethereum I think that ethereum is going To be the leader in the market compared To Bitcoin in terms of performance in The coming two to three months here I Think ethereum is going to be Outperforming Bitcoin but of course Always all eyes on bitcoin because Bitcoin does decide which direction the Market goes towards so this was it for Me in today's update video thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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