Historical Bitcoin volatility is right Now at the low not seen in 50 days and Bitcoin is literally getting ready for Another move anytime soon and I will be Talking about what my price targets are From of this breakout where most likely Bitcoin is heading towards because right Now we're getting a clearer view about Where the liquidity is being built up so I think that I do know what the next Move is going to be for Bitcoin so Without any further Ado don't forget to Watch this video till the end because I Will talk about what I think is going to Be happening next and many more stuff Here so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap that like button back Above 800 likes on today's update video And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so Looking at the imminent short term we Can see that Bitcoin still is in the Bigger scheme of it all consolidating Just having a downward sling resist line On the top side a nerer stoping support Line on the lower side and basically What we're seeing is that the Bitcoin Price action is getting squeezed in Towards each other before having a Massive breakout eventually so there's Still nothing really new happening and We're still trading around the same Prices like we have been trading for in Approximately the last 11 days so indeed

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Bitcoin has been very boring ever since We of course had this beautiful trade From the Lower Side all the way here Towards the upside and there's one thing I can do guarantee you and that is that There is going to be a big move once Bitcoin breaks outside of the region so Right now we are indeed creating an Head And Shoulder spanner so this is a Typical bullish bias pattern and if Bitcoin breaks above the resistance here On the top side then I will be expecting A Contin ation towards the upside for Bitcoin and right now if we're looking At all the news would you know that the Outflows from the gray BTC are still Shrinking and yesterday we only saw 73 Million US Dollars flowing out of the Grayscale Bitcoin sport ETF but you have To also know that only the I shares Bitcoin ETF so the black R Bitcoin sport ETF we've also seen a larger inflow that Day here so yeah indeed there are some Very important things that you need to Be paying attention towards and of Course it looks like that the ETF volume Is just slowing down so the market can Once again relax a little bit more more But what we are seeing is still that Consolidation phase on bitcoin and I Discussed already my price Target Earlier in previous videos but currently To make it clear the bullish price Target is $45,000 the bearish target is

Going to be 40.8k and honestly what I Will be expecting is that if we do Confirm the break above the red box of Resistance I think the price Target is a Little bit higher than the price Target We've drawn and if Bitcoin breaks below The green box of support on the lower Side I think the price Target is going To be lower than the price being drawn Here as well so it's going to be Important to indeed look at the downward Sloping resistance and upward sloping Support but more importantly make sure To keep your eyes wide open on this very Important box of resistance that we are Right now looking at because if Bitcoin Potentially breaks below supported Resistance on this major time frame we Could start to see some bigger moves Getting generated and right now actually We're finally starting to see that Actually long positions are exitting the Market and that we're only seeing still Liquidity being built up on the short Position side and currently more than a Billion US dollars in Bitcoin short Liquidations are laying around 43.6k and is getting massively buil up Right now at this moment of time so I Think that the consensus right now is That most likely Bitcoin is first going To be going up before choosing another Direction and if I'm saying going up I'm Talking about at least go up towards

43.6k to show towards this level right Here the red box of resistance and once We approach that red box of resistance The question really remains are we going To be breaking above that red box or are We going to see just another rejection And move down from off that point but at Least it's going to be likely before Anything is going to be happening we are Going to see a move up towards the red Box and potentially we're going to see Another fake out because Bitcoin has Already created many fake outs off this Pattern so make sure to also approach These resistance boxes and take them Very seriously because I think they're Very important to be paying attention Towards and currently I am not going to Be opening up a trade on this breakout Right here because I just want to have a Little bit more of a lower risk profile Because if you've been following the Channel you do know that my last six Trads I took on the channel they they Were all profitable I've literally had Six out of the six winning trades and The last trade I took was an Approximately what was it on the 27th of January so it was a little while ago Here and honestly you can see also right Here here in this period of time I've Not traded for a month but sometimes I Just don't trade for the month and then Make a good trade again but for me it is

To be very important that a good Opportunity comes to me so I want to be Giving the market some more time because I see clearly that the market right now Is getting squeezed up there's a lot of There's a super low amount Volatility so there could be a very Explosive price move and that could of Course cause me to potentially get Liquidated and for me I just want to be Having a little bit more of an easier Setup so I am still going to be waiting Before I'm going to be doing my next Copy trade because because yes soon I Will be opening up this copy trading Account and if you want to be joining my Journey here with copy trading make sure To sign up an account using that link Below to decoin right now because I will Be doing my copy trading on decoin and If you R to sign up an account you will Already get a nice welcome bonus but of Course guys guys on top of that make Sure to check it out because in my Opinion the best copy traders in this Entire industry are on decoin you can Literally find the reason pnls how they Are performing and if you want to be Checking it out make sure to check out These other users as well there are a Lot of people from China that are Actually trading very well that you need To be checking out in my opinion but Soon I will be starting to do copy

Trading as well so you could either Trade yourself on decoin or join me with Copy trading in the future but anyways If you're interested to do so you have To sign up an account using the link Below to get an additional deposit bonus And to be able to follow me here on my Copy trading Journey so check it out in The link description of today's video Bitcoin is about to be having a massive Breakout we're still trading against Daily resistance and talking about daily Resistance this 43.3k level is the major Level that I'm approaching as daily Resistance once Bitcoin breaks above it Then the next resistance is going to be 46.9k so there is indeed a lot of upside If Bitcoin breaks Above This level to be Exact an approximately 8% move towards The upside so with leverage that could Be quite a big move here for Bitcoin and Of course looking at the volatility Index we can see that Bitcoin currently Is sitting at a massive low amount of Volatility it's been going sideways for An approximately 11 days right now in a Row and basically we're waiting for the Next move to get emerge right so we did Saw a lot of sideways action last time Around around this level but right now This time around as well we've already Been going sideways for more than eight Weeks in a bigger perspective because Yes uh maybe indeed you could say oh but

Bitcoin it has been moving up and down Here but in the EV event in the end of The day for the last let me say uh what Is it 67 days we've been just trading in The same price range so it is actually a Very good thing for Bitcoin but also it Could be very boring so we're going to Be looking closely about what we could Be expecting for Bitcoin next year the Bitcoin Hing is about to be here and Usually a couple weeks before the Bitcoin Hing we tend to see a run up a Bullish run up towards that Hing and Then we see a correction so the longer We are going to go sideways the more Likely it is going to be that we're Actually going to be seeing another a Push towards the upside so I'm still Expecting that in the last four to five Weeks before the H thing so that is in Approximately two to three weeks from Now on we're going to get a push towards The upside so if Bitcoin let's say were To be seeing another crash towards the Downside and that is my most favorable Situation because then I get the best Opportunity to be opening up cheap long Positions I'm going to be opening up Massive long so that is what I would Love to see I would love to see Bitcoin Go a little bit lower so I can be Opening up big trades here on bitcoin But for that I need to be lucky and Maybe it doesn't happen maybe it does

Happen but still that is my strategy That is what I hope to is going to be Playing out but the longer we're going To go sideways the more likely it is That Bitcoin is going to go up and if Bitcoin sees a correction towards the Downside it would be a very big gift and It would be a good opportunity to be Opening up new Bitcoin long positions And of course if we were to be seeing a Dip towards the downside where I would Be aiming to be opening up big positions On bitcoin is going to be 38 to $337,000 that major major previous level Of resistance I think that this level From the top up side to the Lower Side Back to $35,000 is going to be a super Interesting level to be looking at where I will be at least hoping to be opening On my trade at but I do also understand That the possibility for me to open up a Tra a trade over there is quite small But still if I'm looking at the monthly Time frame I can see that there is still Some liquidity on that Lower Side some Long positions that got a very cheap Entry and usually those get swept out But you have to understand that there's Been so much liquidity being built up Here on the top side with a lot of short Positions being built in this region That I do really think that first of all We're going to get a push towards the

Upside and maybe then we're going to get A push down here so this is what I'm Expecting this is what I'm currently Seeing if you want to be staying up to Date about all the next moves here make Sure subscribe to the channel and see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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