There is once again a significant amount Of liquidity piling up on the top side Of Bitcoin and once Bitcoin reaches that 44.6k Target more than $700 million Us In Bitcoin shorts will be getting Liquidated so make sure to get ready Because this is the Calm before the Storm before Bitcoin is going to be Having a massive breakout of this region Whether it's going to be upwards or Downwards I'm going to discuss what my Price targets are what we're expecting And more important when is this breakout Going to be happening so make sure to Watch this video till the end I try to Keep it as short as possible so without Any further Ado don't forget to slap That like button on today's update video Let's smash it back above 600 likes it Will be absolutely incredible and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in so Bitcoin of course is just Consolidating in this region and I will Say whenever we break above either the Resistance on the top side or either the Support that is the point where where we Are going to be seeing a massive move Getting created for Bitcoin and of Course course if we see a breakdown the Next big support Target is actually all The way down here to 40.6k but if we do Break this resistance Target the next Price target for Bitcoin is going to be $46,000 us what is of course a

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Significant upwards Target from of the Breakout I mean honestly if we were to Confirm the breakout it will be another 4% pump towards the upside what is of Course absolutely massive I mean the Reason why I also have this target is That first of all we create this pattern And so far it looks to be still playing Out as a perfect W pattern we're just Currently seeing the retest and really Once we break above the 4 hourly High What was initially my resistance and Like you can clearly see has provided Significant amount of resistance but at The point really where Bitcoin is going To be breaking above it that is the Point where we're going to see Volatility but currently we're creating Still this consolidation phase and it's Just moments before we're going to be Breaking out of this pattern and once we Break outside of this pattern that is The point where we will see of course a Lot of mov movements in the Bitcoin Price action going further in towards it We can currently see that there is a Massive amount of liquidity piling up on The top side yesterday we had some Liquidity piling on the top side and Exactly just moments after I uploaded my Video Bitcoin grabbed that liquidity and Went down again here and it could be Something similar again for Bitcoin this Time around we could just touch this

Level grab out the liquidity liquidate These short positions and then Potentially be moving down here that's Usually what really happens in this Market it tends to grab the liquidity And then move the other way around right So this time around that liquidity for The Bitcoin price action is sitting Around 44.7k around this level right Here so this is a little bit higher so In this case Bitcoin has to be pumping Towards the upset and potentially come Down again here but I would only confirm Uh that we're going to be reaching that $46,000 Target as soon as we confirm the Break Above This dotted line with a 4 Hourly candle close as long as we're not Seeing the four hourly candle close I Can't confirm that that is an official Breakout then at the same time looking Quickly at the funding rates it is Currently coming down again here what Means that of course right now the Balance between long and short positions Are a little bit better right now here So that is of course a very good Development that we're currently seeing And that really makes it for the Bulls More likely that Bitcoin is actually Even going to go higher and I mean Honestly after we seen the descending Triangle it exactly flipped into support And it moved towards the upside so it Would also be very likely that we are

Going to see that continuation towards The Opps but just like I said earlier in The video if we really break below the Green box of support then I would really Expect we're going to go lower but Honestly if we're looking about where we Are currently sitting in this cycle We're just days out before the Bitcoin Spot ETF so it makes no sense that People are going to be selling off their Bitcoin days before the Bitcoin spot ETF That is just something that is likely Not to happen it is more likely that We're going to get another pump towards The upside because people are thinking Ah I am not going to sell my Bitcoin Days before the acceptance of the Bitcoin spalty DF because then I will Literally miss out on a big pump here And due to that we're going to have Reduced sell pressure and due to that we Are most definitely gonna go in towards Another rally towards the upside and Just like I said several times before I Think we're still going to have another Rally towards new highs in towards that Bitcoin spot ETF approval window and Potentially after it gets accepted that Is the point where we could find a Short-term top why because that Potential could give the feeling like People oh I am dissipated for the Bitcoin SP ETF and now I want to be Stepping out of the market I don't know

Maybe people are betting like that here I mean it could be having heading Towards two ways here honestly once the Bitcoin SP ETF gets accepted what it Most definitely will it will most likely Trade on the market within days let's Say it's going to get accepted on January the 9th on that Wednesday it Will probably be trading live already on Friday or the day after and due to that It could even cause more buying pressure In that uh in that time frame for Bitcoin so I am super excited about it This is going to this will be creating a Massive amount of hype a massive amount Of price action and that is just a thing I'm just looking forward toward so if You want to be trading this just like I Am currently doing make sure to check Out buy but in link description you Could currently get a $40,000 depos Bonus if you sign up account using that Link below and without this link is only 400 so it's a win-win situation and on Top of that you could even right now Claim a free $ 1,000 use trading Position and all you need to do here is Sign up account using that link below Depos $100 in your first seven days and You could be claiming this insane airw Position on buybit and if you can't Trade on bybit check out FX where you Can currently get literally a 10% cash Back on all the things you deposit and I

Mean yeah fix also doesn't require to Use KC and that is of course a very nice Thing as well so going further towards Bitcoin to quickly finish off the video Bitcoin right now of course if we're Going to be looking at the momentum Looks quite right out but personally I Think that we not necessarily should be Looking at this because right now we are In a completely different stage due to The fact that that Bitcoin SP DF is just Days out before acceptance and that is Just going to create another move Towards the upside but honestly guys I Think sometimes it's important to zoom Out and honestly if we're looking at all These preview Cycles we are literally Right now just at the beginning stage For where we're heading towards I mean In the same time frame and in the same Skill I mean honestly it is targeting Levels between 200 and $100,000 use Dollars so I think that is also my Target personally I think 100 to $200,000 is going to be a realistic Target for Bitcoin but like you can see In the past we are just at the beginning Stage and I don't think necessarily that This is going to be happening tomorrow I Think we should have another Approximately four to 5 months before It's really going to go exponential but Right now we are about to be entering These stages where it could go very

Quickly and honestly I think it will be Going very quickly once Bitcoin also Breaks above this exact resistance I Think this is a very important level of Resistance once we break above it that Is the point we go exponential but guys This was it for me in today's update Video it was a shorter one because There's not a lot of stuff happening on The market right now and I need to catch Your flight so guys thank you so much For watching to watchs this amazing new Update video and hope to see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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