Bitcoin has seen another major rejection From of this massive downage Ling resist Line while in fact Bitcoin is creating Potentially a new citical triangle on The imminent short term so I will be Discussing this and the most important Charts on the imminent short term Besides that not a lot of stuff is Happening so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap that like button on Today's update video and let me get Straight away in towards the update so First of all I want to be saying that Yes right now there are a lot of stuff Going on in the world but I don't like To see Wars I think is absolutely Terrible but it's once again a great Reminder who are the real winners from Those Wars indeed it are the producers From the weapons because LMT one of the Largest defense contractors is up Already nearly 7% since the attack on Israel happens so personally I think Wars are absolutely terrible and usually The weapon producers SL defense Contractors they are the ones that are Really winning because they're making a Ton of money so I think it's absolutely Terrible and very bad and hopefully we Can get this done very quickly further On looking right now at the Bitcoin Price action Bitcoin is currently Creating a massive symmetrical triangle On the 1 hour time frame and really we

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Can see that every single time so far We've been testing this downward sing Resist line on the top side for the past Four times we have seen a rejection and Right now as well we've been seeing the Upper sloping support line getting Supported more than four times in a row As well here so yeah it is actually Looking quite interesting and Bitcoin Remains to be consolidating and it's Consolidation pattern and I am expecting That we're going to be having a breakout Somewhere around the end of this week Here so further on for Bitcoin I mean Looking at the 1 hour time frame right Now and looking at the ranges I think 27.2k is of course the big level of Support on the lower side and the Resistance on the top side is 28.2k and Basically every single time we either Touch the lower side or either touch the Top side we tend to see a very big Reaction on the market and that is Exactly what we got once again here so Yesterday we actually had a small little Fake out here because first I was Looking at a different symmetrical Triangle like this and yeah we broke Down but clearly we found some support On this super sling support line right Here what is definitely interesting in My opinion and right now if you're just Looking at Bitcoin on the 4ly time frame I mean yes we had a small little

Retracement we have been creating a Lower high on this Market but in fact We're also still confirming higher lows As well so what can we see right now Bitcoin remains to be forming higher Lows with lower highs so that means that Probably anytime soon we're going to be Seeing a massive move happen for Bitcoin And I mean all the other charts I'm Going to show you you guys probably Already know here Bitcoin got rejected By this very important level of 28.2k This is the level to be breaking above Off I mean for Bitcoin I won't be Expecting a big move unless we're Breaking below this 27.2k or above 28.7k Since these are the two most important Levels of resistance and of course Bitcoin remains to be trading between The 200 and 100 daily EMA and basically This is a signal that Bitcoin is about To be having a massive volatile Breakout And once it either breaks above the top Side or below the Lower Side we will be Having a massive move for Bitcoin so Also looking at the funding rates it Remain to be negative on bitcoin but Especially on a lot of these altcoins so Yeah definitely more shorters than Longers in the market right now here and Of course if you are interested in Trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies Don't forget to go to the link of Description of today's video because if

You sign up an account using the link Below you can claim a free $1,000 use For only depositing $100 in your first s Days after you sign up that account so It's super valuable but check it out in The link description to see more details About it but it's definitely one of the Most valuable toos bonuses that bit has Ever offered my followers of course at The same time we can currently see that Bitcoin is creating that massive 3-day Consolidation pattern we got once again Rejected from the top side and the Question really remains when can we be Breaking Above This level because yes You can clearly see this level has been Acting as resistance on many charts and Basically once we do break Above This Level potentially that is the point Where I would really expect Bitcoin Could start to see a more exponential Movement towards the upside getting Created so that is of course quite Exciting in my opinion at the same time On the 5day McD we're about to be having A bullish crossover and on the weekly Time frame we can currently see that This previous massive support from the Bull market is currently acting as Resistance and if Bitcoin breaks Above This level right here that is the point Where I would say okay right now I can Think the buom market could get Reinstated because this is the most

Important resistance level for Bitcoin To be breaking above off and since we Already retested it twice and we Couldn't break above it I think the next Time we're going to retest it's going to Be only easier Bitcoin is still creating That bull flag pattern and of course Bitcoin is creating a massive head and Shoulder spattern inverse head and Shoulder pattern with a price ster Somewhere around $74,000 so yeah once again this trend Line right here comes together with this Trend line right here as soon as we do Break either of these levels we are Going to see massive relish for Bitcoin Getting created and you have to Understand that basically in the barar Market it's already behind this and Right now we're in the reaccumulation Phase I mean history is once again Repeating we can see that this happened In 2015 it happened in 2018 it happened In 2022 and once again we are right now In that reaccumulation phase just like We had in previous bare markets right And once we come out of this phase Bitcoin will probably go exponential and Yeah if it goes exponential it's already Too late so this was it for me in Today's update video it's a short update Video but there's not a lot of new stuff To just talk about right now here so That is why I try to keep it very short

But thank you so much for watching and See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye boy

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