Bitcoin is still trading sideways and in This exact video we will talk about the Most important consolidation phases only Even in short term I will talk about the Trends we're currently spotting only Imminent short term I will talk about The Bitcoin CME Gap that is still Trading above us and there is of course More bullish news entering the market I Will give an update on my trade and of Course on the larger time frame on Bitcoin so don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's update video Let's smash a deck above 600 and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content yes compared To yesterday there is not a lot of new Stuff that actually happened in the Market and right now we can still Clearly see if we're just looking at the Bitcoin price section and at this trend Bitcoin is in a sideways consolidation Range we're basically consolidating Sideways and my new approach of this Trading range is basically going to be Like this as soon as Bitcoin breaks Below the previous low what is in this Case going to be 29.7 K I personally Think we're going to go lower and of Course as soon as Bitcoin breaks above The previous high that is the point Where I think we're going to go higher Of course it's very simple because that Is basically how markets work and

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Basically this consolidation phase could Be ending anytime soon why is because Basically if you're looking at the price Section of Bitcoin right now you can Spot this clear down solving resist line We're really clearly creating lower Lower Highs at this point so lower high Right here lower high right here lower High right here and once again here as Well lower Highs are getting created so Bitcoin is currently trading in a small Little downtrend on the 30 minute time Frame because we're also creating lower Lows but of course this is not Necessarily a big problem since this is Of course on the lower time frames and If you're looking at of course the daily Time frame whatsoever you can clearly See Bitcoin is trading in a significant Uptrend so the buyers on the larger time Frames are probably going to be a little Bit more stronger so you can see also We're creating potentially in over Solving support line and basically what We're going to be looking at is a Consolidation phase for Bitcoin you can See it here on the one hour time frame Bitcoin so far has not done anything Special yet so far and we're just Waiting for the next move to happen here And since Bitcoin moved up in Approximately 15 in just a matter I I Said 15 but I mean 18 in a matter of two Days here you do know and you could be

Expecting that Bitcoin is probably going To be a little bit more slowly after That and that is exactly what we're Seeing right now here Bitcoin is Creating a consolidation phase around 30 000 after we've searched towards the Upside we didn't drop significantly Towards the downside no there's a lot of Trading going around around this level People are selling their Bitcoins for 30k and people are buying more Bitcoin Around this region what is of course Super good for the market structure so Yes I don't think that we're seeing Anything bad right here and to be very Clear consolidating after you have seen A significant bump towards the upside is Only making a bullish case up here and It's only going to be making it more Likely that probably we're going to see Another move towards the upside so one Hour time frame creating another Consolidation phase right here and you Can see this one before early time frame I adjusted the pattern a little bit Since yesterday since we've been seeing That this level right here provided a Lot of support and last night Bitcoin Once again Bounce from up this level Right here as well so you can clearly See Bitcoin is creating a consolidation Phase and we're basically waiting to see When the next breakout is going to be Happening you can see here Bitcoin

Create this gigantic downward sloping Trend line we broke above it here Created a significant move towards the Upside and right now we're waiting for The next move here and basically if You're going to be looking at such a Consolidation phase and we do break Bullish outside of it we could see a Similar move towards the upside one in This case is going to be all the way up To 35 000 so yes Bitcoin is getting Ready for some crazy moves right here And I do know there's not a lot of stuff Happening in the last week here but this Is the time to be paying attention Because yeah Bitcoin gets boring again And you can see all these people on the Internet becoming bearish again well in Fact this is a super bullish Consolidation phase of course I want to Be pointing out that currently Bitcoin Is literally consolidating below Resistance and so far we've not broken The most important resistance yet so far But it looks bullish on the image short Term and if we can confirm a break above The resistance then Bitcoin is going to Be absolutely flying further on towards The upside of course course we still got To see me get training above us on 31.2k That also still needs to get filled up So let's see if we could do that as well At the same time yesterday we saw that Microstrategies bought an additional 350

Million US dollars worth of bitcoin so You can currently see that they own more Than 4.6 billion US dollars in Bitcoin And they're up in approximately two Percent on their all-time investment Combined making more than 70 million US Dollars in profit right now like you can See their average purchasing price is Below 30 000 and that makes that they're Right now in a profit so there's Definitely a very bullish thing to see Here so giving a small update on my Trade I'm going to continue to hold it Open since I expect it could be another Massive breakout anytime soon if you're Looking at the Bitcoin consolidation Phase right now if you want to be Trading this there's an insane bonus of Course you can claim a free 1 000 US Dollar position on bitcoin or on xrp and This is valid to claim if you go to the Link in description of today's video Sign up a new account using the link and Deposit 100 within seven days and you Can claim a free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin Or xrp position and you could open it Short or long whatever you want here and It's a free one thousand dollars for Only a 100 deposit so make sure to go to The link in description right now here Check it out right here because this is A limited offer only it's only valid for 30 days and there's also a maximum Supply of free 1 000 positions so go to

The link description and it's first come First serve so make sure to be there Quickly and of course if Bitcoin does Decide to be breaking bullish and you Are in a long position you could make Even more money than one thousand Dollars from of only a 100 deposit so It's definitely worth it check it out Right now and make some money with me Furthermore we can currently see that of Course Bitcoin is trading against the Most important resistance and at the Same time we can see somewhat of history Repeating again here for Bitcoin we're Consolidating below resistance and Basically the moment we do break above It we could start to see Bitcoin go Exponential again and basically every Single time we do break above it it is With an exponential candle so let's see How it goes here personally I still Expect I've been saying it for quite a While there's still more room towards The upside for Bitcoin and it will Continue to to say this as well if Bitcoin does decide to be breaking of Thirty one thousand dollars we're Breaking above the most important Resistance making room for the cup and Handle pattern reaching its price 148 000 US Dollars and of course in the Weekly time frame you can clearly see Last time a rant as soon as we do broke The most important resistance we went in

Towards an entire gigantic Bull Run and Maybe this is not the time we're going To be breaking it maybe this is not the Time that Bitcoin is going to break Above 32 000 and we see another Rejection but the moment we do break Above This level I can guarantee you we're going to see More exponential price action just like We saw in 2020 and 2021 here further on The last thing I want to say here is That on the monthly time frame on the McD we are crossing bullish and in one Day we're actually going to confirm it And once this bullish cross occurs we Can see that basically it is a signal That the bear Market officially ended Here and the monthly macd is indicating That the cell pressure has significantly Faded on the Bitcoin price action what Is of course a very bullish thing to Take in account here so that was the Last thing I want to be saying here Today's video definitely a little bit Shorter there's not a lot of new stuff To discuss here we're just waiting for Another breakout for Bitcoin right now So thank you so much for watching Towards amazing you all this video I Hope to see you guys on the next one so Peace out and goodbye

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