Bitcoin is coming closer and closer Towards the next breakout and in this Exact video I will talk about the price Action that we're currently seeing here On bitcoin I will talk about the CME Gap That got filled up and of course we've Still got to see me get trading below us Around twenty thousand dollars will the CME get filled up I will discuss this on Today's update video I will give an Update on my trade that currently isn't More than 1500 US dollars in profit and Much more important stuff so don't Forget to snap up that like button on Today's video can we once again smash it Back above the 400 likes that will be Absolutely incredible if that is being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and yes once looking At the image short term we can finally See the Bitcoin See Me Gap got filled up Exactly like we have been predicting and Straight away after the CME Gap got Filled up we started to see already a Small little bench for Bitcoin happening Yet again do be aware if you're looking At the one hour time frame we are still Creating lower highs on the price Section on bitcoin together with lower Lows opening is that currently we are Still clearly trading in a bearish trend And of course I will remain to be Bearish on bitcoin as long as we're not Breaking the downtrend So currently

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Bitcoin is an in downtrend so I will Remain to be bearish on bitcoin if we do However see a potential breakout towards The upside of this four-hour Consolidation phase I do will be turning Out a little bit more bullish for the Image short term however right now once Looking at Bitcoin I am just waiting to See where the next move is going to be Heading towards and if we're clearly Seeing a breakdown or a breakout towards The upside it's going to help me to Guide myself with my next straight on Bitcoin whether I should go long or Short currently I am still short on Bitcoin I short a Bitcoin from of that Level of 27.4k 27.4k was exactly that level of the Three test right here and every single Time so far we've retested this level I've basically shorted Bitcoin and every Single time I'm sure the Bitcoin over There I've made a ton of money and Currently once again making more than 1500 US dollars in profit what is Definitely a very nice profit on such Kind of a trade here so once looking at Bitcoin and its next Direction I really Want to be looking at that image short Term for Bitcoin because on the image Short term we can clearly say Bitcoin is Creating a new consolidation phase and This consolidation phase will be Breaking out anytime soon to be clear

I'm expecting a breakout to be happening Within the coming two to three days Ahead of ourselves and once this pattern Does decides to be breaking out whether It's going to be bullish or whether it's Going to be bearish is going to be a Very good trading opportunity towards The upside or towards the downside Downwards price Target is somewhere Around 25.2 K well the upside Target is Somewhere around 29 000 so I'm going to Keep my eyes wide open on this breakout And once it does decide to be breaking Out I will either make an emergency Video here on YouTube or give you guys Some Intel on telegram or on my Twitter Page so make sure to follow me across All socials to stay up to date exactly Once Bitcoin is breaking out because Then I will be opening up a new gigantic Bitcoin trading position of course if it Breaks back Irish I will potentially add Some more liquidity towards the straight And of course if we Duke are going to Come down towards levels around 24 to 25 000 I'm going to definitely start Scaling out all my short positions and I'm going to be opening up my 1 million US dollar Bitcoin long position like I've said for quite a while in the Channel because I will be opening up a Gigantic Bitcoin long position once Bitcoin comes down towards that region Around 24 to 25 000 if you're interested

In trading yourself don't forget to Check out the links in description where You can write and sign up a new account And if you're using the link in Description you can actually claim an Additional deposit bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars on Vivid or on bitcat So make sure to go into the link in Description and set up your account Yourself if you're interested in trading Currently I've got more than 170 000 US Dollars on my account and with this Money I will be of course deployed in Towards a long position so I am Completely ready to open up a gigantic New position here on bitcoin and of Course currently we're seeing that we're Actually retesting this very important Previous level of support if we manage To break Above This level we're probably Going to see some more upside currently It's really Calm before in the storm Because yeah we're creating another Consolidation phase so we just have to Be a little bit patient to see where We're going to be breaking towards and If we do break bearish my price Target Is really 24 to 25 000 and yeah once we Reach the target I'm going to go in Towards big long positions because he Has net Target on the lower side is also Big support if you're going to look at The bigger picture third on we can Currently see that Bitcoin is actually

Of course having that honey shoulders Breakdown like we've discussed for quite A while here still trading below this Very important level of resistance and If you're looking at the daily time Frame you can actually see the Bitcoin Had a breakdown of the symmetrical Triangle and right now we're seeing Already that small continuation towards The downside happening and if you're Looking at the bigger picture you can See the 24 to 25 000 is the major Support here on bitcoin and that is also Exactly the level that I want to be Longing here for Bitcoin so I'm going to Be a little bit more patient maybe we're Going to not reach this level at all but If we do Reach This level it's going to Be a gigantic opportunity to of course Make a ton of money so I'm going to be Patient and of course if I get the the Opportunity to long back on a rounded Level is going to be an opportunity of a Lifetime and what it is with trading is That you should be patient because I Shorted Bitcoin also on 31 000 and it Went up here to 31.1 what is it 2K and Of course after that it went down all The way down to 26 000 so you sometimes You just have to be a little bit patient But it tends to take some time here so Make sure to have that patience in the Market right now of course I will be Still buying more Bitcoin every single

Day for my hotel position but for my Trading positions I am very very patient Furthermore we can see on the weekly Time frame that the macd is right now Actually Crossing barish for Bitcoin for The first time ever I mean it's not Crossing bearish yet but it is about to Be Crossing barrier for the first time Ever in an approximately 280 days so Make sure to pay attention towards that One as well here it is better schools Could have very bearish effects on the Market and you can clearly see on the Weekly time frame there's one gigantic Level of big resistance the 31.7 K that Is the level to break above if we break Above that level I will turn extremely Bullish and of course if you're looking At the support below us it's 24 to 25 000 where I will be opening up that Gigantic Bitcoin long position so pay Attention towards the weekly macd right Now for Bitcoin it's about to be Crossing bearish and once it crosses Bearish you should be very very cautious Because once the weekly macd does decide To cross bearish and it could be Happening next week here it could bring Some more bearish price action towards Bitcoin so that was it for me on today's Update video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap off the like button Currently I'm in Ibiza so that is why I've got this beautiful background let

Me know in the comment section down Below if you like my setup from here on But anyways this was it for me in Today's update video I hope to see you Guys back tomorrow or maybe later today Depends if we're going to be having an Insane breakout of this symmetrical Triangle right here but thanks so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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